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Pierce parked his car, locking it with an audible beep-beep. He glanced at the face of his phone, hoping he wasn't too late. Aeryon had texted him a little more than a hour ago, asking if he wanted to come over and watch some movies. He'd been busy watching his younger siblings and had only just seen the message fifteen minutes ago. He swiped the grin button on his phone, calling her back. "Try not to take this in a creepy way, but I'm in your driveway." he laughed, loving that that was the first thing she'd hear upon answering his call. "I'm not kidding though, let me in, maybe?"

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Getting out of the shower Aeryon was drying her blonde curls when she heard her phone go off. Quickly answering it she bit her lip to stop the laughter. "You are such a creep. Just give me a few minutes to throw something on quickly. " Hanging up she quickly through on a dark blue tank top and a pair of Perry's boxers she stole that were black. Leaving her wet hair down she hurried to her front door. "Hey,"She smiled seeing Pierce. "Come in," Leading him to her room she made some popcorn and gathered up all the snacks and sodas as she let him pick a movie to watch.

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Half tempted to just walk upstairs to her room, Pierce walked back to his car instead. There was probably a reason she had asked him to wait. If there was some other guy she was shooing out of the back door... he winced when she opened the door, and he followed her up the stairs, casting the thoughts out of his mind. Of course he couldn't help but notice she was wearing male boxers... she had walked in front of him up the stairs, if you know what I mean. (view spoiler)

Pierce automatically went over to her movies--this wasn't a new thing, movie nights at Aeryon's place, it was now a monthly routine. It was probably one of the most steady things since his dethroning... he had to appreciate the fact that Aer wasn't privy to all the gossip and shit that surrounded Pierce every which way he turned. But then again, with Aeryon's exploits--she probably felt the same way about him. Since she was talked about more than he was, that is...

"Miss me?" he teased, plunging onto her bed after having picked a movie. He was comfortable in it for a second, then he thought about what happens in that bed... meh...

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments ((She doesn't sleep with people in her room)) Aeryon smiled and organized all the snacks and drinks on a table. "So what are we watching today?" She asked curiously but rolled her eyes at his question yet a fond smile found its way to her lips. "Of course I mean it's only been a few hours but it feels like forever!" She mocked a valley girl. Grateful that her parents were currently away she took the opportunity to ditch school and practice ad do as she wishes without having to hide it. Bright blue eyes quickly checked him out without hiding it after all he was probably used to it now. Her face was currently free of make up bit that she wore it much. She modeled little but did dance which meant she had to look good ad make up causes early wrinkles t so her dance teacher says. "So how's your day been?"

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((He doesn't need to know that :P ))

Pierce nodded without enthusiasm, looking around her room. "You should know by now, it's always a surprise, I don't know why you continue to ask every time like I'll actually tell you." he replied, feigning the urge to roll his eyes. He paused at her other question, rolling over so he stared up at her ceiling. "My day?" he mused, pondering the answer. "I honestly don't have an opinion on my day. It was uneventful to say the least, but hey, most of my days are." he looked up, eyes glinting. "Not like yours, I hear."

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon shrugged,"I figure maybe one day you'll tell me." Thinking about her day she sighed,"Today's been very eventful. Not only has Perry confronted Les but I was one of the topics in their lovers slat," She told him as she rolled her eyes. Keeping quiet she was upset that Perry was angry with her for a small scratch on his car but he was entirely okay with it when Alexis crashed into his car. Rumors fly quickly and she was always the first to hear. Plopping herself down next to him she brought him some snacks and a soda as she hit play.

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Pierce had a feeling he wasn't going to get to watch much of the movie. "Why would Perry confront Les?" he asked, raising a brow as he watched the screen. He could multitask? Pierce had heard a lot of rumors about the two of them, but one thing he knew about rumors--since he had experience first hand--was that half of the weren't try, the other half were simply exaggerated.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments "Yesterday I wasn't in the mood to go to practice so Perry was going to go take me to eat. Well he was late and I got pissed. So when Les came out I started teasing him and well we basically were groping each other on Perry's car and I guess Les had a belt on a gave Perry's car a scratch. Well anyways we had sex in his car and Perry found out. He got super mad and I managed to get him to calm down but today he confronted Les,"she explained, not taking her eyes off the t.v.

