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Halle (thepotterhead) | 50 comments Mod
(( The city where hundreds of souls coexist peacefully. ))

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Tess ((And Jasper creeps stalkerishly.))

Jasper carefully made his way across the street, keeping his head down. He tried to make himself look as small as possible, so as to not bring attention to himself. Although his eyes were rimmed with the tell-tale silver, nobody knew what was going on in his head.
You think too much, Ace. Sky sighed inwardly. Though Jasper was the only company he had in this world, he was still exasperated by his non-stop commentary.
Don't you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk? He teased, rolling his eyes.
Stop talking to me. You look schizophrenic. Jasper picked up his head and did a sweep of the street. No one is here, Mr. Paranoid. It's always fun here in Phoenix.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Stella quietly stepped out of a house, holding a clipboard to her chest; she had just visited with a soul whom had reported that she had seen human beings and rogues lurking around somewhere, but the details were vague and not too helpful; this did not matter, though; they would catch them all eventually. In her peripheral vision, she was aware of a male and a couple others, though the male looked submissive and abnormal in the sense his head hung low; she thought not much of it and only continued to saunter along, ignorant of his whereabouts.

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Tess He heard footsteps coming closer to him, and froze for only a second.
Don't freeze! You'll give us away. Jasper shook his head and uprighted himself, trying to look nonchalant. "Beautiful night, isn't it?" He called to the person coming towards him. He tried his best to appear friendly and calm, but his hands shook. Jasper grabbed onto the hem of his jacket to keep them steady.
We're going to get caught, idiot! He inwardly rolled his eyes.
You're not helping, you know.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Stella stopped in her tracks, the click of her heels ceasing to exist as she glanced up from her notes to the male that had spoken to her. Stella was not always the one for pleasantries, so as she parted her lips, her voice came out somewhat confused. "I suppose it is…" she whispered, or rather… muttered. "Are you doing okay?" Though he seemed harmless, he looked relatively off.

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Tess "Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" He gave a small smile. Jasper was yelling all sorts of obscenities at him, and Sky was trying his best to keep him at bay. "Now why don't you mind your own business?" His control snapped yet again, and his body grew still and cold with shock. "I mean...I didn't..." Jasper answered all his problems with one word: Run. And he turned on his heel and sprinted into the night.

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Tess Sky bolted straight to his car a few blocks away. With shaking hands, he started the engine and begin to pull away from the sidewalk. "God, Jazz, you're going to get us both killed." He growled, speeding down the road. His eyes darted back and forth, back and forth, looking for potential threats.

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Tess She cursed aloud as the car sputtered to a halt.
Terrific. What next, Batman? Sky frowned.
Why, do you have something better? Jasper stayed quiet. For once. Sky jumped out of the car and looked at her surroundings, trying to get the lay of the land. So far, mostly rocks, grass, and dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. She sighed. Where to, oh great one? She inquired sweetly.
West. And so she went.

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Tess ((Just post in here, Taylor.))

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments I start to follow this mysterious guy after his whole incident with some woman. He seems out of it and quite nervous, awakening my curiosity. Besides being a slight jerk, he seems normal enough. So why am I pursuing him? Silently I follow him as he speeds down the street towards what I assume is his car. As he gets into his car, I get into mine, and is very careful not to follow too close behind him. He's driving particularly fast, like he's trying to get away from something. "Maybe he just drives really fast", I told myself. Sometime later the car stops, making me stop as well. The more I follow him, the more my suspicion builds.

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Tess ((Third person.))

Somebody's following us. Jasper hisses. "I know. What do I do?" Sky drummed her fingers on the wheel in nervousness. "Help, idiot. If you're going to be in my head you can do something useful!"

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments ((Oh ok, sorry))

Aurora waited for the driver to get out of the car once it stopped, but he didn't. Not wanting to blow her cover, Aurora stayed in the car, and waited until he made the first move.

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Tess All right, all right. Get out and confront her. Jasper hissed, sending her calming thoughts.
What? What do I say? Sky asked frantically. She scrambled out of the car. Say what I say. Sky walked over to the car and knocked on the window.
You're following me. I want to know why. Say it with an edge. She had no clue what he was talking about, but she went with it.

"You're following me. I want to know why." She growled once the girl rolled it down.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora tried, and failed, to suppress her laugh, and said, "Nice try, but you don't scare me sweetheart." She laughed a bit more at him, amused. "And to answer you're question, you seemed nervous back there, and then you flipped out at that woman. Anyone would be curious. Only difference between me and other people is that I pursue my curiosity, as you can tell." She smirks slightly at him.

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Tess Tell her to back off.

"It's none of your business what I do. And if you know what's good for you, you'd leave me alone!" She said angrily, leaning in towards her.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments ((How do you do the italics?))

Aurora gives him her best smile and flutters her eyelashes sweetly up at him. "Nice try, but I'm still not going anywhere", she replies.
'He's very interesting', Aurora thinks to herself. 'Very different from the others.'

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Tess Sky grabbed her collar and lifted her through the window. Well, almost. Her arm gave arm halfway, so she just kind of held her aloft. Nice touch. Very threatening. "You get in this car and drive away, or I'll knock you out and throw you to the Seekers with a 'Host present' sign taped to your forehead. You'll be gone faster than you can say 'Origin.'" She hissed.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Fed up, Aurora quickly and stealthily wrapped her hands around his head, and brought his head down on the car door, hard. He let go of her, and fell towards the ground. Aurora got out of the car, and stood over him.

