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Cleo trudged up the sand towards the house and pulled open the large wood and glass door at the back. She shoved her damp hair away from her face and went up the stairs to shower, not taking any care while trying to avoid getting sand everywhere as she went through the house. She showered quickly and got changed for the day, Cleo figured she might as well go to school not that she planned on turning up with her mother. She had her own mode of transport anyway. Having got dressed http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN... Cleo yelled a quick goodbye into the house, plugged in her headphones and went out into the garage to get her motorbike. She climbed onto the red patent vehicle and kicked off the stand, placing the helmet on her head and starting the engine. http://static1.bigstockphoto.com/thum... The nice thing about driving around here was how quiet the roads were. She angled the bike out of the drive and followed the route up to school.

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Nora quickly threw on a pair of cropped white capris, a plain grey v-neck, and sandals. She slipped on sunglasses, heard her daughter shout goodbye, and smiled. "Be safe!" Nora slung her purse over er shoulder and grabbed her lesson plans, and left for the school.

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