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Leena (leena23) A place for the Faculty to be able to eat, hang out, do some grading with other teachers. The RA's show up for food sometimes....

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David pulled the car up outside the building and Tamsin clambered out, giving him a brief smile and a thanks for the lift before she disappeared up the stairs. Tamsin usually worked in the auditorium or music room and David knew he was unlikely to see her for the rest the day. Did that woman even eat? He wondered, grabbing his folders off the back seat and walking up to the school. David made his way to the staff room and sat down at one of the free desks, helping himself to coffee and setting up his laptop so he could check his school email. His lesson plan was next to him and he was ready for the school day.

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Leena (leena23) Dean had just pulled up in his new jeep wrangler, it was the four door, his surf board was on top of the roof, snugly strapped on. He had had a good morning down at the beach, the tide had been high, the waves nice. He hopped out of the jeep and looked in the back seat for his shirt, he was wearing khaki shorts, and a pair of brown shoes. "I know its here somewhere," He muttered to himself as he sifted through the pile of things in the backseat, his bare back there for anyone to see. Aha! He found it, he turned and ignored the girls ogling his chest, and defined abs, he pulled on a crew shirt and closed the doors to his jeep. He then headed up to the faculty room to see where he needed to be, and to get some coffee.

Justin had just gotten out of his car in time to see a young guy pulling on a shirt in the teacher parking lot. He raised a brow, he recognized him, it was Dean Hawkins, rich kid brat. He rolled his eyes, the guy should have been dressed before pulling into the parking lot. "Lets be going," He said to some first years, and gently nudged them toward the cafeteria. He then went toward the faculty room to make a few copies before he had to go to his own classroom.

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Leena (leena23) "Think there's going to be any hot teachers this year?" Ariel asked Keeley, she was seeing if Keeley would mention her infatuation with the instructor. Dan had mentioned seeing them together the night before, she didn't care of course. She was just curious, and wanted to be Keeley's friend.

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Keeley shrugged, "If last night was anything to go by then hell yeah." She replied, a slight smile curving her lips, she wasn't going to give anything else away Ariel could think what she liked.

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Leena (leena23) Ariel rose a brow, so she really did like this guy... hmm interesting. Dan was going to have his hands full with his boys and with his sister this semester. She opened the door to head into the faculty lounge, the first place she went was the coffee maker.

Justin was at the copy machine making copies of his syllabus for the semester for his students. He wondered what kind of imaginations this semester would bring. His back was turned to the entrance of the lounge so he didn't see anyone that may have been going in and out.

Dean was lounged against the counter where some croissants were laid out, he had coffee in one hand and a croissant in the other. He hadn't seen the teacher he would be assisting yet, he wondered if he was even needed for the day, if not he'd just go surfing the rest of the day.

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Keeley followed Ariel to the coffee machine and gave her a questioning look, "You've got a look on your face, what do you wanna say?" Keeley said with grin, her blue eyes flashing. She helped herself to coffee and took a sip whilst waiting for Ariel to sort her drink out. "Do you even know what we're supposed to be doing today?" She asked.

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Leena (leena23) "No idea, probably getting together to plan the events and stuff, maybe sit on some classes if we want? Deal with troubled girls, or we could chill at the dorm. I honestly have no idea what we're supposed to be doing while the girls are in class..." Ariel took a sip of her hot cappuccino and then looked longingly over at the croissants, she wanted one but she wasn't really in the mood to go flirt with whoever was at the counter beside it to make him get out of the way so she could reach one.

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Keeley nodded, "Okay that sounds good." She replied with a smile, sipping her coffee as she walked away from the drinks machine towards the chairs by the door. "So we basically have a free da-Oh my god, oh shit I'm so sorry!" Keeley apologised profusely as she'd crashed straight into Dean while talking to Ariel. Her coffee had pretty much upended all over his shirt and her blue eyes were wide with shock but also a tinge of amusement, she was now trying really hard not to laugh. "I'm really really sorry, I'm such a klutz." She continued, having amazingly avoided getting a single drop of coffee on herself. Keeley threw a panicked glance at Ariel and chewed her lip. "Sorry, sorry, sorry."

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Leena (leena23) Ariel was behind Keeley when she upended her cup onto the guy, she stifled a giggle with her hand, she had to walk over to the tables just so she wouldn't laugh right there in front of the poor guy.

Dean rose a brow and said, "OUch!" before he quickly pulled his shirt off his head to get the liquid away from his skin. He looked at the girl that had spilled the drink on him, "Uh its fine don't worry about it." He said and then wiped some more liquid off his ripped abs, surfing did Dean good. "You okay? Doesn't look like you got a drop on you..." He chuckled softly, she was hot.

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Keeley bit her lip, a somewhat apologetic expression on her face. "You sure? I didn't burn you did I?" She asked, her eyebrows raised in question as she grabbed a towel off the side. "Yeah you were in the way, I kind of didn't see you and yeah it looks like you got the whole cup." Keeley said with smirk, setting her now empty cup on the side.

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Leena (leena23) "I was in the way? Really?" He asked her with a bit of amusement in his voice. "I think you weren't watching where you were going to be honest, that or you just wanted to see me shirtless, which you could have just asked if you wanted that," Dean said with a cocky grin on his face. She didn't seem the least bit sorry in his opinion.

