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Louis, Lestat and Armand, Romantic Relationships?
Carly S. Carly Mar 21, 2013 02:41PM
First and foremost let't not bring our own beliefs of religion and homosexuality into this question,I'm just wondering if some people thought what I did. So, anyway, I couldn't help but notice the (beautifully written) way Anne Rice describes Lestat and Louis' relationship. It's so...sensual? The way Louis looks at Lestat, notes his features with great care and speculation.. Also, the way Louis and Armand say they are in love with each other, do you think that these are romantic relationships are just extremely close bonds? I've heard that Anne had said once that almost all of her characters were bisexual, but I don't know if that's true. Anyway, tell me what you think! :)

Armand was sold into prostitution as a child.
whether that influences him having feelings for men (only men? I can't recall a woman for him)

but the love between any of these characters can't really be described as platonic.

until some of the later books, it's clear that Rices vampires aren't driven by sexuality. they are SENSUAL.
because this doesn't culminate in sex, sexuality becomes irrelevant. the intimacy they share isn't in sex. otherwise the relationship between Louis and Claudia would be extremely dodgy. they are undoubtably lovers. in some vampire series worldviews, that would be very uncomfortable.

or Lestats relationship with his own mother, Gabrielle. when he changes her, they become more like lovers than like mother and son.

likewise, Louis and Lestat were lovers. it really can't be described as Platonic. they are utterly in love with the look and the sound and the nearness of each other, before these things turn bad for them.
it might not be sexual, but it's a billion miles from being platonic or brotherly.
in his own words, Lestat admits that he "fell fatally in love" with Louis. in many ways because he reminded him of Nikki.

Lestat was clearly bisexual, back when he was sexual. although nothing is described explicitly, I'm certain he described Nikki as his lover. he admits to women too, but none that he had a particularly long term relationship was. there was the woman from the travelling actors he ran away with though. I forget her name.

people seem to get quite hung up on sexuality as they know it, and apply them to a species, if you like, with no biological urges in that manner at all.

Sexuality is not the same as Sensuality.

so the issue isn't really "are they bisexual?"
because they are no longer sexual.

who they love is no longer driven by biological urges, societal pressures, or how one is related to the other.

they love very deeply. they love regardless of whether they are male, female, adult, child, blood relative. all of those things are no longer relevant.
they might fall in love over the personality, the appearence, the voice, the way they move.
the gender is somewhat irrelevant to them.

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K I agree, with one addition. She writes most of her vampires as lonely that long for human-like connections. Finding another of their species that they ...more
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I definitely read it as if they were lovers. Taking sex out of the equation is the only thing that can make them even seem like friends, but every other factor makes it read like they were a couple. They lived together for centuries. Had a child together. It just felt like a romantic relationship.

And Armand? Between his relationships with Marius and Daniel is there any question at all of his bisexuality?

I think that in the Vampire Chronicles the people/vampires fall in love with the characteristics, traits, personality that make up a person. They do not look at gender or sex orientation, it is the person that they are in love with.

Louis and Lestat to me are most definitely platonic friends. There does seem to be some bisexual feelings expressed from Armand. Or perhaps it is left for our interpretation! Either way I love her books.

I have always seen Louis and Lestat as platonic friends. The question is somewhat sidestepped by the fact that Rice's vampires don't have sex anyway. When I read The Vampire Lestat I had that impression that, as humans, Lestat and Nicki were lovers.

Armand, in The Vampire Armand, is clearly written to have been bisexual as a human.

I would sleep a lot better at night if I could only watch Louis and Lastate f*ck.

Thanks for answering:) I mean I can see what you mean by them being platonic friends. I haven't read The Vampire Armand yet but I am reading the Vampire Lestat right now, so hopefully they are almost as good as Interview With The Vampire!

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I would say 'platonic lovers' more than friends actually. I know - the phrase goes against itself. But I always thought they loved each other - more than friends - more than brothers - even more than lovers. But I never got the feeling of anything actually sexual between the two - other than touches and kisses. Love can exist without sex though. So - I think 'platonic' because there was no sex but 'lovers' because they definitely loved each other.

This is VERY late but I just wanted to comment on this. This is only my interpretation, feel free to believe what you wish. I believe that Lestat and Louis’ relationship is mostly platonic, where as Armand and Louis’ relationship is more so romantic, at least in Armand’s eyes. As for Louis and Claudia, I think he just loves her as a daughter, but as she gets “older” she starts to develop romantic feelings for Louis. I don’t think the feelings are ever mutual, as they feel different toward each other. I also agree that vampires in this story do not have sexual desires, and do not care for gender, age or relations.

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I definitely thought that they are gay. Their relationship was really... Gay. That's all I got to say about that.

I believe that Lestat and Louis were only friends btw with mixed feelings:anger,selfish,love,attraction. They hate and love each other,but Louis seems to dont wanna this more deep relationship with him,BUT with Armand things are different. Rice didnt add sex scenes btw them,but they spend so much time together that its cleary that they were in love.

As much as I wish Louis and Lestat could be compatible, they are just too different. Maybe before Lestat became a vampire.

I agree with all of the comments above. I myself do think that Louis-Lestat / Louis-Armand relationship is really romantic. I've only read up to Queen of the Damned, so I don't know how their relationship progress in next books, but from the way each character speaks and reference each other, it seems romantic to me. Lestat and Armand even said that they (romantically) loved Louis.

But for Lestat-Armand relationship, I'm not really sure it is romantic, Armand interested in Lestat, but more like because Lestat is different from usual vampires than romantic feelings. However, there are parts in 2nd/3rd book that seems to portray that he had romantic feeling towards Lestat.

I can't care less for explanations that point out how "sensual" the relationship of Louis and Armand was (frankly, Louis and Lestat lose their 'thing' when Louis is a vampire and can see through Lestat's game). They are very romantic. Like it's explained in the book over and over again: for the vampire, the kill is the bodily part of the romance. So yeah, Armand loved Louis in a romantic way.
There you go. Yes, there is a difference between a romantic and a sexual relationship.
Sometimes you have both, sometimes only one of them. It's not different from actual reality.

They could not be actual lovers, not in physical terms. I think it was said in the Tale of the Body Thief. But definitely their relationship IS closer than friends.

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