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message 1: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Hi! What kind of rp do you like?

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Any really :)

message 3: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) How about a mix (and you can choose what) between

-Young adult
-kiddnap(not really good at this for guy)
-academy/school setting

Anything else?

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Supe Romance?

message 5: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Supernatural romance? Sounds good.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Can I be the girl or do you want to do two?

message 7: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) We can do doubles!

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Okay. Charries?

message 9: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) I'll make mine first!

message 10: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Full Name: Nick McDonald
Nickname: McD
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen [17]
Birth Date: December 10
Birth Place: Dallas, Texas

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown, hazel eyes.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150, with muscles

Personality: He is very quiet, and timid. Nick sometimes gets bullied, but when he does get faced with a bully, he beats them to a pulp and that's why most people just leave him alone. Now that he is left alone, he doesn't feel like himself again, but anyone talking to him could make him feel like himself, alive, free and talkative. But he is cold, empty and heartless.

Background History: When he was small, he had a good childhood, and very good friends. But when he started high school, he started it off with being mean to everyone, and the most powerful man in the whole school. Popular wasn't even the first word that came to mind. He was darn right evil. But once that one day, when someone bigger than him stood up to him, he gave up and went on the down low. The guy that was bigger than him moved, but his legacy is still around today.

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: None
Powers: He can levitate things with his mind.
Hates them
* Stacy McDonald
* Hank McDonald
(both are alive!)

message 11: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Full Name: Rachel Rose Rodriguez
Nickname: Ray
Gender: Female
Age: Nineteen [19]
Birth Date: June 1
Birth Place: New York City, New York

Hair Color: Dark Brown, almost black
Eye Color: She has hazel eyes, but in the pic, she was wearing brown contacts.
Weight: 96 lbs
Height: 5'9"

Personality: Rachel is sweet, and her mom and dad are very proud that they raised a good daughter. But what Rachel is hiding from her mom and dad ever since she started to go to college, is the fact that she is a wild, party animal. She drinks, and gets very drunk, and has a problem with saying no to people. She is a quick thinker and she can get into trouble easily. She loves to play soccer, and is the best in her all girl college team.

Background History: Rachel got her nickname when her little sis couldn't say Rachel, and it stuck, Ray. Rachel likes that name, but only people she knows can use it. When she was small, her dad taught her how to play soccer, because he wants her to be the best soccer player in the world. He is a coach, so he was really rough on her, but now she is really good and she owes it all to her dad, who never doubted that she would make him very proud.

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: None
Powers: She has a convincing tongue, aka silver, can convince anyone to do anything.
* George Rodriguez
* Patricia Rodriguez
* Eli Rodriguez-Bro

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Name: Ashlynn (Ash) Stineson
Sex: Female
Age: 18
History: Ash has moved towns all her life because of her fathers job in the army. They have finally settled in a town and she has been keeping to herself since they arrive so she doesn't really know anyone.
Personality: Loyal, strong willed, loving, shy, friendly.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Status: Single
Other: reads minds and is Pyrokinetic.

message 13: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Cool!

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Name: Chace Fleod
Age: 20
Sex: Male
History: He's a known ladies man but has just returned from a year away as a different person. More stable. He can be a dick and has a horrible temper.
Personality: Unpredicatable.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Status: Single
Other: Feeds on Sex.

message 15: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Wanna start?

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Sure

message 17: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) :)

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Sorry. I've been really busy. Could you start?

message 19: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Sure:)
Nick made his way to the school, yawning as he walked on the sidewalk. No one was there, so he moved a car about an inch off the ground. When he found out that a person was in a car, he quickly, but nicely put the car down. He walked faster now, and by the time the person got up out of the car, he was already a mile away.
When he got to the school, he went straight to his locker, winking at some girls.
Rachel grabbed her bag out of the car, making sure she looked pretty damn good. She then slipped out of the car, sighing as she saw the big building they call College. It was so fun, but yet mysterious. Her hair was curled, and she wore a nice blue dress that went to her thighs. She hummed a song, putting her keys in her purse. She smiled as she walked passed a couple of boys, who knows who she was going to meet.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Ash sighed as she stopped at the gates to the school. She looked up at the buildings and sighed. Another school. She looked around at the people milling on the lawns before school. She took a deep breath before heading towards the main doors of the school.

Chace pulled up in his vibrant red Mercedes and got out. Pulling on his leather coat. He grinned and winked at a few girls looking over at him, he smirked as they giggled and scampered off. He swung his bag up onto his shoulder as he walked through the gates.

message 21: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick grabbed his books, heading to his first class, Science. The teacher he heard, was nice, if you don't get on her nerves. She was an old lady with white hair and didn't look like she used or even seen a brush in her life. He sat down, waiting for class to start.
Rachel smiled as she walked on. She didn't notice that she was heading towards a guy, Chace. She came head on, and fell on her butt, spilling her things on the floor.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Ash got her schedule from the office and followed it to her science class. She found a seat in the corner of the room and organized her things, knowing she'd have to go to her locker soon and dump some of her things.

Chace grunted and caught himself as he stumbled. He whirled ready to rip the head off someone. When he spotted her he relaxed a little. "You okay?"

message 23: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) (sorry...I may not respond, I am going to Washington D.C and have no internet or computer)

Nick was talking to his friend, Mark, and when he saw Ash, whispered, "Hey, is she new?"
Mark looked at Ash. "She's hot..." He opened his mouth, and Nick slapped it.
"Be nice dude." Nick got up and said, "Watch and learn." He walked over to Ash and said, "Hey! My name is Nick. How are you?"
Rachel nods, trying to pick up her books. "I'm fine." She mumbled. She tried to get up, to get back down again, her butt protesting. "I think I'm just going to stay down here, I'm not really grateful that my butt hurts."