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Keeley laughed drily, "Uh you were stood right behind me, how could I have seen you." She scoffed her blue eyes narrowed ever so slightly, she did not like his attitude one little bit. Keeley's mouth fell open at what he said next, she raised her eyebrows and folded her arms across her chest. "Don't be ridiculous, that's the last thing I wanted." She replied snidely, "That's a little pretentious don't you think?" Keeley replied.

David who had been looking over his lesson plan, raised his head from his papers with an expression of polite enquiry. This didn't look good, he'd heard about Dean's history as a bit of a hot head who was often down at the bar getting into trouble. David shook his head and returned his attention to his work.

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Leena (leena23) "Oh pretentious? Really? You walk in here like your Gods gift to men, and think I'm just going to be okay with you knocking your coffee into me? All you little RA's are the same, this is why I don't date you lot," Dean's temper flared, his cheeks took on a ruddy shade of red.

Justin overheard yelling and turned with his papers in hand. He sat Keeley and Dean going at it, he didn't like Dean's tone of voice or his body language towards Keeley in the least. "Alright that's enough, I'm sure she didn't mean to do whatever it was she did, get on out of here Dean." Justin advised, he had set his papers down and folded his arms across his chest. Dean glared at Justin a few moments before he shoved past Keeley and exited the room. Justin caught Keeley before she fell sideways, "You okay?" He asked her.

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Keeley raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me? God's gift to men, oh get over yourself." She snapped, grateful when Justin intervened and Dean went storming out. Keeley set her gaze and looked up at Justin with a weak smile. "Thanks and yeah I'm fine, he just well it was my fault I did spill coffee over him. But wow he knows how to freak out." She replied, righting herself and looking towards the door as it slammed shut behind Dean.

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Leena (leena23) "He's always been like that, ever since he was a kid," Justin assured her, "Trust me nothing you could have said would have made that situation better. He's a bit of a brat, Hopefully you won't have any more encounters with him." Justin grinned over at her, "So how was your morning before mr. grumpy pants came along?"

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Keeley sighed and relaxed a little, folding her arms across her chest. "Okay I guess, he can get pretty scary when he's like that though." She frowned at the door and then shrugged, "No matter, I'm sure he'll get over it. How are you anyway?" Keeley asked.

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Leena (leena23) "I'm doing good, I took a nice jog down the beach this morning right when the sun was coming up over the water.. then I had some coffee while reading the paper, so a very peaceful morning so far, well until Dean came along at least," He told her about his morning, he didn't really know why but he wanted to share with her what his morning activities had been, he ran a hand over his short hair and gave her a grin.

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"Ah sounds like fun, maybe I could join you sometime." She told him with a smile, helping herself to more coffee. "Yeah I didn't really expect him to freak out so much. It was just coffee." Keeley said, giving a shake of her head as she poured the drink into a mug. "Got any plans for this evening?" She asked him.

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Leena (leena23) "No nothing as of yet, I don't have any papers to grade yet, probably won't till the end of the week so I'm free. You can join me anytime, I would enjoy the company actually... why don't you come over for dinner tonight? I make a mean macaroni casserole," Justin said with a wink, he could cook pretty well, but he liked making comfort foods, they always made people relax more in his opinion.

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Keeley nodded with a smile, a slight blush colouring her cheeks. "I'd love to, that sounds great." She replied with a grin, swallowing a mouthful of coffee. "Well text me later okay? I should probably be getting back to Ariel." She told him with an apologetic smile before walking back to her friend. "That was soo bad, first day and I'm already drowning people in coffee."

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Leena (leena23) "Oh yeah, no problem. I'll text you after lunch or something," Justin said and gave her a small wave before he grabbed the papers off the copy machine and headed to his own classroom to get things ready.

"Mhmm and it was also good because you got to talk to hot teacher," Ariel replied with a knowing grin. "So what did you two talk about? Is he going to 'teach' you a few things?"

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Keeley's eyes widened and she gave Ariel a light tap on the arm, "Oh hush you, don't start." She smirked, taking a drink of her coffee. "Just idle chit-chat, but I might not be in the dorm this evening." Keeley replied with a grin.

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David tidied up his things and packed them away in his bag before heading off to find his first class, he was taking biology with the higher years. This ought to be interesting, he only hoped they behaved.

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Leena (leena23) "What?!? Are you serious? That's hawt Keeley," Ariel teased her friend. "So what are you going to wear? Don't act like you're not excited, I can see it all in your eyes."

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Keeley rolled her eyes, "I don't know, I'll think about it later. We should probably check the systems, check that everyone's being registered in class?" Keeley suggested, trying to divert attention away from her date with Justin.

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Leena (leena23) "Fiiiine but don't think I'm letting this go, as soon as I'm off work tonight I expect juicy information on this date with mcdreamy," Ariel told her as she gathered her bag and coffee, she walked with Keeley out of the room.

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Keeley rolled her eyes, "Oh geeze, I'm not looking forward to this. So where to back to the dorms? Or shall we make sure the boys are awake?" She smirked.

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Leena (leena23) "We should so go check on the boys, if they're not awake I vote ice cubes in the bed," Ariel said with a grin on her face as they walked across campus.

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Keeley grinned as they entered the boys dorm quarters and headed up to the RA room. She knocked loudly on the door and tried to look the other way through the peep hole, "Rise and shine princess' it's a new day!!" She called.

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