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Jack This is probably a silly question, but does anyone know how Tori got through the simulation to Jeanine's lab? Is she divergent?

Dalu I think she is Divergent too

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ She is divergent, that's how she knew/told Tris about divergence in the beginning.

Dalu She told Tris because she knew her brother was Divergent

Jack Dalu wrote: "She told Tris because she knew her brother was Divergent"

Yeah, that's what I thought. So we don't know if she's divergent?

Dalu I never thought about how she got though the simulator to Jeanine, one explanation may be that she might be also Divergent or she got there though another door?

Jack Or maybe it was a different kind of simulation.

Dalu yeah, maybe that simulation only affects divergence..

Jack Yeah, maybe she achieved her goal of creating an anti-divergent simulation just before she died.

Inês I think that is said in the books that she is Divergent... at least i have taken that from garanteed :)

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Jack I don't think it ever said that she was divergent.

Dalu i'm almost sure i havent read that.. but of course i could be wrong..

The_Halfblood_Muslim ya i think shes divergent

Inês well let me take a look to the book see if i can see if she really said that she is a divergent... But i have taken as if she was... well i'll take a look
If i find i'll post it in here :)

Inês yeah you're right sorry... it is never said in the books that she is... i must have confund from other thing...

But i've always suspect and take it from grantee that she ws x))) never mind

Inês I must have confusing that part from her brother

"You're paranoid" I say " the leaders of the dauntless wouldn't kill me. People don't do that. not any more that's the point of all this... all the factions"
"you think so" She (tori) plants her hands on her knees and stares right back to me,... "They have got my brother, why not you huh? What makes you special?"

"Yeah my brother. he and I both were transfered from erudite, only his apptitude test was conclusive. On the last day of simulations, they found his body in the chasm....

Tori's brother died because they have discovered that he was divergent like Tris
But you are right its never said that she is Divergent, although i have been taking that from garantee in this books X) sorry for the confusion :)

Jessica I don't think she's Divergent because at the end of book 1 when all the Dauntless are being controlled by Erudite serum, Tris sees Tori among the zombie-like Dauntless soldiers. If she were Divergent like Tris and Tobias then she wouldn't be controlled by the serum.

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Michelle Or maybe, Tori will do anything to keep herself from being detected. I wouldn't put it past her character after having read Insurgent.

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