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(Just a sec)

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After much searching Tabi finally found her room, with a sigh she heaved her stuff inside and dragged it through the hall to her separate room. She chucked the bags on the bed and let out a sigh, flopping on top of the covers with her headphones still in as she considered having a forty minute nap before classes started up. Screw Aiden and wanting to come here this early, she thought once again, running a hand through her dark hair and staring at the dark wood ceiling. The room was nice if a little dark but some lights and her own personal belongings ought to brighten the space up a little. Tabi sat up slowly and made deliberate movements to unpack, wondering if any of her roommates were here yet or whether by some stretch of a miracle she'd actually been the first to arrive.

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Carly dragged her luggage down the hall, sighing dramatically every few seconds. Her father hadnt exactly liked that she wanted to live in the dorms this year, but she figured he'd get over it. She hadnt thought he would have the driver just drop her at the door! Good god he was practically disowning her. She pulled out her dorm key and unlocked the room, dragging the things inside behind her. She collapsed on the couch and sighed again

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Tabi heard a noise outside the room and poked her head out into the living room where another girl about her age looked ready to pass out on the couch. "You okay there?" Tabi asked with a slight smirk on her face before wandering over, "I'm Tabi by the way, I think we're probably roommates, unless you always wander into peoples rooms to sleep." She shrugged and looked down at the other girl.

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Carly looked at the other girl and nodded "yeah I'll be alright, if you weren't being sarcastic. I'm not really sure... Anyway, yeah, this is my dorm too. I'm Carly" she stood up and stuck out her hand to shake

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"No I was being serious, sorry haven't had much sleep the sense of humour kind of dies without at least eight hours." She murmured and let out a short sigh, it had been a seriously long night. Tabi shook the girls hand and smiled sincerely, "Nice to meet you, do you want to go and grab breakfast or something? Only I'm half starved and I don't think the fridge is stocked."

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Carly nodded to tabi "yeah sure, sounds good to me. Just let me grab-" she dug through the various luggage, finally finding her designer handbag and resting it in the crook of her elbow "okay I'm ready now!"

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"Okay sweet let's go." Tabi grinned, slinging her bag over her shoulder and pushing open the door to her dorm. The two walked side by side down the hall towards the cafeteria, Tabi was starving and she couldn't wait to get some breakfast.

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Rachel Bri found her dorm and unlocked the door. She opened it and walked in. The men with her luggage followed behind. "Wow this place is way nicer than the place Father sent me last year!" She said. "Leave my luggage in my room," she pointed to the door that lead to the empty room.

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Rachel Once the men had left Bri started to unpack. She didn't see the point in going to any classes today. She'd get settled in first. Give herself time to look around.

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Rachel Bri finished unpacking and left her dorm.

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Croaky walked up to the dorm with bri and unlocked the door. She walked inside and dumped her bags on her bed

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Rachel Brianna walked through to her room and dumped her bags onto her bed, then flopped down onto the couch.

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Carly flopped down next to her, and looked down at her phone "what should we do now?"

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Rachel "Haven't a clue. Do you know the time?" Brianna asked her.

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"One-ish" she replied

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Rachel "Hmm think we could get something for lunch? I'm getting hungry," Brianna suggested.

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(Okay so I was thinking that Bri could be like the head girl, Carly be second in command, and then we can find another girl and just make a popular trio >.>)

Carly nodded "sounds good. Cafeteria or somewhere nicer?"

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Rachel (Loving the sound of that. Well so far Carly is the only person Bri knows, so Carly could introduce her to one of her friends and then the three of them become the trio?)

"Somewhere nicer. Oh but first I need to check out in front of the Office. My father was going to have my car dropped off for me." Brianna said. "Then if it's there we can drive."

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(Ill ask if anyone wants to make a charrie for the situation. We have the natural born leader, bri. The aspiring popular girl, Carly. So we need a dim and easily led one)

Carly stood up and grabbed her LV bag "lets do this"

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Rachel (Okay then :) Then Bri and Carly can be a bad influence to her)

Brianna followed Carly out the dorm. She shut the door behind her and headed to the office.

(Should we move to the office thread now?)

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(Mhm I'll Post there. I'm Alain gonna make a request thread for charries and post on that)

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