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His mouth slowly dropped open and he turned to stare at her with extra exaggerated slowness. Pierce knew Perry, they used to be friends... maybe they still were? Anyway, if there was one thing you couldn't do--it was touch his car. "Are you kidding me? That's not cool Aer, you can't just fuck in your friends car. I swear to God, I wouldn't have let you off so easily-" he paused, shuddering. The idea of her and Les? "Please get checked for STD's, and I only say that because I care."

Now Pierce was grinning.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon felt his stare on her and she turned to look at him. "We didn't have sex in his car. We had sex is Les's car. I meant he found out about the groping well he was mostly pissed about the scratch and that it was Les. You know how much Perry hates Les. I'm sure everyone knows," She told him rolling her eyes. "Even though I'm his best friend i'm not stupid enough to have sex in his car. That would be suicide especially since I count on him for so many things."

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Still... "Foreplay on his car isn't much better, you little Sex Bunny." he ruffled her hair, knowing she'd swat his hand away in protest. Pierce still didn't like the idea of her and Les... it's not like he had feelings romantically for Aeryon, he just didn't feel like that was the type of guy she should be with. "Seriously though, go see a gynecologist. You don't know what kind of things that boy is sporting. And everyone hates Les, so that's not much a comparison."

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Scowling Aeryon swatted his hand,"Don't mess up my hair,"She told him yet there was a hint of a giggle in her voice. It wasn't unusual for Pierce to call her Sex Bunny. She wondered where he got it from, probably Playboy. After all the bunny was their symbol, looking up at him she shrugged. "Well I guess, but all is forgiven so I'm good."

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Pierce smiled, glancing between Aeryon and the movie, debating which one deserved more of his attention. His eyes settled on Aer. "I'm curious, what possessed you to let that boy bone you? Not that I won't give props to him, you're probably like the best girl he could try for... but you? You have higher standards, Aer."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay ((view spoiler))

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon's smile slipped from her face as her eyes were drawn down. A bitter laugh escaped her lips, as everyone in the school knew she had no standards.... "Standards? Why would anyone want to go out with the school slut?" The pain she always hid, hit her like a truck. What use was she but a good fuck? What good guy would every look twice her way?

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Uhmm... shit. Pierce instantly felt the weight of what he had just said. For someone allegedly so good with girls, he very easily made his friends cry. He really needed to get back into practice... right now he had the alluring-girls level of a carrot. "Aeryon, I'm so sorry, you know I didn't mean it like that." he said quietly, eyebrows pulling together in anguish. She was too sweet of a girl to be hurt by the likes of him. "No one else can tell you who you are Aeryon, if you're a slut it's because you want to be." he meant that as a compliment... even if it didn't sound like one.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments "Oh...." Aeryon's voice shrunk as her fists clenched. "Thanks.... I need to go to the bathroom....I'll be back," Rushing off the bed she hurried to the bathroom and quickly closed the door behind her. Her back slid against the door as soft tears made their way down to her cheeks. God, what was happening to her? Why was she losing control of her emotions?

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Pierce grimaced, turning off the movie. Way to fuck that one up, hmm? He texted Perry, wondering if maybe he could help? Perry and Aeryon had always been close...? With a sigh, he waited a minute or two and walked to the door hesitantly. "Aeryon?" he asked softly, knocking on the door with a light hand. Pierce closed his eyes, leaning his head against the door frame. "I can leave and come back another day if you want..."

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon quickly dried her tears when she heard him knock. Her heart sank when she heard him, she really messed this one up. Slowly getting up she opened the door,"Oh, I don't want you to be uncomfortable." Her eyes nervously focused on everything but him. "I'm sorry, I fucked this up today." Biting her lip nervously she felt horrible.

