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Pena is nothing but hot air

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Damion I read this book and went through his seminars. The man is a clown who lacks any depth of knowledge on the topic. The book comes across as if Old Dan got all his knowledge about M&A from reading blog posts. There's absolutely no detail there that would suggest he has real expertise in the subject matter. In his seminars he's constantly calling attendees "doofuses." Even worse, he tells people that to start following his strategy they need to apply to a bank for a $50 million loan. It doesn't get any dumber than that. Dan is a guy who was lucky enough once to be the right place at the right time back in the 1980s. He's accomplished nothing since then but to become a cheap third tier motivational speaker running seminars on a topic he has no right to talk about.

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Rundown I think Dan has some gems of wisdom, but most of it I think is just Dan and his big ego going wild.
I have watched some of his stuff, and read a good book he recommended " Release your brakes", but he goes on like he has made billions, and his name is now the TRILLION dollar man.

He says one of his attendees, has done the biggest deal in the world, 500 billion dollars. Building a city in Saudi ARABIA..

I did some investigating and yes the saudi prince is doing a 500 billion dollar city, but there was no mention that there was a 21 year old dufus from dans courses running the show.

He talks like he knows president trump, steve jobs, bill gates personally, and i really think he is making this stuff up.

Dan got lucky on a big oil option many years ago. He borrowed money and stuff, and somehow his company sold the option for like half a billion....
But the real details are, dan was only like part owner of that company, which eventually sacked i expect he got a bonus of about a million.
But he tries to make it sound like he made 500 billion himself.

So he lies a lot, he talks very big, like he could kill 10 mike tysons with his bear hands, and how he is fortunate to be friends with the most successful business men the world has ever seen...They are all personal friends of Dan. (not likely)

I watched a seminar, He went on about finding motivated seller, and buying them out...using a team of experts..and you make the money when you run the company, make it better, and then sell it, or float it.

But there is no way a 16 year old kid is buying some company and then getting 500 million dollar loans and then selling it for 700 million and making 200 million in his first deal. It is just lies.

he is 74 and his testosterone level is 1800 ...(balloney)
He is a funny man, but its all just words.
Dont get me wrong, there is some good stuff. Typical self help stuff.
He swore blind he made 350 calls a day every day, and that is what it takes ..
Well if each call is important lets say it takes 4 minutes to find the number, dial the number on his finger dial phone, get put through to the client and then have a brief conversation , put the phone down and find the next number to call....
well that equates to 1400 minutes of calls per day....
that equates to 23.33 hours worth of calls in a day ..every day.
so that leaves him aprx 30 minutes for showering, eating, drinking, sleeping, walking to work, clean his teeth, speak to somene have lunch get my drift...just utter nonsense.

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