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This is NOT the auditorium...this is to train the musical theory. Band and choir meet here. http://www.gearslutz.com/board/attach...

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Tamsin walked in and set her things down on top of the grand piano, she looked about the room and decided to arrange the chairs in a less conservative arrangement. They were now positioned so that everyone would be able to see but there were less rows and it was less conformist. Much better Tamsin thought, moving back to the piano and leafing through her lesson plans for today it was mainly team-building and introductory stuff she needed to get to know her students, they had to get to know each other and they had to get to know her. She moved across the room and unlocked the music cupboard, selecting a few instruments and giving them a clean before the lesson began.

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Leena (leena23) Zion walked down the hall that led to the Music classroom, he had his violin strapped to his back, and his bag full of school books in his left hand. He stopped right in front of the door and prayed that he would have a competent teacher before he pushed the door open and stepped inside. He looked around the room, it looked like a good setup.

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Kat came in with her Violin she left her viola in the dorm, since it wasn't her main instrument and she didn't know whether to bring it or not

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn walked in and saw only three people in here. She took seat and put her flute together and stated to warm up.

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Leena (leena23) Zion glanced toward the door as two girls walked in, then put his attention to his violin, he started removing it from its guitar like case, just in smaller form. He was a bit of a player everywhere but when it came to his music. He took it too seriously to worry about girls.

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Kat pulled out her violin and started to warm up. she didn't know when the class was going to start, she didn't see anyone who looked like a teacher

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn played having Ben on her mind. Raylynn missed this so much. She was glad she was here

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Leena (leena23) Zion pulled his bow out, put his violin beneath his chin and let the bow touch the strings smoothly, he started playing Elements by Lindsey Stirling for his warm up song.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn stated to play the superman theme song

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Emma Kayla: I waked in and saw other people pulling out instruments and practicing. I immediately look for a piano. I'm not incredible, but I can play, and I would feel awkward singing amongst a bunch of instruments.

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Leena (leena23) (Emma you have to talk in third person hun)

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Emma ((oh, I do? aw, sorry. In other rp's a bunch of us do first person.))

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Leena (leena23) (It's okay just we need ya to go third person from now on ^_^)

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Emma ((ok :)))

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Tamsin clapped her hands together demanding silence from the entire music class. "Okay guys, can you come and stand around the grand piano for a moment so I can register you?" She asked, holding up her notepad and smiling at her students. "Now you're all extremely talented and that's brilliant but I just need your names so nobody goes missing got it?" Tamsin said with a smile. "And you can call me Miss Mason."

Tabi had just walked into the room with her guitar slung over her shoulder, she was here for singing practice but figured she'd bring her instrument anyway for her free after. It looked like a nice class though, lots of students anyway. She sat down near the piano and looked across at the young teacher.

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Emma Kayla got up and walked over to the piano. It was beautiful.

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Leena (leena23) Zion out away his violin carefully and walked over to the piano obediently. He waited for his name to be called so he could say here.

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Kat stopped playing and followed everyone else to the piano

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"Right, I'm just gonna read your first names off this list then, let me know if I pronounce any wrong okay?" Tamsin told the class and she looked down the register, "Okay, Bethany, Chloe, Jackson, Lizzy, Kat, Kayla, Raylynn, Rowan, Max, Marley, Zion?" She looked at the pictures and looked to the students as they nodded and put their hands up. "Great okay, not too many no shows." Tamsin smiled and sorted out the register, "Right I want to split the class in half evenly, I'll join the team with the least people. We are going to have a battle of the bands style thing." She looked at the groups of students hoping they understood what she meant.

Tabi stood up and balanced her guitar in her hands, her blue eyes bright with interest, this sounded fun.

"Okay so each team is going to start with one musician, I'll flip a coin to see which team starts but your single musician will basically act as your band leader and the rest of your team will join in as follows. This has to be spontaneous, I want you to learn how to naturally slot into a performance. Zion and Raylynn are going to be team captains, so they can each choose their team members hopefully based on what instrument they think will compliment their idea. Any questions?" Tamsin asked.

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Lizzy showed up late, "Sorry," she apologized

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn smiled. She was happy to be team captain.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn raised her hand

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Leena (leena23) Zion listened as the teacher explained things, sounded like a fun time to him. He glanced about the room trying to decide who he would pick to be on his team.

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Tamsin saw that one of the girls had her hand raised. "Yes Raylynn what's up?" She asked as she took the cover off the piano in preparation for anyone who wished to play it.

Tabi say back in her chair and carried out the process of ensuring her guitar was fully tuned, humming notes and adjusting the stings as necessary.

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Lizzy quickly but quietly claimed the piano. She sat on the bench and quietly started to warm up

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Brooklyn walked into the class, a guitar strapped on her back. She had gotten lost because she had been listening to music. Brooklyn had been listening to Etta James' At Last. She took off her headphones and looked around. This was a lot better than the music hall they had back at home at the community center. She looked toward the front and went to go check in with the teacher. Brooklyn saw that she was late and she cursed herself as she walked.

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Leena (leena23) Zion looked up as another girl walked in late, she was walking up to the teacher as he checked her out fully. Yeah he'd definitely be asking to put her on his team.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments " There are a lot of strings. I think im the only woodwind." Raylynn said

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Lizzy stopped her scales and warm ups and started playing Tchaikovsky's piano concerto no.1

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Tamsin smiled warmly, "Then it's up to you to find something that will accompany your musical taste, this shouldn't be a difficult task guys I just want to hear how you work together." She replied, picking up her own flute and weighing it in her hands.

Tabi glanced up as one of the girls started playing music on the piano, plucked delicately at the strings of her guitar, waiting for the team captains to pick their musicians.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn look around. She know who would sound lovely with her. " can we pick now?"

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Lizzy finished and decided she'd hogged the piano enough so she put her music in her bag and walked to the corner. She started to hum trying to warm up her voice

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"Go ahead." Tamsin replied, looking as the students began to practice about the room.

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Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn looked around."Tabi, Lizzy,and Kat. Is that okay?" raylynn ask her teacher. wondering if she pick the right number of people

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Lizzy heard her name and looked toward the girls by the piano. she walked over, "I heard my name?" she smiled,

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Brooklyn came to the teacher's post and waited there quietly. She was humming t
Dessa's Dixon's Girl as she waited to be checked.

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((one less ray-ray))

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn smiled. "Your on my team. Is that okay?" Raylynn asked

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments ((fixed))

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"Yes," she said, smiling, "That's fine" she was happy with who was her teem captain

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments " I'm Raylynn." smiled at Lizzy

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"Lizzy," she said, "but I guess you already knew that,"

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn gave her a little laugh. "How about we warm up and wait for the others?" Raylynn asked.

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"Okay," she said, "I've already played a little, but I can continue," she said, returning to the piano

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Leena (leena23) "I guess the rest are on my team?" Zion wondered aloud, he didn't mind, he got the late girl, so that suited him just fine. Zion went over and grabbed his violin, he put it up. He was going to play something else since there were so many strings. He went over to a drumset and waved his peeps over to him.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn pick up her flute and start to play a little with the piano.

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Tabi wandered over balancing her guitar in her hands, "So what we gonna do captain?" She asked, leaning against the piano, before strumming a few chords on her guitar.

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Leena (leena23) "What kind of music are you girls into?" He asked looking at the girl that had just wandered up with a guitar. "I'm Zion by the way." He said as an afterthought.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn put her flute down " Well i'm the only woodwind here. so we should a song that is good for all four of us. Have anything in mind?" she asked

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