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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) What if we did a mystery? Like a couple of kids (more like two) find a dead body in the woods and they have to figure out who did it.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Sure.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Yeah, just give me about ten minutes.

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Name: Daniel

Nickname: Danny

Age: 17

Birthdate: April 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Daniel stands about 5'9" and weighs about 150 pounds. He has dark brown hair and light blue eyes.

Personality: Daniel is an easygoing guy. Nothing really gets him down. He takes life as it goes by. He can be a bit reckless though, doing insane things because he can. He likes to help out people. He is pretty good in science, and wants to be a zoologist.

History: Daniel was born in Charleston, West Virhinfa. Ever since he was a little boy, he always loved nature. His parents, who lived on a farm, encouraged that love. Things went well for the small family until his father died when Daniel was 10. It's been his job ever since to help his mom run the farm.

Kin: Anna (mother), Connor (father, deceased)

Relationship status: single

Crush/girlfriend: open

Other: He has a Golden Retriever named Charlie

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Yep. Do you want to start?

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel walked towards the lake. His dog trotted by his side, ready to fetch a thrown stick if the need arose. He saw Karana and smiled. He was right on time. "Hi Karana," he said as he approached.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "How are you today," he asked. His dog jumped up at him, only to be pushed down. Seeing Karana, the retriever ran over and tried to jump up, begging to be pet.

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) ((Okay))

"That's good to know," Daniel said. He didn't really want to mention her ex-fiancée in case she started crying. That would be really bad and insensitive of him to mention.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel smiled at the two of them. "So what did you call me for?" He asked curiously. It must've been important for her to call. She didn't call him often.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "Right. I forgot, sorry," he said. "So what do you want to do?"

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "Okay," he said. He loved the woods. It was peaceful, away from civilization, a place where he could think.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Charlie looked up at Karana as she stopped petting him. With a huff, he walked back over to his owner. Daniel patted him on his head, trying to comfort the dog. "You're a big baby," he told his dog. He turned back to Karana. "You ready?" He asked.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Charlie bounded over to the two other dogs, wanting to play. Daniel smiled and started to walk towards the woods.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel let Charlie to play with the others. The dog didn't meet new friends very often. He reached into his pocket and took out a flashlight, flipping it on. No use tripping over roots that he couldn't see.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel smiled. "I've been pretty good, thanks for asking." As they went deeper into the forest, his flashlight shined off of something weird looking. "Do you see that?" He asked. He couldn't make out what it was too well.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Grabbing a long stick, Daniel walked towards it. Whatever it was, it was covered by lots of branches and leaves. He poked it with the stick and it moved, causing him to jump back several inches.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Regaining his composure, Daniel knelt down beside her. "What do you think it is?" He asked.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Taking the stick, he poked the thing again. Something rather large rolled towards him. Realizing that it was a head, he jumped up and backed away, scared to death. "Oh my god…" he said, trailing off.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel took a step towards his friend. "This is not good," he said, shaking his head with disbelief.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "What do we do?" Daniel asked, not having a clue. "Call the police?"

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "Okay," he said slowly, not really understanding why they shouldn't call the police. "So what should we do?"

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "Okay, well maybe we should see if just the head is here or if its a whole body," Daniel said, not liking the idea of touching the thing.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Taking his stick, he brushed aside the leaves and sticks. He nearly threw up at the sight. It was a whole body, minus the head of course.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "This is a murder," Daniel said shakily.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel turned his head away from the scene before him. "We have to tell someone," he said. "Unless you're convinced that we can keep it a secret."

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "If not the police, then who?" He asked.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel took his phone out of his back pocket and handed it to her. "Here, use mine."

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "They're probably the best people to call," Daniel said. He had no idea who would be better than them to call in this situation.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel heard the snapping of twigs behind him and turned around in time to see his dog come barreling through the forest. "Hey buddy," he said and the Golden Retriever bounded towards him. The dog noticed the head and crouched down, barking at it.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel held Charlie back once the dog was done barking at the head. The dog, now done thinking it was a threat, wanted to play with it. "Not now," he told the dog and looked up at Karana. "Did you tell them what part of the forest we're in?" He asked, trying to help.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "I have no idea. And besides, how would we know which tree? They all look alike. Unless they were coming here through the forest in a bulldozer. That might explain it."

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel couldn't help but smile at that. "Here comes the Calvary," he muttered as the sirens grew louder.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Charlie pawed at Daniel's pant leg, wanting to play. "Not now Charlie," he said. He didn't know what to expect now that the police showed up. They'd be questioned most certainly.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel wasn't fond of the police. He had never been in trouble with them, so there really was no reason for him to be nervous. Then again, this was the first dead body he'd seen, so that was a pretty good reason. He moved out of the way so the police could see the body better.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "Where's the body?" One of the officers asked and Daniel pointed to it. The officer crouched down beside it. "Looks like a murder," he said.

No, really? Daniel thought sarcastically. What else could it be?

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "We're going to have to question you two," the police officer said. "Standard protocol."

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) The officer turned to Daniel. "How did you find the body?" He asked, taking out his notepad and pen.

"We were walking and I saw something strange. We went over to investigate," Daniel said. "And no, I don't recognize the body."

The police officer glared at him before turning to Karana. "Do you have anything you want to say?"

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) The officer nodded and wrote down some notes. "Okay, well for now, you're free to go, but if you know anything, stop by the station," he said. Daniel nodded and his dog walked over to him.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "Ready to go?" Daniel asked her. Not waiting for a reply, he walked off, his dog trotting beside him. He didn't want to come back here again. He wished that he could get rid of the image of the dead body that was burned into his mind. He would have nightmares for sure tonight.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "So what do you think about this whole event?" Daniel asked her once they were away from the trees. Charlie saw a stick and bounded after it, bringing it back to his owner for him to throw it. When Daniel didn't respond, the retriever ran over to Karana, hoping she'd throw it.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Charlie chased after it and brought it back. "What if we investigated the murder ourselves?" Daniel asked. "I bet we could do a better job than the cops."

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel grinned. "No one would. Do you want to go back tonight after they're done investigating or tomorrow." He personally didn't care which. His dog chased after it and then brought it back, taunting Karana's two dogs, daring them to take it from him.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "That works for me," Daniel said. Charlie gleefully ran off, the stick still in his mouth.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Daniel looked at her in surprise. "Yeah, I'd like that," he said. Charlie spun around quickly, crouching down and growling playfully.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "Sure," Daniel said. Charlie tackled Moon, trying to get the dog on his back. The Golden Retriever wasn't being aggressive. He just wanted to play.

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