Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2) Scarlet question

Language (French/Chinese)
Jessica Jessica Mar 20, 2013 04:10PM
When I was reading Cinder, I assumed she was speaking Chinese. In Scarlet I sort of assumed Scarlet, Wolf, etc. were speaking French. Basically, I was expecting there to be a language barrier at the end, but there wasn't one. Shouldn't there have been some language issues? Maybe after World War IV something happened to create one universal language?
Did I miss something?

I just assumed there was a common language at least for trade and diplomacy since there was no mention of waiting for translators when the leaders of the world did their vid-meeting in Cinder.

It would make sense that a common language be used since Earth has been fairly united against the Lunars for awhile now.

Hmmmm thats a good question. I thought that they all spoke English-if that was an option-or maybe their technology was so advanced that any language spoken was understood?

I think they all had different accents(it said that) and maybe use a few different customs and words(Scarlet calls her grandmother Grandmere, the Easteren/Chinese people in this book use their last names first) but otherwise speak 1 language, wether or not it's English(like British, Australians, and Americans all speak English but have different accents)

I think they mention "common" once or twice, but I could be wrong.

Well Kai has these conference calls with every leader from every continent, so I think there's a universal language at this point.

I think someone must of known more than one language and switched because I noticed that too. But I also understood what they meant because I'm taking French and Chinese classes.

Yeah, I think they all understand any language.

I agree with you -- I was surprised they understood each other so well. Maybe in the future there is only 1 common language?

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