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Is Fanny Price a typical Jane Austen character?
Lakshmi Lakshmi Mar 21, 2013 09:27AM
I don't find a character like Fanny Price in any other Jane Austen work. I guess Mary Crawford is more of a JA character. Mary Crawford is beautiful, witty and is everything that a 19nth century woman must be,but her character is shallow and doesn't hold much substance.She is all pretense. Fanny is too plain and too quiet,but she has a strong character of her own. She is least influenced by her surroundings and those around her.Her character remains as pure as ever.
Is there anyone here who feels the way I do?

inga (last edited Mar 23, 2013 10:29AM ) Mar 23, 2013 10:29AM   1 vote
I've never understood why people dislike Fanny. I adore her. She is firm in her love for Edmund and in her morals, and recognizes her true friends right away, like Elinor does in S&S.
Sure, Fanny isn't as witty as, say Emma or Elizabeth, but she is clever and sensitive and good-natured, like Anne Elliot.

However, I think it was Austen's intention, after finishing P&P, to create a different kind of heroine, someone not as proud and outspoken as Lizzie. In a way, Fanny is the polar opposite of Lizzie: she's quiet, lets people get away with hurting her, and stays true to her affection for Edmund throughout the novel.
At the core, though, both heroine's are strong and sweet and good role models.

I don't think Fanny is Austen's most unusual heroine, as she is similar to Anne Elliot. I'd say Catherine Morland is Austen's most unusual character.
She isn't exactly stupid but she is kind of daft. Well, I figure she would have to be for the plot of Northanger Abbey to work. She isn't as rational and genre savvy as Austen's other main characters. Like Fanny, she is innocent, but in a different way.

But that's just my take on the matter ;)

Fanny is similar to Anne Elliot, but Anne isn't quite so...intense, I think. And I definitely think Fanny suffers in comparison to Mary Crawford.

I think the problem with Fanny is, despite her excellent qualities, that she's also humorless, judgmental and a bit of a hypocrite in the end. Fanny will JUDGE you and JUDGE you hard for any transgression, but she's more than willing to turn a blind eye on her own faults, as well as her beloved Edmund's less then stellar qualities. She also has a hard time standing up for herself which, putting everything together, makes her a bit of a buzzkill sometimes. IMO.

I always found Mary Crawford to be more interesting. She was vibrant, glittering, had some interesting flaws, was shallow sure, but had a wicked sense of wit. I know that there are criticisms that she subtly changes herself to suit the company around her, but that always made her more interesting to me. Who was she really? You never really know. I also think that her not wanting Edmund is kind of...her coming back to her senses. Because Edmund is a bit of a drip. I think she dodged a bullet when they broke up. LOL.

My slightly off-topic 2 cents. :)

Mitali I agree that Fanny was dull because she was humourless and judgemental. Elizabeth is also judgemental in her own way - her prejudice towards Darcy is ...more
Mar 24, 2013 11:20PM

I don't know in comparison to others shes the same. I think she's the most inconstant, which I find funny cause she accuses Henry of being inconstant. I just thought it would be a no-no to constantly waffle with a guy of standing back then. That was a strange dynamic.

deleted member (last edited Mar 21, 2013 10:29AM ) Mar 21, 2013 10:28AM   0 votes
Yes, I agree that Fanny had a quiet confidence about her; she wasn't easily swayed by others. Although, she wasn't a pushy sort of person, so it was a little harder to notice that.

I thought the same thing too. Fanny is very much like Anne Elliot and Elinor Dashwood. They have a role of being the moral rock in the relationships. However, Fanny is very flawed and she is not really confident due to her place in society.

She lived and raised on a relative's largesse while coming from a humble background. She never really had the opportunity to fully develop into a confident well rounded moral rock like Anne or Elinor. While she's no Elizabeth Bennet, I still like Fanny Price.

Jackie I agree with this comment. I think Fanny is in a similar mould to Anne Elliot and Elinor Dashwood in that they have a quiet, but firm conviction in wh ...more
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