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(( It's a castle with flowers climbing up the sides of light gray walls. With the castle surrounded by a moat that's filled with wine. Nymphans come here and drink the wine for marriage. Just don't get caught by the guards. ))

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Aneo rolled out of bed, sunlight beaming into his eye through the thin veils on his windows. He yawned and sat up, squinting to adjust the light. He pulled himself up and wrapped himself in the sheet. He slept in the nude, as his room (like most of the kingdom) got humid really early in the morning. He walked over to his window, watching the sun rise through the thin cloth and he smiled. Today seemed special- and he couldn't quite put his finger on why.

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Liryta woke up and squinted because of the brightness. She got out of bed and smiled. Another great day. She quickly dressed and opened the curtains. She looked outside and thought, I can't wait to get out into the forest.

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Aneo grabbed some clothes- a light, cotton shirt and brown shorts- and picked up the latest book he was reading. He opened the door to find a servant with a plate full of ripe fruits- his breakfast. He picked up an apple and said "Thanks".
He quickly starting making his way down towards the front corridors, hoping not to be spotted by any of the advisers or, even worse, his parents.

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Liryta opened her door, a servant also at her door. She picked up a banana and walked along the wall. Her parents disapproved of her of being outside of the castle so much, and tried to stop her.

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Passing a corridor, Aneo spotted his sister Liryta making a dash towards the front door. Aneo gave a sly smile and quietly made his way right up behind her and tapped her lightly on the shoulder.
"Going somewhere?" he asked. Liryta and him had the same mind set- they both loved being out in the forest. But he still couldn't help but tease her a little bit.

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Liryta jumped and whirled round, expecting to see her father, or a suspicious servant. She sighed in relief when she saw her brother. She smiled shyly." Yeah. The forest."

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"Me too," he smiled down at her. "Let's go." He took her hand in his and the two continued to sneakily make their way towards the front doors. Servants gave them smiles and shook their heads- the two were so wild.

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Liryta smiled and followed him.

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Aneo opened the front door and took a breath in of the fresh morning air. The sun was just finished rising, bathing the courtyard in a golden glow. He turned to face the west wall and all the flower growing on the vines started opening up at the sun's touch.

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Liryta smelled the morning air, happy to be outside. She looked at the flowers,then her brother.

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"So, what's on the schedule for today, sis?" he asked, starting to stroll through the courtyard towards the gates that led outside to the forest.

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"I don't know. I'm just going to let the wind take me where ever it wants to." Liryta said, using the expression her mother uses.

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Aneo nodded. He held up his book and nodded towards the shader part of the forest.
"I'm going to hide out from my duties and try and finish this book in peace." He gave a soft smile and quickly kissed her forehead. "If anyone asks, you haven't seen me this morning eh?" he winked.

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" Not once. And you never saw me." Liryta smiled." Bye." She walked further into the forest.

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"Bye," he waved. And headed off towards a different part of the forest.

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Chiara had a splint on her ankle, and it was feeling better. She saw the time and realized she was supposed to be working. With some help from her brother, she made it to the kitchen.
One of her friends asked for some herbs and vegetables for baking.
Chiara went outside and quickly gathered these things, making sure the plants were happy. She brought them to the kitchen and her slow day of work, with a twisted ankle, began.

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Liryta walked slowly into the castle. She kept her gaze on the floor, but looked up at a servant walking by.
Chiara saw the princess walk by and smiled at her.

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Aneo walked slowly into the castle, random people stopping to bow to say good morning. He didn't say much back but waved. He slumped into the study and stared at the pile of paper work awaiting his approval to send off to his parents. He sighed and sat down and began reading.

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Shifting through piles of paperwork, Aneo's mind was elsewhere. He felt so sure that today would be different- and that feeling was still strong- but here he was doing the same thing that he did every day. His gut had never been wrong before, but who knows.
A knock was on the door.
"Come in!" he called out, thankful for the interruption.

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Liryta was walking down the hall, looking around, hoping her brother wasn't caught too.

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A servant brought in an envelope and left it on his desk, not saying a word but bowing out. Aneo just rolled his eyes and opened the envelope. His eyes grazed lightly over the letter and he leaned back in his chair.
"A masked ball?" he wondered outloud. "With Terrica? Interesting."

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The queen was standing in a doorway. She was clearly mad, and all she did was hand Liryta a letter and say," No more sneaking out. Your a princess. Act like it."

