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Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn walk in to see on one. So Raylynn pick a seat by the window

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David walked into biology class and tried to keep the worried expression off his face as he saw that there was only one pupil in here. "Hi there I'm Mr Shaw." He told the girl and proceeded to write his name on the board, before setting up the projector and his laptop for the lesson. "Is this it?" David asked with a slight smile trying to humour himself.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments She smiled " No Im early. Im Raylynn Clark" she stood and shook his hand

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Tabi walked into class with Carly and raised her eyebrows as she noticed there were barely any others here yet, well they were kind of early. She selected a table by the window and sat down, leaving the seat beside her for Carly as she pulled out a pen and notebook.

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Leena (leena23) Zion had his violin case over his shoulder and his bag in hand as he walked into the biology classroom. He noticed hardly anyone was there, he took a seat at the front so that he would be able to concentrate without distraction.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn saw more kids walking in. She sat down reading her book

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Carly walked in after Tabi and sat down next to her, glancing around the room at all the kids

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn wished she knew someone in here

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"Right," David said, gesturing to the board. "So my names on the board and if you'd all like to just get comfortable and face the front we'll begin the lesson." He smiled openly and tapped a key on the laptop bringing up a picture of cell division on the laptop, they were going to be looking at mitosis and meiosis. "Now looking at the screen you can see that these cells are in the process of under going mitosis, can anyone tell me what stage they are going through? I'll give you a clue, it's the first one" He looked at the class with an easy smile.

Tabi sat back and looked at Carly, "He's a little overly enthusiastic isn't he?" She murmured, doodling in her margin.

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Leena (leena23) Zion looked up as the teacher started talking, he pulled out a notebook and pencil so he could take notes, he ignored everyone else in the room.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn closed her book and look up at the broad

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((*psst* interphase!! Then prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis!))

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Carly nodded to Tabi "mhm not much of an introduction, just...BAM! Work" she whispered back, doodling and half paying attention

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Tabi chewed the end of her pen and raised her eyebrows at the image, she'd done this before she ought to know this. "Tell me about it," She muttered before racking her brains she considered the answer.

"Anyone? No one?" He looked about the room and Tabi put her hand up. "Yes, what's your name?" David asked and Tabi gave him her name before answering.
"That's prophase." Tabi told him, making a note on her page, David smiled.
"Brilliant, and how can you tell?" He asked.
"The chromatin is condensing into chromosomes and I'm pretty sure they're the centrioles." She pointed at the board.
"Fantastic Tabi, right anyone here know what comes after prophase?" David asked the group.

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Leena (leena23) "Metaphase," Zion muttered, he didn't say it very loud though, he didn't want to be hassled by the over exuberant teacher. The other kids didn't seem very keen on answering either.

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Chloe slipped into the classroom while the teacher wasn't looking, late because she dropped all her stuff in the hall. Chlo found an empty desk and sat, but a loose zipper in her bag made all her drawing materials fall out. She cringed.

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"Great, what's your name?" He asked the boy at the front who had answered. "And what happens during metaphase?" Mr Shaw asked.

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((xD Elle!! You fixed it. ))

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn saw a girl walk and all her stuff fell out of her bag. " need help?" she asked her

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Carly continued to doodle in her notebook, taking a few notes when the teacher spoke. She didnt like to answer questions in these types of classes

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Leena (leena23) "I'm Zion," He answered in a voice a bit louder, "Do I really have to explain this? I mean aren't you supposed to be teaching us this stuff?" Zion asked with a smirk, he heard some of the students snicker.

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Chloe shooed the other girl away. "No, I've got it." Chloe hastily picked up the fallen materials and focused her attention on the teacher, silently hoping that she wouldn't be called on. However, she did know the answers to his question, because she studied over the summer.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn walked away and sat down and smile at what the boy said.

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David raised an eyebrow, "Okay smartass, I just want to know what you lot know, this is your first topic and it would be good to see what you understand already." He replied before clicking to the next picture which gave a detailed analysis of Mitosis, "If you could make some notes while I give out these handouts that would be great." David said as he moved about the class distributing papers.

Tabi smirked as Zion mugged off the teacher, leaning back in her chair she scrawled a few notes down.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn tooked the paper and read over it

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literariel | 763 comments Persephone walked inside and took a seat at the very back, hoping the teacher wouldn't notice her sneaking in.

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Leena (leena23) Zion chuckled slightly, he obviously was going to have a good semester, this teacher was easy to get riled up. He took the hand out and started working.

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Carly chuckled, maybe this teacher wasn't too bad. She always liked the ones that didnt hold back insults

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David sat back down behind his laptop once the handouts had been distributed, he wasn't sure about this class or that kid. It was unnecessary but some youngsters thought it was up to them to be the class clown and it just wasn't funny.

Tabi set to work on the handout, wanting to get it done as soon as possible so she could get out of here. This class was already draining on her.

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Oh, god. Chloe turned in her seat; she was sitting right in front of Zion. "Dad...er..my dad will totally maim you! Trust me. Alex did something like that last year...don't you remember that? He got grounded for ages!"

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Leena (leena23) "Oh Chlo don't be getting your cute panties in a bunch, I can handle myself. If you tell my brother Zach I swear I'll tell your brother you slept with Rain," Zion hissed back, he wasn't about to listen to a girl.

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((Should that actually have happened?))

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David raised an eyebrow at the two having it out at the front and swallowed nervously, "Can you two focus on your work please?" He said in a clear firm voice, looking between the two of them.

Tabi continued working through her hand out, trying to ignore the whispers from the front.

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Leena (leena23) (Hah why not? Drama's always fun :P She can be like in love with him even if you want, but he's over her lol poor Chloe)

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn finished the paper.

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Carly's head perked up. This girl slept with ran? She didn't know who rain was but it must've been an important guy...

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn looked up to see drama going on

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Nessie ran in. She was late. Nessie walked over to the table in the back corner of the room. She sighed and sat down. ((Sorry guys. Had high school to deal with))

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Tabi smirked and threw a glance at Carly, "Now that is gossip worth spreading." She snickered.

David looked up over at the class, "Right if you're finished up with that would you be able to get a microscope off the side," He pointed to the bench along the side where they were lined up. "I've got some slides here," David gestured to the tray at the front. "And I'd like you to take one of each slide and write down which part of cell division is taking place. Okay?" He asked.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Nessie nodded politely and stood. She walked over to the microscopes and grabbed one. She took it back to her table and walked over to him to get a slide. "I appologize for being late" she said quietly, taking one of the slides and carefully carrying it back to her table in the corner.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn got up and walk over and took one and went back to her seat

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literariel | 763 comments Persephone just stalled for time, leaning back in her chair and listening intently for gossip, her earphones well hidden behind her hair.

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Carly nodded to Tabi "hell yes it is. Now I just need to figure out who rain is..." She sighed

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Tabi nodded, "I'll ask Aiden he probably knows." She replied before standing and going to collect microscopes and slides.

"Microscopes guys, hurry up." David said in a firm tone, loading up another program on the computer for them to use afterwards.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Nessie raised her hand and called out,"finished" but her calling out was actually quiet

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Raylynn was done.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments (when does 2nd start?)

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Chloe glared at her cousin with sharp eyes. "You wouldn't dare." She thought about that with regret. "It was stupid anyway."


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"Focus," Mr Shaw said, leaning back in his chair and giving a stern look to the two kids at the front of the class as he continued trying to get the program to load.

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