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message 1: by Kelley (new)

Kelley (keltx) | 2 comments I love the audiobooks for both the Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series. Lorelei King and Holter Graham do an amazing job of bringing the characters to life.

With the crossover of some characters in both series, I must admit that I have favorites of who does certain characters better. For instance, I like Lorelei's Bran more because she portrays a more easy going voice (ah, deceptive Bran), whereas Holter does a better Charles because the intonation seems more American Indian (flat and less rhythmic).

So for you audio listeners, which narrator do you like for certain characters?

message 2: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (sunnytat462) | 96 comments I like both of them, but do think it would be weird if the narrators switched.

message 3: by Moonlight (new)

Moonlight They are both great. I get so caught up in the story that I don't think of the reader. But when I read Charles, I hear Holter Graham. And Mercy's voice in my head sounds a lot like Lorelei King's.

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