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message 1: by L'Poni, Empress of the Space Dragons (new)

L'Poni (lponi) | 245 comments Mod
To those returning to this group after a long time in hypersleep, I'll tell you what is new:

1. I added a whole bunch of dragon books to the bookshelf, so your TBRs can grown even more!

2. New photos were added in the photos section.

3. A new dragon song has been uploaded to the videos section. The song, Toaru Ryuu Koi no Uta by Itou Kanako is a love song for dragons.

4. Dragon Spire, a new community story about space dragons, corrupted people and homicidal boys in a city contained in a tower! Sign ups are open and chapter prompts have been posted! Be sure to read up on the Introduction to the Universe and the lore of the tower. The story itself takes place in the TSODR universe.

5. A new section dedicated to dragon stories and poems has been added. Go on, add your input into the world of our lovely flying creatures!

6. Book of the Month (hopefully) will begin with Dragons and Cicadas: The Society On Da Run (please don't stone me! I really want everyone to read my book for the month~! If that's not okay, I can change it). Every month after we can nominate and second books for BotM.

7. Me! I'm a noob/newbie here~! At first I was apprehensive because I thought you lovely people wouldn't like my space dragons, but I'm glad I joined! This is a really loving group.

8. Dragon Spire visual novel/short story (for NaNoReMo (Visual novel writing month)

message 2: by Cole (new)

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Good idea for those returning!

message 3: by L'Poni, Empress of the Space Dragons (new)

L'Poni (lponi) | 245 comments Mod
Cole wrote: "Good idea for those returning!"

Eyup~! But that is just the beginning.

message 4: by Cole (new)

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Let's get this party started!!!!

message 5: by L'Poni, Empress of the Space Dragons (new)

L'Poni (lponi) | 245 comments Mod
New Topics:

*Dragon's War part one has been posted in the Dragon Story section.
*The first part of Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real has been posted in the videos section and discussion about it has started in the Dragon Movies section.
*The BAD ENDING to Dragon Spire has been posted. I know its a little early for that, but I couldn't help it.
*Tales from Tomorrow #4 thread is open in the Dragon Books section.
If anyone has started any new topics, link to them in this section so we can all stay organized about when new topics open. Click the "email me when people reply" checkbox so you'll be notified of new comments on this post.

message 6: by Xsnowhite1012X (new)

Xsnowhite1012X (sazusaraspidermonkey26) | 6 comments Fantastic!

message 7: by L (new)

L Sounds great! It is also good to have a new mod on board.

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