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Scott stood up rubbing his back and cursing under his breath. He had been tasked with cleaning the castle floors, and man did that take a lot of scrubbing.
He risked a small break, sitting up straight in a nearby chair, still rubbing his back. His eyes slowly closed as the pain started to fade away. So long as no one caught him, he should be alright, just 'til he recovers.

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Pyran wandered silently through the castle hallways, it was a surprising she could walk though the castle and not be heard due to the fact she was wearing heels of some sort.
She paused slightly when she spotted a boy sitting nearby on a seat, she raised a delicately shaped eyebrow in the boys direction, she knew he shouldn't be doing that, it wasn't his place.
"Hey," she smirked, heading in his direction, her hands resting on her leather clad hips.

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Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 24 comments Ash yawns, a hand moving to cover it slowly as he plods along the hallway. He always hated days like this. He was never allowed to go out without an escort, and when his family were out on some trip, and had taken the majority of the guards with them, it didn't leave much for the young Prince to do. So when he spots a peasant and a servant looking like they're having a good ol' time doing nothing, he grins. Finally finding something that might cure his boredom, for at least a short time.
Picking up speed, he plasters the sweetest, friendliest expression on his face. Which, on him, made him look all that much more frightening. "Okay. So, what's wrong with this image, hmm?" He asks, cocking his head, but still keeping that disgusting expression on his usually handsome features. "A Peasant and a Servant, gasbagging, when they could be doing some work." He grin even wider. "Please explain?"

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Pyran turned her head in the vague direction of this new speaker, the voice was unfamiliar to her, which was unusual since it was masculine, she had a tendency to know each male individually, or at least know of someone in their family.
She paused slightly upon seeing his twisted features, he looked somewhat pained to be in that position if she was honest, quirking an eyebrow she looked at him fully, "I beg your pardon?" She smirked, allowing her eyes to give him a distasteful once over, as if saying silently; just who do you think you are?

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 24 comments The Prince's eyes widen at the impudent tone, flashing at thought of the possible conflict ahead.
Stalking closer he lets the expression fall, sneering instead. "Ah, I can't believe you don't recognize me." He chuckles, half circling around the pair. Putting on his haughtiest air. It's only when he is so extremely bored he feels like screaming that this side of him appears. "You can have three guesses. If you don't get my identity correct in those three, then, well, I don't know what I'll do, but it will likely end with you in a lot of pain." He chuckles again, looking at the servant, making sure he wouldn't give her any clues.
Of course he wouldn't do anything to harm her, it was against his base morals. But, it added a bit more spice to the proceedings.

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"You're probably another swine from royal lines," she sighed, her eyes lazily following the bit as he circled them almost, it reminded her of a wolf somewhat, not that she entirely bothered, she hasn't lived the cushy life as he had, she knew the rough side of life.
"Am I correct perhaps?" She said sweetly, holding back a smirk at the current situation,

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 24 comments "Perhaps." He cocks his head, his sneer getting nastier. "Swine, hey?" Ash chuckles, a hand running through his hair. "Probably an okay description." But his piercing eyes still remain sharp and filled with a dangerous intent. "But, can you not guess which one I am?" The Prince asks, looking back to the servant again, eyes flashing with an undeniably perverted interest.

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"I don't know and I don't care," she stated calmly, rolling her eyes in disinterest and somewhat in disgust, though she herself decended from nobility she destested the fact and did truly wish to burn that from her genetic coding.
"You're all as bad as each other," she sighed, as if this current course of conversation was boring her.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 24 comments "You really should show more respect for your Prince..." He mutters, not caring about the game anymore. Eyes flashing angrily at the harsh stereotype. "Have you met all of us?" Ash asks raising an elegantly. "I do admit that I would much prefer almost all of them pushing up daisies, but there are some okay people among us." He pulls a face. Then sighs, running a hand through his hair almost roughly. "What's your name then?"

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Pyran crossed her arms over her tight fitting bodice, watching the young prince distastefully though she did defend for a line of nobility it did not mean she was willing to accept the ways of the court.
"I've known quite enough of your lot to rest my judgement," she answered easily, pushing a stray strand of hair from her eyes.
"Pyran Seraphinus or if you want my fathers name I'd be Pyran Ignito," she said with disgust rolling off her tongue with there mere surname of get father, "so yes, I am the bastard child of Sir Carius Ignito,"

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Scott suddenly leaped up from the seat he had rested in, only just realizing he had fell asleep. He surprised himself so much that he fell to his hands and knees, his eyes meeting a pair of shoes that obviously belonged to someone of great wealth.
"So sorry, sir."
He kept his head low as he slowly rose to his feet, not willing to risk a look at who the royal was, though the clothes told him it was male.

♛ α﹩нтїᾔ ẕωїηк⑂ ♚ (albinoMonkey) | 6 comments Michael made his way down the hallways of the castle, alert, yet he seemed relaxed. It was quiet and calm, but he could never completely let his guard down. It was never a good idea, because it made it that much harder to react. His double edged scythe was strapped to his back, easily accessible. As the man walked, he whistled a soft tune to fill the silence.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 24 comments Ash makes a low mock noise of awe, eyes narrowing in derision. "Oo, big deal. Along with the other fifty two." He sighs, "Yet another bastard child." He shrugs, looking at the woman for one more moment before turning to Scott, a wry grin appearing on his face.
"Good job." Rolling his eyes, he takes a step closer to the slave. "I hope you don't slack off like this all the time.."

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Scott bit his lip, his eyes looking up to see who this obviously important person was and almost jumped to discover it was the prince.
"Of course not, your highness. In fact, I rarely rest at all."

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 24 comments ((Woops, sorry))
Ash cocks his head, looking over the male slowly. "Really?" Making a small noise of a amusement he reaches out and pats the slave on the shoulder. "Just about the only slave I've run into that does any work." He grins surprisingly kindly. "You belong to anyone in particular, or just to the castle?" He asks, completely forgetting the woman.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 12 comments Timothy casually leaped across every small pits of lava that erupted along the way. Hands inside his fire-proof hoodie jacket, he jumped and skittishly skipped the natural environment, and it made him look like a childish 18 year old. Stepping in the Igneous Castle's courtyard, he admired the view of his birth kingdom.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 12 comments Timothy can't help but to noticed this igniting woman storming in the hallways. He was captivated by her striking set of eyes and her tomboyish look. Unaware of his powers, he suddenly shifted into the form of this girl until every molecule of Timothy was reformed into a beautiful blond woman. Even he copied her face, making this anguish expression as he followed her behind.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 12 comments The abrupt halt of the girl made Timothy bump her lightly. His eyes roamed to where his prototype was looking at, and saw three more people up ahead. When he recognized the Prince of Vulcania, his form quickly shifted into Prince Ashiel Thomas. Square jaw, black hair, sparkling blue eyes, and the ever-fashionable red and black clothes he was wearing. Adding a smirk on the side of his lips, he became the most perfect copy of the prince.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 12 comments Timothy realized the stern look the woman was giving him. He shifted back to his normal look, his grey jacket changing hue into brown, the color when he's apologetic. "Sorry," he said in a low voice.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 12 comments "What are they doing?" Timothy asked, his eyes observing at the three quarreling people.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 12 comments "Servitude?" Timothy went all ears towards the three from afar.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 12 comments ((yeah I guess you're right))

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