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Pierce paused, then he pulled her into a hug. "It'll be okay." he said, squeezing her a little tighter to emphasize his words. He wasn't sure how he knew that, he just did. Someone as kind-hearted as Aeryon was going to end up with a good guy, she wouldn't settle for anything less once she realized it too. "I'll come back later this week and we'll watch our movie." he added, pulling away a little... he could sense she just wanted to be alone--he would too if he was crying like that.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon let him hug her, she really needed it. Nodding she silently took his hand and led him down to her front door. "I'll be better by then,"She gave him a small sad smile. "Sorry for wasting your time,"Kissing his cheek she waved goodbye to him. Closing her door once he drove off she tiredly made her way back to her room.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Laughter rang through the room as crystal blue eyes shone with happiness, surprisingly. Aeryon Holly watched Mulan and happily sung along with each and every sang played. For once she truly looked relaxed and her eyes didn't seem guarded. With her usual blond curls in a ponytail, bright eager eyes, and no trace of worry and stress on her she seemed like a regular teen again which hasn't been true since her freshman or was it sophomore year? It was so long ago that she didn't remember. When the movie finally ended she let the credits rolls, humming along as she rolled into her back. Staring up at her curling she felt strange, she's felt strange for the last few day that she stayed home. For years she kept everything in and blamed herself for the incident. But now? Well she came to terms that it wasn't entirely her fault yet she did share some of the blame. That night had always been nightmare and she had never dwelled on it afraid of the horrors that she would have to face. However now it held answers, as se thought about it everything had came to her like a puzzle piece by piece and it also revealed why Marc hated her. She realized she should have never drank that much but her ex had taken advantage of her. After all she had just finished throwing up and he screwed her. At the very least he could have put a condom on, he could have ruined her future!! Almost did, after all she was pregnant. She has been so scared and locked herself in her room. Only perry managed to coax her to pen the door and just seeing him here there that day, she realized how scared she was and broke down as she told him. He consoled we and everything was good until she miscarriaged right before she started showing. From that point on she blamed herself and set her self on self destruct as she became the shook slut. She would never let anyone else have her just to hurt her. Everything changed but perry always had her back. Ironically she fell for him and it broke her heart that he only wanted Alexis. Truth to be told? She knew he wouldn't get over that girl quickly. She knew this and she would wait to see if he would see her. But she wouldn't wait forever. But she would always love him, it's his choice on how that form of love would come. Because he always had her back an she had his.
(Sorry for the long wait only for a crappy post)

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Perry wandered into the Hollis house. He was used to just sort of waltzing in, he'd spent quite a bit of time there over the years. And while he didn't have a key, he knew that there was a window they always kept unlocked, the one right over the kitchen sink, and oddly enough he always just came through that window. It was a lot easier than just knocking on the door and waiting for someone to answer. Besides, it wasn't as if he ever tracked mud through their house or anything and no one in the Hollis home never seemed to complain.

He'd been curious as to why Aeryon had been avoiding school the past few days, and without his phone he hadn't been able to get through to her on any technology level. So here he was, strolling through her house and right upstairs were he just kinda waltzed into her room without even knocking. Smiling at the sight of her he chuckled. "And here we have the rare Aeryon Hollis, in her natural habitat, a rare sighting indeed." He spoke in his best narrator voice as if he was narrating one of those lame science movies. Seeing her though he was curious why she didn't go out looking more natural all the time. She instead always seemed so busy with looking so perfect all the time, all dolled up. Flopping down on her bed he stretched out and smiled at her, "So what's the sitch, Aeryon?"

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon didn't even have to turn around when her bedroom door opened. No one came in without knocking not even her parents who respected her privacy "If you got here earlier you could have seen this Hollis sing along.". She winked and stood up, she stalked him like prey and pounced gracefully so he fell onto her bed. "This kitty has a playful streak,"She purred and pretended to paw at his short before sitting up and letting him go. "So what's up? How come you came to visit me today?" Raising an eyebrow she let her hair down. After all he waited a few days before coming to see her. What kind of crap was that? "The only gossip is how big our party is going to be." She winked and held up her cell,"My own birdies are keeping me updated because my certain beat friend was to lazy to do it himself." Her eyes twinkled mischievously at him,"We Perry have to throw the best party ever!"

