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What happened?

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I'm weird. I like to know how books end before I read them.
Who did Tessa end up with?

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Ria Hello wrote: "I'm weird. I like to know how books end before I read them.
Who did Tessa end up with?"

will at first. then he died and jem was an immortal silent brother. and then in 2007, he becomes mortal and he and tessa get together

Nurlely I think it is 2008? I have ebook version and not sure of the content... LOL

Nurlely How did Jem get rid of his stitched mouth? He seems to have his scars on his skin.

I am a bit disappointed with the ending but I supposed CC wants all her fans to be happy. I will love the book the most if Jem remains a silent brother. The whole story is already dramatic enough without giving everyone a happy end.

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Ria Yep. You're right. Sorry, it's 2008

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How did Will die?

Nurlely Of old age... :( I wish for Will to live forever.

CynthiaElleReads at first i was upset finding out that will had died and i was unsure at first of how it ended but reading through the book it was a fitting end...the epilogue was unnessary it broke my heart to know what happened to will

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Claudia So after Will dies. Does Tessa remain young till Jem comes back all young? She doesn't age at all?

CynthiaElleReads im confused though tessa and jem meet up in 2008 after the events that are going to occurr in CoHF which means that TMI mostly take place in 2007? right?

CynthiaElleReads yes tessa had not aged and jem come back and he to it young but he is still mortal and will grow old and die too but tessa will remain young

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Claudia Thank you Cynthia! I just had a thought since Will died of old age, then Will was all old while Tessa was young all those they were together? Did they confuse Will as Tessa's father at one point since she didn't age and Will did?

CynthiaElleReads i believe so tesssa remained young while will aged ...and tessa does mention that at his deathbed how strange it might look to people to see a young girl with a man old enough to be her grandfather..honestly i would of loved the book without the epilouge i hated reading of wills death.

Nurlely Others will see Will and Tessa as how their appearances are. When Will is older and older, he would look more as a father, a grandfather walking with teenager.
According to the story, the people around them didn't really care about that. It didn't say much about the outsiders as they matter not to those shadowhunters... ;)

Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) I'd almost feel bad for Tessa...except I just can't.

Nurlely I feel she has too much hormonal problems.

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Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) Yesss. I mean, I like to drool over different guys I admit (celebs, not ppl I really know lol), but I would NEVER be "in love" with two people at once like that. Have some restraint, lady.

Kelsey So when Jace sees Tessa (I forget which book), she was probably with Jem? Also, won't it be kind of depressing for her to live with Jem as he gets old...and then he dies, and what? She's alone? Also in the new spinoff series, the girls name is Emma Carstairs..but if they get together in 2008, how would they have a teenage daughter by 2015?? It's all so confusing!

CynthiaElleReads TMI all takes place in the year 2007 the entire series which is why TDA takes place 5 years later in 2012 ..emma is not tessa and jems daughter she is a decedent of jems uncle

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