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message 1: by Irving (new)

Irving Podolsky | 36 comments Although I have yet to purchase a promotion package for my own series, I have extensively researched this option. Piece of Cake is cheap for what it offers, but bare in mind, a general press release is only effective for people who are already famous.

If one of the big six publishers take you on and want to seriously promote your writing, they will buy very expensive advertising and book you on talk shows to make you famous. And for that promotion, they take 95% of your royalties.

And it's worth it if they can kick start your writing career.


message 2: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Dearing (sldearing) | 54 comments I recently learned how to write my own press releases, it can't hurt to so that, but there is no guarantee that having a company do it for you is going to boost sales, but it can help, especially if you're connected to something else or participating in something. is a site you can use.

Editing Services by Cynthia Shepp (cynthiasheppedits) | 221 comments Mod
Here is a great press release that S.L. did for our anthology. I don't know what kind of exposure they get, but I tell you what... they sure are cool to see :)

message 4: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Dearing (sldearing) | 54 comments Thanks, Cynthia... :) this release got 252 hits, but I don't know who took it and used it. It
Couldn't hurt to do press releases

message 5: by Doris-Maria (new)

Doris-Maria (111publishing) | 2 comments Hello C.J.
You can write your own press release - after all you are a writer : )
Here is a useful article how to do that:
How to Write a Press Release for Your Book « Savvy Writers & e-Books online
Important is to mention the BENEFIT for readers in your first paragraph.
Journalists don’t read Press Releases!
They only “scan” them and if they don’t catch their interest in less than 5 seconds… they will delete it. In this fast-paced world, no one reads the entire press release – if the start of the article doesn’t garner interest.
ALWAYS send the press release to the journalist or editor DIRECTLY, having his or her name in the address.
Cheers, Doris

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