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Perry shrugged, "Wondering what got you so down in the dumps. Usually you skip school if there is a good sale, so the first day it was pointless to come chasing after you. You ditch two days in a row, usually means you're pissed off and don't want to deal with people. Three days in a row, something is wrong. And voila, here I am." Perry shrugged and smirked at her, "So what is the deal? Did Les or Alexis say something? Did you hear about my car? Totally killed." He shrugged his shoulders and then raised a brow wondering why Aeryon was still moping about at home. She seemed pretty much fine right now. So why wouldn't she be at school?

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Rolling over Aeryon used her elbows to prop herself on top of him. "I did hear about your car," Running her hands through his hair she pouted. "Now I have no means to ditch and you lost your baby. I'm supposed Alexis is still alive." After all you practically bit my head off for a tiny scratch. However her smile jet on her face as she shrugged. "My emotions have been haywire and I broke down in front of Pierce a few days ago so I knew I had to do some soul searching or whatever." She sighed thinking of the day she spent tears on. "I had to let stuff go. To let people go." Sitting up and without realizing it she rested a hand in her stomach for her unborn child. "Things happen and sometimes it's not your fault,"She whispered softly. Glancing down at him with her bright eyes she placed a kiss on his forehead.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Few days ago huh?" Well that explained why Pierce had shown up at Perry's house, no doubt Pierce had been trying to make up to himself for having caused Aeryon to break down or something. "Alexis is indeed still alive. Last I left her she was with Les." He scoffed the name as if it was something gross and then shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, be a little happy, Aeryon. I'm finally deciding to let go of Alexis and move on. No more chasing after that girl for me, from here on it's the magnificent Solo Perry." Winking at her he shrugged before biting his lip. Solo meant no prom date....which would no doubt upset Aeryon.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon brightened up when he said he was getting over Alsxis. "Really? That's great! Now we can have some really fun at prom!! Oh?" She jumped up and went her closet. "I found a dress!" She pulled out a long blue and sparkly dress. "Do you like it?" She asked softy as she admired the beautiful dress. "It took me forever to find it. I even had I go out myself instead of ordering online but prom is suppose to be the biggest night of our high school lives. And who better to spend it with thence best friend!!" She told him smiling as she carefully put the dress back.
((Remember I sent you the pic of the dress?))

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [oui, i remember. And yay! response!]

Looking at the dress Perry raised a brow, impressed. He was supposed to be impressed right? But he'd never been a big style bugger, that was Les' job. "I dunno, Aer. Are you sure? I mean wouldn't you rather go with someone who....i dunno? Might actually be able to give you the chance of a real relationship. With us it's just friends. I think we should be friends....go back to just friends." Code for no more friends with benefits nights. Huh...wonder what was getting into Perry. He didn't know why he was saying this, but he just thought she deserved actual happiness. With a guy who would treat her like she was the world. And in Perry's heart his sister would always be the first girl in his world.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon smiled as she listened to him but her smile dropped when he said they should to back to being friends. She kept herself busy with her dress, not wanting him to see how shocked and upset she was. "Alright,"She told him softly, not knowing what else to say. After a few minutes she ripped herself away from her dress and went deep into her closet. Finding the bag her dress came in she came out and put it back in. Hanging it she then went to her bag and pulled out her ticket he had given her a while back and returned it to him. "I guess I'll give the dress back as well." Her eyes rolled at the mention of her actually being able to get a relationship. All guys saw when they looked at her was an easy fuck. "Have fun at prom,"She smiled softly and sat a bit awkwardly be herself. Drawing up her knees to her chin she was quiet, an almost blank expression on her. Prom was supposed to be the best night of their lives but she was not going solo.

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Oh c'mon, Aer. Don't send the dress back. Don't not go to prom. You can go with girlfriends or something. I just.....I feel bad going with you because you should be able to go with someone who wants like the full girlfriend experience with you. Not your asshat of a friend who is just a complete ass that everyone seems to like for some reason." Perry ran a hand through his hair biting his lip. Why did he have to have such bad verbal language skills? I mean what was the point of being a good person if he couldn't seem to think of a way to speak what was on his mind? He was certainly messing this up. "Look I just-.....uggggggh you know I suck with words."

