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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shenson) | 9 comments The link to the day I assigned independent reading is here: http://hensonclass.weebly.com/1/post/.... Please email me at shannon.henson@kenton.kyschools.us if you need any help OR if you post a journal late for any reason! Happy reading/writing!

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Bauman (elizbaum) | 8 comments The fourth text is "she hasn't had a stroke, and there isn't anything in her throat. She's seeing a vision," sais mum. "It will be over soon." This text means that her grandma was having a visionof Gwynethon top of a tower with a clock on which means time travel.

message 3: by Paige (new)

Paige Johnson | 9 comments "Even in her expert hands, it takes a long time to clean the wounds." Gale was beaten to the point where her mom, a doctor, can barely clean the wounds. he had been beaten so badly they were surprised he didnt die because of the wounds. When she cleans them all up they are all relieved and excited that he is even okay. Chapter 8 pg 113

message 4: by Kala (new)

Kala A. | 8 comments "These other armies, they aren't the enemy. It's the teachers, they're the enemy. They get us to fight each other. The game is everything." (Card, p. 107-108).

The first time it has ever been said out loud that the teachers are controlling everything and everyone. Shifting hatred of them onto other students, all the while making everyone's life miserable. The first conversation that Ender had that said don't trust authority, reminding him from the very beginning that there has always been a plan. Ender was smart enough to pick up on it at the time and decide not to play into their plan, though as years past he had forgotten that there were mysteries that surrounded the teachers.

message 5: by Conner (new)

Conner Enzweiler | 10 comments Boot Camp by Todd Strasser,page 34 chapter 5," I got an A!" He got an A in school, he was sent to the boot camp because how he acted in school and that because of how he acted therefor he did not get good grades.

message 6: by Myranda (new)

Myranda Baker | 7 comments The End by Lemony Snicket

Quote: "At this point, you may find yourself recognizing all of the sad hallmarks of the Baudelaire orphans' sad history. The word "hallmarks" refers to something's distinguishing characteristics, such as the frothy foam and loud fizz that are the hallmarks of a root beer float, or the tearstained photographs and the loud fizz that are the hallmarks of a broken heart" (p.g 115 Chapter 6).

Everyone has "hallmarks" some point in their lives. If that's good or bad something happens in everyone's lives that stand out, either to themselves or someone around them. Just like when you look at a root beer float the first thing you notice is the foam on the top. When you or someone looks at your life some event sticks out among the rest of what has happened.

message 7: by Emily (new)

Emily Evans | 8 comments The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald "After all, in the very casualness of Gatsby's party there were romantic possibilities totally absent from her world." (pg 108)
Nick was saying this about Daisy when she left the party with Tom. Jay and Tom are so different and that's why I think it's "absent from her world." Tom is such an unromantic person and Jay is just the opposite. And spending all the time with Gatsby is just showing Daisy all the reasons she needs to leave Tom. I think that during all of his parties, she is falling more in love with him.

message 8: by Kiana (new)

Kiana | 8 comments "That speaking the words, even if true, had little power to change the inevitable or even make him feel much better." This quote means that the words he spoke was enough to make him feel better and change what he wanted changed.

message 9: by Olivia (new)

Olivia Sizemore | 8 comments "You only live once" pg.76 (Dangerously Alice). This quote is saying you have a one time opportunity and you should take it because you only live once

message 10: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Williams | 8 comments Pg.14 ch.1
" ' THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIGHWAY IN THE WORLD' " he crosses the high way an feel so safe an free like his mother can't touch him ever again! An its the best feeling in the world knowing your issues are gone there no more.

message 11: by Brenton (new)

Brenton Hughes | 8 comments “With so many people gone to Rupp, extra deputies are sometimes forced to work on game days in March, guarding against opportunistic burglars or chicken thieves.” The whole town would go to see the team play in Lexington. This goes to show how much the team loved the team and the sport, but with so many people gone the town was open to robbers with easy access to houses so the police had to hire more men to protect the town.

message 12: by Makenna (new)

Makenna Theissen | 8 comments Pretty Little Liars- "Spencer grinned. She didn't need to frame anything. She'd remember this day for as long as she lived." page 100
Spencer is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Over the years she has become obsessive compulsive about everything. From grades, to field hockey statistics, to books being out of place on her bookshelves. It all goes back to never being better than her sister, Melissa. So this moment is the first time Spencer has bet Melissa for anything, and that means everything to Spenc.

message 13: by Justin (new)

Justin Hungler | 8 comments "I didn't know how much money we gave them... Everything the Iraqis were saying was right. We couldn't buy an end to their grieving, or an end to their missing kids." (pg 100). I think that money was not nearly enough to replace the kids that the Iraqi women lost in the attack. And I also don't think that it should have been Birdy's unit that had to apologize for it. After all, it wasn't Birdy's unit that called in the airstrike that killed the children. I think Birdy is starting to realize just what he has gotten himself into and is regretting every second of it.

message 14: by Bailey (new)