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He walked outside the chamber and saw his mother's dress disappearing around the corner, his sister standing there with the invitation in her hand.
"I suppose you've received the invite?" He smiled. "Come on, the ball starts soon. You're going to take longer to get ready. I'll see you when you arrive." He kissed her lightly on the forehead and went off to go get on his royal robes.

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Anastasia peaked around the corner at the princess, staring, horrified, at a piece of paper. "May I help you, Your Royal Highness?" she asks.

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Aneo snored happily in the windowsill, book in hand. He has been a representative at a ball the night before and was exhausted. He was reading in the windowsill when he fell asleep. His cat, Apollo slept happily on his lap.

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Aneo shifted in his sleep and felt a little pattering up his arm... Then some soft squeaking noises. Aneo slowly opened his eyes in fear- then saw his smiling sister staring down at him.
"Goddamn," he exhaled. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!" He huffed, rubbing his sleep filled eyes.

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"Where have you been?" He asked, still rubbing his eyes. "Mum and Dad have been looking for you." Though he undoubtedly loved, looked up to and admired his sister, he sometimes wished that their parents kept a tighter leash on her instead of him. He envied her freedom that she made for himself.

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Lyrita shook her head." No, thank you." She heard her siblings, and sighed. She tryed her best to walk in the shadows past them.

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Lyrita froze. She bit her lip. She started sliding against the wall, not wanting to be noticed. She was head for the woods, and had enough scares with her brother knowing.

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"She was going to the courtyard for me," Aneo jumped in. "Picking some fresh fruit and flowers for the gift basket I am sending to another kingdom, as thanks for the ball the night before." He raised an eyebrow to his younger sister. "Weren't you?"

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Lyrita smiled and nodded." Yeah."

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Lyrita smiled. She headed outside.

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Aneo could feel the tips of his ears burn with embarrassment.
"She just wants to get out of the castle as much as she can before our parents start piling responsibility on her," he signed, watching his sister disappear around the corner.

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He shrugged shyly. "It wasn't that bad," he said. "Met some nice people, ate some of their delicious food. Not much business going on which was nice. And no I did not dance with all the old ladies," he said rolling his eyes. "Just two really. Two nice women." He said remembering last night fondly.

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He rolled his eyes. "No I got that speech before I left. I went with sis. Mother and father believed that I should start going to these things alone- to establish myself as independent and whatever. As for anything you should know about..." His mind trailed off. He thought about last night, the girl he was dancing with, their chat on the porch.... "No. Nothing you need to know." He said simply, picking up Apollo and stroking his fur.

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Chiara walked the halls, looking for her boss.

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Chiara walked the halls, looking for her boss.

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He sighed and tugged a bit on his shirt. "Arianna, I'm so tired. Tired going to balls, and meetings and reading pages and pages of laws. Sometimes, I don't even know if I'll make a good king or even want to be one." He gushed. He knew in his heart he was going to be log whether he liked it or not and that upholding the family and the kingdom rested on his shoulders, but it was starting to break him inside.

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Chiara heard the prince talking and froze. She remembered talking to him. She decided to turn around, and head the other way.

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He hugged his sister back tightly. She always knew what to say to calm him down.
"Thank you," he murmured into her shoulder. He sniffed a bit and straightened his back. Sniffing and whining don't a future king make. "So" he said trying to get the topic off himself. "What have you been up to? I know you weren't at the ball the other night, so where were you hiding?"

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Chiara turned around, and her ankle gave out. She cursed in her head. It was still weak from the day before.

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He raised his eyebrow. "I can come to certain conclusions," he said. "But I'd rather you tell me. Would you like to go for a walk 'round the forest?" he was eager to get out of the castle before his parents found him and gave him another stack of papers to read.

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((I think you need to ask in the question folder. Ask the mods first, but usually they say yes))

"I would," he hummed. "You are after all my sister first and princess second. And I care deeply about you." he grinned. His sister was the biggest gossip and flirt in the whole kingdom. Always surprises around her.

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He started to blush. "Avellana," he hushed. He cleared his throat. "Best save the rest of this conversation for the gardens, hmm?"

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"We should indeed," he nodded, taking her hand and wrapping it around his arm.

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Chiara walked outside.

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Lyrita walked into the castle, smiling.

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As Arianna and Aneo made their way down the hall, he spotted their younger sibling. "Hello there," he called. "Back on time, of course."

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Lyrita smiled at her siblings.

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