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Tess Kick out at her feet. Sky swung her legs out and smashed them into Aurora's, scrambling out of the way to avoid being crushed. She rose to her feet and kicked her hard in the chest, then raced to her car and closed the door. Now what? If we run, she'll follow. Jasper was quiet for a moment. There is one option... She searched through his mind. NO! I can't kill someone.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora struggled to get her breathing back to normal, and when she tried to stand up, she would just fall back down. Slight panic rose inside of her, and she scrabbled towards her car. Just as she went to open the car door, she collapsed. Her last thought was, "I guess I'm dead now" She mentally chuckled at this thought, then passed out completely.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments ((I DID THE ITALICS!!!!! :D :D :D))

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Tess Go get her. Jasper sighed, and Sky obeyed, hauling her into the backseat of her car.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments When Aurora awoke, she found herself staring out of a window, and looking up at the night sky. She was groggy and she felt like someone had put a ten thousand ton weight on her chest. "Probably broke a rib or two." All of a sudden her mouth started to water, and she threw up on the floor of what she now realized was a moving car.

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Tess "Oh, jeez. You could've held it in until we stopped so I could crack a window." Sky crinkled her nose in disgust. Jasper cackled softly in the back of her mind.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora slowly sat up, and rested her head on the back of the seat. "Well then maybe you should've killed my instead of thrown me into your car." She smirked.

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Tess "Trust me. We were getting there." Sky clapped her hands over her mouth and the car veered sharply to the left. Jasper, shut up!

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora laughs, "Your host giving you problems, honey?" She put on her seat belt, and says,"Just make sure he doesn't kill us."

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Tess "Shut the hell up." She snapped, nerves getting the best of her.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora laughs. "You don't have to get all snippy. I'm not going to report you or anything."

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Tess "I bet." She muttered.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments It was silent in the car, but Aurora finally said, "I had a host once."

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Tess "Like...still present? Even after the Insertion?" Sky looked at her in the rearview. "What happened?" Don't tell her anything more than you already have. She could still sell us out. Jasper hissed.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora looked out the window, and started to think back to when she first was inserted into her host. "She was a beautiful girl, full of happiness and longing. She wanted to be a musician." Aurora smiled before going on. "She wasn't scared of me. She said she was actually very intrigued by us. She asked all of these questions about where I was from and all of the different places I had been." Aurora could still hear that musical laugh that always soothed her in times of distress. "I never told the Seekers about her. I was afraid that they would take her away from me...She sort of became a friend to me, or even a sister. Then one day...she stopped talking. I tried to get her back, tried to get her to respond to things that I did or said, but she was silent. She never said a single word again...That was a year ago." Aurora locked eyes with the driver, and said, "Believe me now?"

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Tess Sky shivered. "I guess. That doesn't mean I have to trust you. My host hates me, so I can't really relate." That's a lie. He said angrily. You're just...annoying. Sky smiled inwardly. Ditto.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora looked at the stars as they cruised down the road. "Doesn't matter if your host hates you or not. You have a bond with him or her. Nothing can change that." Aurora yawns. "Hey, you mind finding a place where we can crash? I kind of got the crap kicked out of me earlier and I'm not feeling too hot."

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Tess "Sorry, but you aren't first priority here. We got found out and need to get away. You were a roadblock that I had to get around." Sky shook her head. "I can't let you go anywhere. I don't really trust you not to sell us out."

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments "You're smarter then I thought", Aurora said. "Well then, if you're not gonna stop at a motel, I'm just going to go to sleep back here. Like I said before, make sure your host doesn't kill us, ok?" Without another word, Aurora laid down on the back seat, and slowly drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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Tess Jasper took that moment to bitch Sky out. We need to kill her. We can't ditch her anywhere, and she's tying you down. You're going to end up all mushy and sentimental, and it'll blow the whole plan. Sky jumped in surprise. "I'm not killing anyone, Jasper." She said sternly.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments "Nice to know you can stand up to your host at least", Aurora laughed.

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Tess "Shut up." She snarled, nerves getting the best of her.

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora smiled to herself, and finally fell to sleep.

message 42: by Tess (new)

Tess ((I don't know what to say to that..))

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments ((Then I'll just say something else))

When Aurora woke up, she noticed that the car was no longer moving. When she looked out the window, all she saw was the blue sky and nothing else. She then realized that she was the only one in the car.

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Tess Sky was leaning against the car, taking deep breaths. "I'm not killing her."

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora went to sit up, but paused once she heard her captor's voice right outside of the car.

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Tess So do you want to add a third party to this group? Not really. What other option do we have? Sky knew he was right, and it infuriated her. She sighed and lifted up her pant leg, revealing a gun she had hidden in her boot. "We're taking her." She got back into the car and turned to face Aurora. "Here's the deal. You come with us, and you stay quiet. You aren't going to run, or sell us out to anyone, not even a normal Host, or you'll get a nice hole through your head. Understand?"

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Taylor (musicgal1997) | 24 comments Aurora just gave him a smirk, and said, "Yes, master."

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