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Who do you wanna be?

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I would like to play Ellia (if that's okay), Naruto, Shikamaru, Lee, and possibly some other. You?

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Sure! :D

I will play Garra, Temari, and Neji(*sobs*)

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Could...could you play Kakashi too :3333333

I can also do Sakura, Temari, Tenten, and Hinata :)

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I called Temari(sorry). I'll play Sasuke too, if you want.

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Pfft XDDD Totally didn't read that...then I is be Gai!

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XDDD Let's go!

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Kakashi was wondering down the street silently, reading his usual 'Make out paradise'. He didn't even notice the street noise around him.

Sasuke followed behind Kakashi, good, not evil. He kept kicking a stone that was on the ground in front of him.

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Naruto made a face and followed behind Kakashi, slightly behind Sasuke, but in front of Sakura.

A short and feminine figure stepped out of a shop wearing a sunny dress, a sun hat, and a basket on her arm.

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Kakashi looked behind him to see the two. He then seemed to smile and disappeared, leaving a note on the ground.

Sasuke stopped and looked up, picking up the note.

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"Wha! Why did Kakashi-sensei leave?!"
Sakura sighed.
"I don't know Naruto, and stop yelling!"

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Sasuke sighed and looked up," he still thinks we are his students." He said and handed Naruto the note.

Kakashi appeared right in front of the woman coming out of the shop.

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Naruto read it and huffed.

The woman jumped a little and then smiled from under the hat.
"How long has it been," she asked in a sweetly softy voice, "At least twelve years I think."

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The note said 'I will buy lunch if you find me in under an hour'.

Kakashi blinked," I am sorry, do I know you?" He asked gently, trying not to offend the lady.

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((<.< If it's cool with you, I've always rped Kakashi and Ellia being good childhood friends & that his father is the reason she's alive))

Sakura made a face and Naruto grinned.
"Let's go!"

"Kakashi-kun, you really don't reconize me? Well, I do have a hat on."

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Sasuke calmly started to walk off.

Kakashi blinked and lifted up her hat slightly. He then flinched," Ellia?" He asked softly.

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Naruto took off running.

She smiled up at him, tears started to come to her eyes.
"Hi," she squeeked.

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Sasuke sighed and muttered 'idiot' before running off after Naruto.

Kakashi seemed to smile under his mask," it has been a long time, how have you been?"

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Sakura sighed and ran after them.

Ellia smiled.
"I'm wounderful! How are you?"

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Sasuke watched carefully so he wouldn't run into anyone.

Kakashi looked down," I have been good, just a bit annoyed at the three that I had to teach." He said and chuckled. " but that is normal."

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"I don't see him," Naruto shouted.

She chuckled.
"It seems like they're looking for you, no? And I see that you still wear that mask."
She took off her hat completly and her silvery-white hair cascaded down like a waterfall of curl and waves of hair. She smiled up at him again, her blue eyes bright.

((Whenever Deviantart isn't being annoying, I'll post a picture that I found that looks just like I imagined Ellia :3 ))

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Kakashi nodded and laughed softly," yea, I will never take this off." He said and looked in the direction of the cry of annoyance. "I better go so my wallet doesn't get hurt." He said and sighed. "Nice to see you again."

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((Here it is: ))

"Ah! Wha? But I," Ellia reached out a hand, but pulled it back.
Naruto ran past, staring at Ellia and then stopped.
"Naruto! Move!"

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(( She is pretty~))

Kakashi was gone now.

Sasuke ran into Naruto and winced.

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(( ^_^ I've always imagined her as such))

Ellia smiled at them.
"Where did he go?!"
"Kakashi-sensei! I saw him talking to you!"
"Nartuo! Don't be rude!"

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Kakashi now was on the north wall of the village, warching the trees dance in the wind.

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Naruto turned to Sasuke.
"You saw it too right!?"
"Hey! Naruto!"
Lee ran up to them, Gai and Tenten behind him.

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Sasuke just stood slowly and looked at the team running up to them.

Neji trailed behind them, not seeming very interested.

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Ellia looked at Gai and then turned away, a strange look on her face.

"SUCH YOUTH," was all that was heard before Gai and Lee both ran over.

Kakashi, please save me from him Ellia thought, hoping that her telepathic abilities were still within reach.

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Kakashi twitched and flashed behind her, grabbed her hand, then flashed both of them back to the wall.

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"SU..WHA?! KAKASHI!!!!!" Gai balled up a fist and raised it into the air, shaking it in Kakashi's imaginary face.

"That was fast," Sakura said, "I wounder who she is to get him to move that quickly."

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Kakashi sighed softly," sorry about that." He said and sat down on the wall.

Sasuke grinned slightly," I thought I would never see the day." He said, looking up at the wall.

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She smiled at him.
"Thank you. Gai still hasn't changed much."
She looked down.

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Kakashi nodded," tell me about it." He said and sighed.

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Sakura looked at Saskue.
"Did you get a look at her?"
"She was very pretty," Lee said.
"And youthful," Gai added.

She chuckled.
"How's Pukkun?"((sp))

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Sasuke nodded," I don't recognize her, though."

Kakashi raised his brow slightly.

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((Let me fix what Ellia said.))

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L. *Play the song of ruin* wrote: "Sasuke nodded," I don't recognize her, though."

Kakashi raised his brow slightly."

Gai thought for a little bit.
"She did look like that one girl...."

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Sasuke blinked," what girl?"

Kakashi smiled slightly," he is pretty good for an old dog." He said softly.

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((XDD it's fine))

"Someone that Kakashi knew and was very close to, but she left the village some twelve or so years ago. She was beautiful, even then."

She smiled.
"Umi and Kawa are well, I'm sure they would be very happy to see you."

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Sasuke blinked," he was close to someone?" He asked. " I didn't know that was possible."

Kakashi nodded and looked at her gently.

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"His father saved her life."

She smiled at him and took one of his hands.
"I've missed you."

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Sasuke blinked and looked down.

Neji just watched.

Kakashi closed his eye," I missed you too." He whispered softly.

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"When....well...she's been there for Kakashi when he needed the comfort, and he was there for her."

She smiled at him.

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Sasuke started to walk away.

Kakashi looked up at the sky silently, slowly closing his eyes.

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Lee frowned slightly. Ellia looked at him a smile on her face.

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Sasuke disappeared down the street.

Kakashi sat down slightly and pulled something out of his pocket.

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Ellia looked at him. "What is that?"

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