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Loki or Jeremiah?

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Ilana alas the much hated love triangle. anyway, who are you a bigger fan of? (and i don't mean for Lucy)...i mean if you personally had to choose?

would you go for the brooding ex military billionaire or the dark/mysterious illegal ties brother?

i'm on the fence and after seeing the softer side to Loki/Lucas, i'm kind of being forced to take pause...

Deena I could start to lose sleep over this question, at the moment swaying towards Lucas, lets face it that's not bad going for him considering only 1 book with him and Lucy when Jeremiah had 5 to go at

Carole I would take Loki as he was forced into that situation.
I also liked the steamy scenes with him, but as the previous post showed he was really only in 1 book that wasn't even that long.
I wish she had made the story longer as I was just getting into it and then it ended.

Lynn I think my vote may go to Loki but then again Jeremiah can't be ignored. This is a really difficult question.

I am certain about one thing, I agree with Carole I wish the books were a little longer, I am really into the story then it ends aargh!

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Ani Though they both need someone to love them, to have their back ..I am siding with Lucas after this book.
My heart breaks for him. The father had groomed him to take over the family business only to be left with nothing(Jeremiah is not to blame), but the worst part is the mother's betrayal. I find him to be passionate, intense, sad,protective, he has a wicked sense of humour..which he uses to hide his feelings.

Lavette Baylor This is a really good question. I was all for Jeremiah until this last book. I can't decide until the very end.

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Connie Honestly, I was really disappointed by Jeremiah in The Betrayal. For some reason I was surprised, I felt Lucy's shame at her rejection. And more surprised by him just letting her go. I was proud that Lucy left and more when she basically said 'eff it, I'm ditching I'm throwing caution to the wind after Lucas took her away.

I'm rooting for Lucas, and at the moment choose him. He's not perfect, but knowing Jeremiah better in this series and reading his choice of actions. Personally, I couldn't imagine going back to Jeremiah...and as far as Lucas? If he's there? Shoot, I ain't gonna stop him, lol.

Amalyn I just finished the Betrayal and I feel the same way.. I was just counting down the pages until Lucy finally gave in and although I am not sure how this is going to end seeing as she has been with both brothers, I am really leaning toward Lucas! These short novellas are rather annoying though...

Georgia N Since i read the first book i was a Jeremiah fan and im still a fan of him in Book 6 Castaway

Fhitria Jeremiah no doubt, he has a beautiful heart! I hate his brother!

~IreneOust~ Lucas, hands down! Jeremiah had his chance and blew it. Sorry, big guy! Better luck next time.

message 12: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa Jeremiah.

message 13: by Sue (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sue Jeremiah.
Lucas is a criminal and could kill someone easily. no thanks

message 14: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim Jeremiah! even though he screwed up, he deserves another chance to admit how he really feels.

Alaknanda k Loki for bad as he was absent for a long time along the romantic radar...i would still go for loki
Jermiah is screwed up bastard...he claims he'd protect Lucy but i think he has no respect for her and doesn't care for her wishes-even outside the bedroom!

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ishi Irene ~ a.k.a. Mrs Joe Callahan ~ #teamSøren ~ wrote: "Lucas, hands down! Jeremiah had his chance and blew it. Sorry, big guy! Better luck next time."

I totally agree ........

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ishi Sue wrote: "Jeremiah.
Lucas is a criminal and could kill someone easily. no thanks"

And Jeremiah can't kill u mean????

Karen I am Jeremiah all the way. Jeremiah was made the way he is by his evil father and Lucy is the one that can bring the walls down.

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April I think Jeremiah should get the woman. I agree with the other women Carole and Lynn the story just isn't long enough. But I do love the cliff hangers though:).

Sarah hi im sarah just created my first group and it would be cool if you all can check it out

Sandra Jeremiah - would love to know what happens to him

Katrina I love Jeremiah.He is my dream guy.So sexy and hot

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood I love Jeremiah in so many ways. But if I personally had to choose one of the brothers. It would be Lucas\Loki. Seeing as he seems more fun then Jeremiah. Yes he can have his fun moments, but I don't know I just like Lucas better. But then again I'm just starting the second half so, that could still change.

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