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Woman of the Golden Dawn

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Hilla Powell Bajwa (kalsoom) | 16 comments Woman of the Golden Dawn .. Rebels and Priestess is a book written by Mary K. Greer.

She writes in her Introduction:

" While the history of the Hermetik Order of the Golden Dawn is well documented and several of his male members become famous their female conterparts have received little credit. And yet, when one reads between the lines of the original documents, four woman stand out as the true heart and soul of this magical order. Their imaginative skills, detemination and believe in their own creative abilities worked a kind of magic and changed the world around them."

I just started to work my way thru this book and may be with the time somebody likes to discuss it.

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Hilla Powell Bajwa (kalsoom) | 16 comments Hello Jaq,

may be you still remember parts of the book.

The victorian woman of this time were supposed to do only smal talk,no important topics. They should take care of the household and were allowed to do paintings, neddlework and music.

Now how could there four woman become rebells and live their own life? Well two of them were very well of with money.The others had a good ecucation in arts and could work at a theatre.

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Hilla Powell Bajwa (kalsoom) | 16 comments On side 48 in the chaper "Birth of the Golden Dawn"

we find following sentence about the foundation of several orders

" All claimed to haver contact with some "Secret Masters" who guided their endeavors."

Now how could we see these secret Masters from the occult point of view without glamour.

When we go in meditation about a certain topic and use first active imagination and drift than in passive imagination, we see pictures, symbols and also may be persons which are a scource of information.

We could call this scource of information or insights a Master, since the topic we are dwelling on is mastered thru contact with them. Secret could be added, since the insight was before a secret for us.

There is more to it but I am still in the process of grabbing.

Any other ideas about it?

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