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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6306 comments Mod
❀Dawn and Elizabeth❀ Swept Away by Mary Connealy

Elizabeth (lizr8900) | 318 comments Okay I've started this one and am really enjoying it so far! Want to read through to chapter eleven? That should be about halfway.

Dawn (baseballblondie) | 1180 comments Lol. Sure. Though I've actually finished it last night. So take your time. No rush.

Elizabeth (lizr8900) | 318 comments That's fine I actually think I'm going to finish it up this weekend. It's been really good so far. I have a feeling I won't be able to put it down soon. I think I'll have to start her Kincaid Brides series soon. It seems like that one may be her best series so far.

Dawn (baseballblondie) | 1180 comments I enjoyed it. And I loved the Kincaid Brides series.

Elizabeth (lizr8900) | 318 comments I just finished the book up and I really enjoyed it! It was definitely a cute read. At first I wasn't a fan of how Luke and Ruthy seemed to just get married out of the blue without really loving each other but then I realized that they did in their own ways. They just aren't up front about showing it.

Dawn (baseballblondie) | 1180 comments I wasn't too big a fan of Luke and Ruthy either. Especially since neither one really mentioned that they loved each other. But then like you said, they hid their feelings. I think part of that might come from Ruthy's family (or lack of) background and the fact that Luke seemed to loose everything and everyone he loved. It'll be fun to see how these two develop as secondary characters in the second book.

Should we start Tutor's Daughter next?

Elizabeth (lizr8900) | 318 comments I am looking forward to seeing them back as secondary characters. I'm looking forward to Dare and Glynna's story too. Who do you think the last book will be about?

The Tutor's Daughter sounds great! When do you want to discuss? I'm on vacation all week so I've got nothing to do but read =)

Dawn (baseballblondie) | 1180 comments I think this series may be a 4 or 5 book series. Luke, Dare, Vince, Jonas, and Big John. Unless somehow two of them don't get stories.

Tutor's Daughter - let's read in halves. I'm going to be busy this week finishing When Love Calls for Revell, but I should be able to work it in as well. If you're on vacation, and I'm not, you may finish faster than me.

Elizabeth (lizr8900) | 318 comments Ooh that's great!,I loved all the Regulators! Can't wait to read Fired Up.

That's fine, I'm buried in review books and am hoping to dig myself out this week. I've got plenty of other books to read so no rush.

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