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message 1: by Lu, Rarity Fan (new)

Lu | 360 comments Mod
What is your favorite Comic?

message 2: by Lu, Rarity Fan (new)

Lu | 360 comments Mod
One of my new favorites:

Archeologists of Shadows Volume #1 by Lara Fuentes

message 3: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) I only got into comics within the last year. My fiancee is a huge comics fan and he dragged me in. So most of the stuff I like is newer (though I've got some older stuff on my TBR list that I want to get to).

Mind the Gap, Vol. 1: Intimate Strangers, Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends, The Massive, Vol. 1: Black Pacific and Lady Mechanika Collected Edition are some of my top favorites.

I've never met an Image comic I didn't like. For a while every time I saw a new Image series in my comic book shop I had to have it. Unfortunately, my wallet didn't agree. :[

message 4: by Annice22 (new)

Annice22 | 5 comments One of my favorite comics is the pre-new 52 "Birds of Prey". That series is one of the best.

message 5: by Lu, Rarity Fan (new)

Lu | 360 comments Mod
Birds of Prey is on my read soon list :)

message 6: by 'kris (new)

'kris Pung My favorite comic was Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire

message 7: by Mike, The Moderator in the Darkness (last edited May 08, 2013 04:24PM) (new)

Mike | 257 comments Mod
Vicky wrote: "Mind the Gap, Vol. 1: Intimate Strangers"

Have only read a couple issues of Mind the Gap, but they were really good. Gotta catch up on that sometime...

Other good "recent" Image stuff: The Underwater Welder and I Kill Giants (a personal favorite of mine).

Astro City is probably my all time favorite comic series.

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