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Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Mordecai opened his door and tidied up his messy room, he kicked some papers under his bed and went to his dresser to change. He threw his shirt and pants to a corner and changed into a clean, white, long-sleeved polo. He changed into some khakis and closed his dresser. He looked around for a simple book, none sadly. He picked up a small one paged story that rested by his feet. He picked it up along with a few other pages hand written by Mordecai, himself. Cai smiled and pre-read them. Then rushed to the den.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai opened his door to well a dump. "Sorry for the mess." Papers were all over the floor, bed wasn't made and his dresser over stuffed and over flowing.

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She giggled. "It's fine," she said softly, moving closer to her Cai.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He smiled slightly and kissed her head. "Good." He went near his bed and pushed the papers off of it. Cai made the bed and sat down.

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She sat next to him, giggling softly. She kissed him again, softly on the lips.

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"I think the ball's tomorrow.. that means a whole day of preparing.. So we should spend as much time as we can together tonight," she mumbled against her lips. Christaine kissed him, hands holding the side of his face.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai kissed her a little harder. "Definitely." Everything that had happened that disappeared from his mind. He was with her. His only Chris, only girl. "So what do we do tonight?"

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"What ever you like, or what ever it leads to," she said, shrugging. She smiled, moving in closer to brush her nose against his affectionately. "You would have been so freaked out by this a week ago.."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He nodded. "Yes, very. But it's the present now, not a week ago." Cai kissed her still. "Once you said you wanted to take off my clothes..." he said shyly. "Why... not... now?"

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She looked at him, blushing only slightly. But Christiane had decided to be less shy, especially with Cai. Her green eyes moved to meet his, sure his mind wasn't clouded by any sort of alcohol. "Alright," she said softly, hands moving to his shoulders. They slowly moved down to the buttons on his shirt.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He blinked, surprised she actually did it. Then kissed her, blushing lightly. "What about you?" He whispered.

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"Just a moment," she chided, fingers slowly unbuttoning each button. She stopped about half way there, turning around slightly. "You can untie the corset, if you'd like," she said softly, heart beating about a million times a second. It was also hammering hard; she could feel it in her cheeks, legs, hands..

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He slowly undid his knot from the morning, his heart quickening.Cai was wide-eyed. "Y-you sure?" He asked softly. He gulped as butterflies flew around in his stomach.

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"I'll still have the undershirt on.." she said softly, but the undershirt really didn't cover much. It was mostly just to create a lace lining on the top of her normal corset. It had no sleeves but came with two straps, one on each side. It covered even less than the corset. She pulled the loose corset off, turning around to face him again. "See, I'm even more comfortable like this," she said, trying to make him a little more comfortable. Chris continued to unbutton his shirt again, until it was completely unbuttoned. She pushed it off his shoulders, a little surprised that he was pretty fit, as much reading that he did.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai smiled slightly. He kissed her shoulders and looked at her green eyes. Then kissed her, closing his eyes. "Anything else that is making you uncomfortable?" He asked softly again.

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"Just a little nerve racking," she said softly, smiling sweetly at Cai. She shivered at his kiss on her shoulder, meaning she definitely liked it.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” "What now?" He asked, having no idea what to do next. Cai kissed her deeply and pulled her closer.

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She felt his kiss, biting back noises that demanded to be let out. She ran her hands down his back, caressing it gently.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai smirked a little. His hand playing with her locks. Though he knew that they couldn't do what this was leading to. He pulled her close, still kissing deeply.

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She stopped herself from asking him if they should stop. She was sure they both knew where the boundary was.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai pulled her very close. Then kissed her hard and with passion. He wasn't stopping.

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A soft moan escaped her without her permission. Her face flushed pink but he probably couldn't see anyways. Chris quickly reached for the ties of her skirt, quickly loosening them and pulling the long skirt off. She was left in a short petticoat and undershirt- something she could get into trouble with for a woman of her time.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He pulled away and unbuttoned his pants. Cai held her close and smiled. He didn't wear much, but his under garments were still on. Which didn't bug him, he didn't want to take this too far. He kissed her softly.

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She slipped off the petticoat, left in her knee length underwear. She smiled at him, moving to sit on his lap. "I guess this is where we stop?" she asked softly, hands running through his hair. Her green eyes moved up his face, trying to gain some kind of meaning.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai's heart went very fast, beating loudly in his chest. "We can still kiss, but any farther wouldn't be well..." He looked away awkwardly. But kissed her cheek traveling down.

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"Right. It wouldn't be right yet. We're too young," she said softly, her voice hitching as she felt his kisses lower to her neck. She leaned her head back, trying to expose more.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai continued and kissed her neck softly and got harder everytime, then traveled down. He smiled. "You have very soft skin," he whispered.

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"Th-Thank you," she breathed, soft lips open in pleasure. She felt his kisses get harder, even border-lining on sucking her skin. "Make sure not to leave any marks high on my neck, my dress isn't high-collared.."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai kissed her softly. "I won't." He stopped kissing her neck. "I should stop..." he whispered, still kissing her lips gently.

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She whimpered when his lips left hers, only to be satisfied when his found hers again. "Cai, such a tease," she whined, before silenced with another kiss. Her tongue came out tentatively, tasting his lip.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai frowned. "Am not..." he whispered. His lips moved hers. Even his tongue came out and played with her's.

(( Want to skip after a while, I'm running out of ideas... >.< it sounds weird ))

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(yeah, I was gonna suggest they go to sleep soon xD)

She had fallen asleep wrapped securely in his arms, happily. Of course, sunlight flooding into the room woke her up. She cursed that they had actually left the lights on. She pulled the curtain down from his canopy bed, enveloping them in darkness again.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” (( Well, it's the ball day hehehehe... ))

Cai stirred a little, his face was tensed and his body stiff. Maybe he was actually having a nightmare. Though his arms were still around Chris as they tensed up a lot.

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Chris woke up, curls in a mess around her head. She didn't want to sit up- just rested there for a moment. "Cai?" She asked softly, reaching to run a hand through his hair. He was starting to tense up but she didn't know why.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai was still tense, by the looks of it he was having a nightmare. He muttered things in his sleep.

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"Cai," she said softly, trying to shake him awake. "Cai, wake up," she said, trying not to panic for him.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” His eyes opened immediately. "What's wrong?" Cai asked groggily. His face wasn't tensed and his muscles relaxed.

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"I think you were having a nightmare," she crooned, pulling him close to her body.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” "Maybe, but I don't remember," he whispered, kissing her cheek after his statement. Cai sat up slightly leaning on his elbows. "Breakfast?"

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"Mm.. Alright," she said with a small smile. She climbed out of the bed, realizing she was only in her pantaloons and undershirt. She blushed slightly, picking up her petticoat, skirt, and her corset..

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” "Why do you blush? It's only me," he whispered as he got up. Cai kissed her cheek and slowly got dressed. "Tonight's the ball... Excited?"

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"It's just a little different, feeling exposed," she said softly, smiling at him. "Very excited!" She squealed.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Cai grinned. "Good, because that's when you get to dance in your dress and see my surprise," he whispered then left to go and get his surprise.

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"I might go off to my room to change so no one will be suspicious," she called after him, before sneaking off to her room.

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