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the only way you can get to The Other Mothers house

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((umm that is not a picture it is a message you need to change it))

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((oops ok I'll change it.))

Wish ran up to the Tunnel and waited for Seth and Chloe

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Mod
Seth and Chloe caught up to Wish. "You run fast" Seth chuckled.

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"thanks! " she said, she opened the small door in the wall and a blue and purple tunnel was behind it

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Mod
Seth watched "So we get there?" He asked while looking at the tunnel.

Chloe stared at the tunnel. "You go first" She stated to Wish.

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Wish gon on her hands and knees and crawled through the tunnel "come on! " she yelled before disappearing on the other side of the tunnel

((now to the other living room!))

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((it's still a message))

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Mod
Seth entered with Chloe right behind him.

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((yay yay I'm going :D))

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