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This is where Tamsin Mason lives alone, well with her cat Binky. This is where she finds her musical muse.


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Tamsin sat back on deck-swing that was positioned right on the edge of her property over looking the water. Her red hair fell in loose messy ringlets and her blue eyes were bright and awake despite the time in the morning. Tamsin sipped her coffee thoughtfully and watched the horizon. There was a high pitched mewing and she looked down to see a slender tabby cat winding it's way around her legs. "Hey Binks." She murmured, getting to her feet. Tamsin knew she probably ought to get ready, she carpooled with David the biology teacher and he was set to be here in less than half an hour. She ducked inside, finished off her coffee and chucked some food in the cat bowl. Then in tornado mode, she flew up the stairs, showered, changed and brushed her teeth before returning to her living room. She had to ensure she had everything today, it wasn't unlike her to be forgetful and she wanted to make a good impression for the new students. Tamsin was just grabbing her keys when she heard a car horn outside and she waved out of the window before slipping on her boots, grabbing her guitar case and dashing out to the car. "Morning." She murmured and David gave his usual nod of the head greeting. "May hell have mercy on our souls." He muttered as he started up the car and the two drove off up to school. Tamsin new David's words were right though, there always was something terrible about the first day.

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