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Gabriel Cooper Gabriel Mar 21, 2013 12:26AM
I was wondering if anyone thinks it is worth it to see Hollywood yet again cast a pretty boy in the part of a rugged man twice his size.

well at first i thought no way about tom as reacher...but now its ok

M 25x33
Eric V I totally agree.. Jack Reacher 6'5" 250lbs, Tom Cruise 5'6" 165 soak and wet. But I would have to say he did a pretty good job. Thanks to great camera ...more
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The book is so much better (as are the rest of the Reacher novels) and it's almost impossible to add enough bulk to Tom Cruise to make him Jack Reacher. Jack's size is so much a part of his character.

As long I kept remembering to add about 6inches to his height and expanded his body width, Tom Cruise wasn't too bad. Although I quite liked the film, it definitely doesn't compare well with the book.

It is a decent movie and I am glad we went to see it. We rarely go to the movies anymore, rather we prefer to wait and get a DVD but in this case I will do both.

Terence M - Latin Deferred (for the time being) (last edited Apr 24, 2013 06:38PM ) Apr 23, 2013 11:40PM   -1 votes
Somewhat reluctantly, I watched the movie while on an overseas flight. As soon as I saw that Tom Cruise was playing Reacher I thought "WTF! No way!" Unfortunately yes way. Cruise is so NOT like the character of the Jack Reacher in the books I have read that it is not even funny. When I returned home, I scanned some of the Reacher books for a description of him. The one I fould early in Running Blind (aka The Visitor)is apt:

"His mother had told him 'cities are dangerous places, they're full of tough, scary guys'... Then he suddenly realised 'no, I'm the scary guy. They're scared of me'... He saw himself reflected in store windows and understood how it could happen. He had stopped growing at 15 when he was six feet five and two hundred and twenty pounds. A giant."

Tom Cruise a giant? Heh .. I don't think so. Then I noticed that Cruise was a producer or whatever of the film and I understood how he could be so miscast.

Anne Monteith Lee Child gave his approval and support to Cruise (I'm sure he was substantially rewarded with cash). I am glad the novels were becoming trite because ...more
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