Bailey | 8 comments "You are free to go. Of course, you'll surrender any chance at winning this once-in-a-lifetime prize. Because most of you did not drive yourselves, I've arranged for my driver to return and remain by the front gate, should you need his services." Page 18-19. He's noticing some contestants not fully drove to win the life time prize. He's also assisting all of the contestants deciding not to do the contest, because they're scared to put their life in jeopardy. The contestants are mostly scared of dyeing by the deathtraps.

message 15: by Quinn (new)

Quinn Ziegelmeyer | 9 comments "'We must be getting on at once, now we are a little rested, they will be after us in hundreds when night comes on.'"(pg.85 ch.6) In this quote Gandalf is refering to the orcs who had been hunting them. I beleive Gandalf is stressing that they start traveling now because even he is worried. I also think he wants to get as far as they can with the energy they have because the orcs will hunt them at night while they are asleep. The dwarves are again showing how stubborn they can be. They keep insisting to Gandalf that they are tough and strong enough to handle any threat.

message 16: by Daniel (last edited Apr 12, 2013 11:30PM) (new)

Daniel Bitter | 9 comments Matthew 22:37
"jesus replied:"love the lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind "". jesus was talking in front of the Pharisees, when a man asked him a question "Teacher,which is the greatest commandment in the law" Jesus answered with the quote above. Exclaiming that god should always be first

message 17: by Derrick (new)

Derrick Berry | 7 comments "I work to protect, and save my people" (chapter 4, pg 48)
He is explaining why he joined the navy seals. And why he works so hard. Also explaing how excrutiating the workouts are that they gk through. But he is still proud to be an american.

message 18: by Alec (new)

Alec Burris | 9 comments Chapter 15 page 90 It talks about a guys wife and subconsciously Mack is glad because she would not like them “The kind of women who put papers on shelves and had little towels like that instinctively distrusted and disliked Mack and the boys.” Which points out to me that Mack and the boys may cause problems to everyone in the town. I believe that Doc, Lee, or others in the book may hire Mack and the boys for a job and they will mess it up and cause major issues.

message 19: by Tyler (new)

Tyler Pusateri | 8 comments “You put Scott County on the map.” And another told Hicks that, essentially, he had changed everything”

Excerpt From: O’Brien, Keith. “Outside Shot.” St. Martin’s Press. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

To me the first thing I thought when I read this is that Coach Hicks is like the governed of the city. By being successful and winning games he can put the little town on the map. I know from experience when we travel for basketball people think we are Scott County because they essentially were put on the map.

message 20: by Connor (new)

Connor | 4 comments "Redwall" by: Brian Jacques.
"Matthias struck a rat square in the face with the butt of his spear" (CH.19 PG.101)
This is part of the rising action of the book, showing the start of the main conflict with a battle at the walls of Redwall Abbey. Starting the entrance of the "justice" of the story as Matthias begins his quest to save the abbey.

message 21: by Summer (new)

Summer Bolton | 4 comments Stephen King The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon pg 6
"He was generous in sharing his opinion." " go along to get along" "wasn't in his nature. Not was it in her mother's, Trisha supposed"
This means that her brother, Pete, and her mother would always fight if one of them would start arguing/complaining about things

message 22: by Bryanslater (new)

Bryanslater | 8 comments "I know your race. It is made up of sheep. It is governed by minorities, seldom or never by majorities. It suppresses its feelings and its beliefs and follows the handful that makes the most noise. Sometimes the noisy handful is right, sometimes wrong; but no matter, the crowd follows it.”
This quote is saying that we do everything we're told and we only have one leader who we do what they say and everyone follows

message 23: by David (new)

David | 8 comments "Suddenly, in that moment Cole made a simple decision. He wanted to live."

But Cole knew that he would probably die here. His tears were rolling down his face stinging any cut they touched. He tried to stop crying, but he couldn't. for once in his life he was afraid.

message 24: by Justin (new)

Justin | 8 comments “By that time I knew GHS (Greenford High School) had all kinds of fancy policies against fighting and stuff, but I also knew no one, meaning teachers and administrators, liked to apply them to jocks. I also knew that guys at GHS on varsity teams like football didn’t have to go by the same rules as the rest of us and that they had special privileges, even days off around the time of big games.” (Page 101)

This is a huge issue I have with the world. We have laws and rules for a reason, but there are people that don’t have to follow them and have their own rules that give them an advantage. This is especially true with the groups viewed as “heroes” in schools, which are usually the jocks. I am very thankful that this isn’t as prevalent at Scott as it is in many other schools.

message 25: by Tony (new)

Tony Ashford | 8 comments The jacker's Stone
"As he stared out the windows, Fischer had a terrible feeling that they were headed someplace far wilder than the Georgia woods, someplace as unknown and foreign as the surfaceof that moon" This was the last sentence in chapter 6 indicating that the rain had infact made things dark in a sense.

message 26: by Nick (new)

Nick | 9 comments Cannery row - page 45, "they looked at one another speculatively." This means they looked at each confused in thoughts and not know whats going on

message 27: by Jacob (new)

Jacob | 5 comments Fallen Angels- We spent another day lying around. It seemed to be what the war was about. Hours of boredom, seconds of terror. Whenever something did happen everyone looked at it as the scariest moment of their lives.

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