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Lesbian or Bi?
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How many of you think Cara is a true blue lesbian and who thinks she may be bi? She states earlier in the book numerous times that she is sexually attracted to males but I don't know if that could be denial or if she truly felt this way. I also think maybe she would be more like Dani and always knew she was lesbian or if she was just lesbian but so much of her life was shrouded in doubt, I can't really tell if she always felt this way or she was bi and just was more in love with Dani than she ever felt, especially with the only serious relationship she had that ended in stalking, unwanted trespassing and possibly rape. So I'm not really sure if she's totally lesbian or just bi but totally in love with Dani. What do you guys think?

Who cares?

The idea of sexuality is fluid. It was clear that Cara was still discovering herself, and it doesn't really matter what her sexuality is, because sexuality is not so clearly defined and that is the point that Hopkins is trying to make.

Let's look at the facts instead. She is in love with Dani, a girl, and was raped by her boyfriend. Her sexuality doesn't have anything to do with either one of those, and her confusion about who she is is what connects her to Conner the most. He was so head over heals in love with his teacher Emily in Impulse, but also, was painted as a dainty and fragile character who was otherwise very feminine. Gay or not, straight or not, they are in love with someone, and they did not make a choice to be in love with that person--love just happens.

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