Deadline (Newsflesh, #2) Deadline question

I feel really bad for Dr. Kelly.
Ridge Adam Ridge Mar 21, 2013 01:13AM
I'm only halfway done with this book and I have to say, I really feel for Dr. Kelly's character, I really don't like the way everyone's been treating her, especially Shaun. Every time Shaun would contemplate punching her on the face my heart would legitimately race in fear for her. I wish they'd understand that she is in no way directly responsible for the cause of the virus or Georgia's death. Everyone is just taking it out all on her and its horrible! I'm surprised Dr. Kelly's managed to keep her cool this far.

I also kind of felt sorry for her but as soon as I saw her emerge as a full character I quickly saw the reason she was there. I'm not going to get into the main reason she is there (don't want to spoil it, although if you started the book in March you should be done). One of the secondary reasons is to show that Shaun is still kind of a loose cannon without his sister physically around.

I agree with you that the way Dr Kelly was treated was unfair but after Dave's death the team was out of sympathy for other people. Plus Shaun has deteriorated way too much to be able to handle such situations properly.

With eveything that had been thrown at him and his team, it was normal for Shaun to not trust anyone, especially someone who had been with the CDC(?). But keep reading...

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