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments ((Okay, enjoy))

Ash looked up at him. "Uh....hi. Im fine thanks." She glanced around before looking up at him again. "My name is Ash." She murmured as an afterthought.

He held out a hand. "Here, I'll help you up. You can't exactly stay there all day, though I don't doubt you'd try." He flashed her a crooked grin as he waited for her to accept or refuse his offered hand.

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick nods and says, "Nice name, I couldn't help but notice that you are new here?" He sat next to her, and Mark, his friend, stood at the desk, his jaw open.
Rachel grabbed his hand, and said, "My books."

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Ash nodded and shrugged. "It's not a huge school so I'd imagine all newbies would get noticed straight away." She looked at him as he sat down. "And I'm used to being te new kid."

He pulled her up. "You first, then we can get your books."

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick frowned, "Why?" He has been a new guy before, but that has changed who he was.
She nods, and says, "Okay." She gets up and limps. "I think I broke something."

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments "I've moved alot." She shrugged and ran her fingers through her hair. "No biggie." She lied.

He picked up her books for her and smiled. "I'm sure it's just bruised."

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick shook his head, "I guess." He knew she was lying. "So...I guess you are going to stay here for a while?"
Rachel nods and looks at him in the eyes. "My name is Rachel." She says all of the sudden.

message 30: by Amber. Vampire Queen. (last edited Apr 01, 2013 12:24AM) (new)

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments "Indefinitely I hope. I'm really sick of moving."

He smiled and handed her her books. "Nice to meet you. I'm Chace."

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick nods and says, "I bet."
She grabs the books and there fingers brushed. She blushed and looked down at the ground. "I like that name." She mumbled.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments She smiled a little. "Yeah. So....any info on this school?"

He grinned as he watched her. "Thanks. I like yours as well."

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick paused, "It's really like any school, and I guess you've been a lot to know what I mean."
Rachel smiled and got up, and said, "Thanks for helping."

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments She shrugged and nodded. "Okay then. Is there anyone I should be avoiding?"

He smiled."Anytime."

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick glanced at Rick. "That guy." He pointed. "unless you like sex."
"I should go."

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments She looked Rick up and down quickly. "He's not my type anyway, no need to worry." She smiled.

Chace shrugged and nodded. "We both should. Don't want to be late for class right?" He grinned and winked at her. "Later." He turned and headed into the school

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick smiled and said, "That is good. What is your type?"
Rachel bit her lip and walked away to class.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Eh grinned. "Like I'm going to tell you that. I'll leave some mystery."

He went to his locker and dumped some of his stuff

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick protested, but he smiled and got up, saying, "Well, one thing I have to warn you about this class is that the teacher is-" He didn't have time to finish, the teacher, Ms. Harp, came into the room.
"What AM I Nick?" Ms. Harp put her stuff down, and put her hands on her skinny hips.
Nick cleared his throat and said politely, "I think you are a fine lady." He winked, and Ms. Harp laughed.
Rachel smiled as she met some of her friends and went to her room, pulling off her bag and thinking of the guy. She didn't even get to know his name.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments She let her hair fall over her face as she began to laugh softly at him.

Chace headed to his first class and met a few friends outside their class room

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Ms. Harp saw the new girl and said, "Well hello there, um...what's your name?" She smiled at her and waited.
Rachel walked by.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments She smiled and pushed her hair out of the way. "Ash. There's a note on your desk there."

Chace grinned and watched her

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Ms. Harp grabbed the note and said, "Beautiful name! Everyone, this is Ash!"
Nick still was standing and he said, "All hail Ash!"
Rachel smiled and said, "Hey."

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Ash laughed softly at Nicks comment. "You're an idiot."

He smiled. "Hey."

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Nick smiled gleefully at Ms. Harp. "Thank you!"

Rachel flipped her hair, and went over to him. "How are you?"

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Ash laughed softly and rolled her eyes.

He smiled. "Yeah pretty good, you?"

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Ms. Harp then called everyone to attention, she needed to take roll. "Ms. Ash, would you please tell everyone your adventures, and how you came across this small little town...I'm sure everyone would like to know. Especially Nick." She looked up from her roster, and winked at Nick, who was blushing. It seemed that Ms. Harp was trying to help him out, and he liked that. He winked back, and waited.


Rachel sighed, and said, "Okay, just a little nervous for soccer practice, that is all." She was actually really good, but she always got that sickening feeling when she would go, everyone would expect her to do good, but the thing was, sometimes, she would mess up. But not in front of a crowd, never...never in front of a crowd. It was weird, she would mess up when it was her own little practice, but when she was under pressure, she would actually do good!

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 38 comments Ash shrugged and looked around the room. "There really isn't anything great to tell. Because of my dad my family has been moving constantly my whole life and this is just where we ended up and have decided to stay. Nothing magical or fancy about it.

He smiled and nodded. "I'm sure you'll do just fine. You're probably a natural anyway."

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Everyone yawned, but Nick was listening intently, he was very interested in what she had to say, and he didn't know why. It was like she had him in her hands, like he was putty. He never got like this, to anyone, so he tried to think of someone else, when Ms. Harp said, "Okay class, we are going to do a group project, so pick your partner!" David glanced at Ash, raising a eyebrow.


Shrugging, Rachel smiled and said, "Maybe..." She blushed a little, and said, "Hey, do you want to skip school? Maybe get some ice cream, or walk around in a park? Maybe we can get into a club or two? How does that sound to you?" She always did this, and asked anyone in sight. Everyone already knew what she did, she didn't like school, at all.

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