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Title: Devotion (Wonderland #1)
Author: Trystan Vikar
Format: ebook via smashwords
Time Frame: One Month
Contact: Trystan Vikar Directly or respond to thread
A 200 year old man suffering a mid-death crisis walks into a bar to try and recapture his youth only to wake up the next day as the prisoner of a desperate young woman struggling to rescue the last bit of family she has left in the world.

Devotion is a story about the lengths one peculiar young woman will go to in order to rescue her last link with the human world. Set in modern day Saskatchewan, Alice and Cole Dovecoat were raised in a violent, fanatic cult that ultimately led to Cole’s death at the hands of a twisted monster. Alice, only a few small steps away from being a monster herself, devises a plan to rescue Cole from death by abducting a creature capable of immortality and confining them in her basement so she can harvest their life giving blood. As the hostage tries to negotiate his release, he learns that Alice is far more than a hostile religious nut and her strange and twisted origins might actually make her a powerful ally in the struggle to tame a city filled with creatures more sinister than himself.

But what happens when old enemies come out of the shadows to haunt them both? Will Alice sacrifice her plans to save her brother in exchange for her own life? Or will she find the cure she was looking for by embracing something darker than herself?

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Trystan Vikar (trystanvikar) I want to stress that this is a Dark Fiction piece, not a YA, not a romance. So it might not be everyone's taste. Just wanted to state that.

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Trystan Vikar (trystanvikar) And here's the book trailer:

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