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Inês SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK BECAUSE I'M ABOUT TO TELL THE ALL STORY (skipping some details) AND IN A COLD WAY( its hard to tell this fantastic story with my words)

So this is the story of Hazel Grace, a 16 year-old girl that suffers of lung cancer. She goes to this group of support (the terms might be strange to you because i've just finish to read this book in portuguese so i'll translate directly) group and there she finds other person that have being struggle with diferent types of cancer. some of those persons had survive others died...

Then she meets this carismatic guy THAT I LOVED SO MUCH named Augustus Watters

Isaac a guy with eye cancer, has to remove the one eye that is infected with it so that he can be free of cancer. He goes to the clinic, they remove the eye and he becomes blind. Her girlfriend Monica coldly and cruely dumps him and he freaks out for some time.

Augustus and Hazel become great friends, they share the interest of this book from a author named Peter Van Houten (in our edition it is called Uma Aflição Imperosa)and they decided to contact the author to know what happens to all the characters since the story has an open end.

They got the email from his secretary and after some emails they are invited to go to amsterdam to talk about the book

Hazel has a problem with her lungs then she go to the hospital and stays inconcsiente for some days but she's fine. Augustus have been waiting for her at all of that time...

Then they finally get to go to Amsterdam and they go to a resturant (once they arrive)called Oranjee and they have a good night, the author payed the bill of the meal. the next day they finally meet peter. which was a great bastard and started to tell terrible things to them because of cancer

Then his secretary, enough of his rudeness quites the job and goes with Gus and Hazel to Anne frank's house.

Once there, there isn't an elevator so Hazel has to climb up all of those stairs and ends up a bit with out air.
Then they get to see all of the story behind that home and anne frank and what she and the ones like her had to face in times of war.
Then Augustus and Hazel kisses, everyone cheers the two of them

Then Hazel and Augustus go to Augustus room where they made out, and lost their vigirnity.

Then Gus tells that he had made a TAC and the cancer had comsumed all of him, he was in a terminal point, and he said sorry for not telling this sooner to Hazel. It hurts him so much.

They go home, he stays worst every day untill he dies at chapter 21 HE DIED (I WAS CRYING SOO MUCH IN THIS PART)

there is a funeral of him that basrtard of Van Houten appears and he finally understand his own disgrace and how hazel was right about him...

We get to know by Isaac that Augustus write something to Hazel before he died. She tries to find it untill she realise that what cus wrote was sented to van houten.

She asked by the e mail of Houten's secretary if she could read Gus's letter to her

Van houten asks to Gus message to be sented to Hazel and the book ends up with that letter

PS: there was a girl that Augustus knew that was like hazel, but Caroline, that girl, had a brain cancer that made her someone that might not be her. She got worst and worst untill she died. Augustus liked her, and he knew that she was going to die and he didn't do what Monica did to Isaac. Gus stay with Caroline supporting as much as he could. You just can't abandone someone when that someone needs the most


the book its more interesting than what i have written sorry for taken out some of its magic :/ resuming things its awkward... there are things that can only be explained if you read

I hope i've refresh some of your memories :)

Inês Lindsay wrote: "Thank you so much!! You are amazing. And by the way, support group is the correct term, at least as far as I'm concerned. THANKS AGAIN!"

thank you and you are very welcome ^^

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