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon shook her head and let out a laugh. "Full girlfriend experience? That's never going to happen." She grabbed his face and turned him to look at her. "No ones going to ever want a relationship with me unless I move far far away. I don't understand why you keep thinking I actually have a chance at a normal relationship! I don't, I really don't,"She whispered the last part. "If anything everyone's right. I'm a doll, I'm plastic. I do what's expected of me." Sitting down next to him she leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "You don't see it but you really are a good guy if you don't see what I really am like everyone else does." Shrugging her shoulders she sighed,"Prom isn't that important anyways. Not to me." Which was a complete lie. She had spent weeks talking about it.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Don't lie to me Aer. I know you better than anyone. You are fantasizing about prom just like any other little girl in the entire world." Perry rolled his eyes and then smiled at her, "Trust me. You have a chance at the full girlfriend experience. If a girl like Sera can get a guy to chase after her then you can get a guy too. I mean Sera got that one kid.....ummm....kind of dorky...doesn't talk much....his name is a food? Ummm..." Perry trailed off thinking before shaking his head, "Anyway, she got that kid to punch Court for her. So if she could get a guy. You can too." He smirked slightly and then shrugged, "Hey. Go get Les if you want."

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments "She's not a slut Perry. She doesn't sleep with a bunch of guys,"Shaking her head at him , Aeryon gave a small glare. "I'm not a little girl either. You're just freakishly tall. Honestly what kind of people are six feet tall? Rare people,"She smiled slightly. "Besides things change, maybe Prom isn't the thing for me. The fates have decided it wasn't after all. I mean why else would try leave me to scramble for a last minute date?" Nudging him softly she rolled her eyes,"Les is Les. If anything he's in love with Alexis. They all are, like you said before we have to handle being second. When I had sex him he picked me up and told me to get changed. Sometimes things turn out differently then you plan. That's life for you,"She told him.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Rolling his eyes he scoffed, "Wouldn't that just figure? Les and Alexis. Makes sense." Shaking his head Perry frowned and then smiled at her, "You should go to prom with friends and what not. It's always more fun to go with friends than it is to go with a date. Hell go with Pierce. He could use someone to keep him having a good time. Sometimes he gets far too serious." He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at Aeryon knowing that it was the truth. Sometimes Pierce seemed so down in the dumps.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments "Rumor has it something went on between the two of them. Everyone is saying that they kissed but others including me think they made out or even slept together,"Aeryon winked. "And it's also going by that they're going to prom together." Shrugging she thought about it,"Pierce seems to be the type of guy to go sole and hang out with you. Besides all of my friends have dates already so ill be the third wheel." She sighed and ran her had through her hair. She never once thought she would be the one looking for a dye. It had always been Perry straight and simple. "If I do end up going you owe me as many dances as I want,"she winked.

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Perry laughed, "Alright. That I can hold up to. I just don't want to limit you to being stuck with me for a night that should be wonderful." As for her theories concerning Graham and Seraphina..."Do you really think Sera is the type to go to prom? She's more the type to go to the after parties to get baked like a cake in my opinion." Not that Perry was trying to be rude. Just a fact of reputation. Sera was always going to parties and well....partying it up. "You could find a date with a bat of your big blue eyes. What about that one guy that chased you around the parking lot......the party guy...Matt?" Perry was guessing on a name unable to remember the guys real name.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [kit]

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Aeryon rolled her eyes and smacked Perry's head,"Not Seraphina and Graham! Alexis and your oh so favorite gay crush, Les." She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her chin against his shoulders. "You don't limit me, if anything it's nice to be with you because it's comforting." She smiled at him,"I don't think my eyes will work this time,"She murmured and sighed. "Besides his name is Marc and he hates me. He only chased me around because I stole his stupid notebook. It's not even my fault why he hates me,"Slowly and surely the memories of that night had become clearer to her. "It was all the stupid beer."

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