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Stephen Aryan | 45 comments Mod
Post your thoughts and feedback here.

Paul (striderpaul) | 17 comments I have read this book and the following two books so you might guess from that, that I enjoyed it. Will put something up a bit later.
Enjoyed the TM Book Club Review.

Stephen Aryan | 45 comments Mod
Cheers Paul. From reading his website, he just finished the first draft of Book 4, the final in the series, and that's currently being edited. I've read books 1 and 2, so a re-read for me, but looking forward to it.

Paul (striderpaul) | 17 comments Read this one a while back and enjoyed it enough to read the rest of the series.
At the time of reading I hadn't watched Firefly although it was on the top of my list. Now I have seen it this series is very much in that category. A ship with a crew of likable misfits who all have their own agendas but when it comes to the crunch they all pull together for the good of the ship and the Captain who is often in a world of his own.
The characters all have their unique personalities and in some cases secrets. A whole book could be written on the a single character, and you really get to know them and care what happens to them.
I'm looking forward to the fourth book in the series and would rate this as one of my top reads.

Next book suggestion, The Accidental Time Machine or Wool by Hugh Howie which I heard about on Starshipsofa podcast. Hugh Howie is a self publicist and his book Wool has topped the charts. They're short stories but there is a compilation of the series available.

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