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Victoria knocks on the door. Bella hears people in the distance screaming "JESUS FREAK!"

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(Just so you know, Victoria is being yelled at, but ok! (: )

"Where are you going, Bella??? Bella?" Victoria runs to catch up with her.

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"Alright, come with me!" Victoria runs in a beeline straight towards her house with Bella close behind her.

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Bella runs with Victoria to an apartment complex. "Here we are," Victoria mumbles... I hope my step parents aren't home... she thought

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"Yeah, whatever. Listen, Jack and I are going out tonight. Don't blow the place up, okay? And don't go all crazy christian on your friend!!! I mean it!" Victoria's stepmom turned to Bella." She does that a lot!"

When they finally got out of the lecture, Victoria motioned for Bella to sit down on her bed. "What's the deal with your step-parents?" Bella asked. "You first! What happened back there???"

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