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Favourite Bowie Songs/Albums?

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message 1: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments my ultimate fave is 'The Man Who Sold The World' though Life On Mars actually got me into him. i love 'Heroes', 'Scary Monsters', 'Diamond Dogs' and 'Aladdin Sane'
though all his albums are perfect in some way.

message 2: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments Nirvanas cover is great. Better than lulus in '74. I think his worst were probably Tonight and Never Let Me Down in the 80s but even they had their moments. All his albums are marvellous in one way or another or many multiples of ways.

message 3: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments yeah, out of those two albums and think they were the most HIM, all the other songs were really for the public and his fans at the time.
Peter Noone did do an awful version of that song. but it got to number twelve in the charts which isn't bad. although it wasnt David's version

message 4: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I only really got into him early last year but ever since I've been completely obsessed. And ever since I've just find him absolutely wonderful, in everything he does. Even though people at school think I'm crazy, even so, at least I can live happy in the knowledge that their music is crap. Mine's better.
I think his best eighties song that I've heard is probably either Ricochet or Criminal World or any of his other songs on Let's Dance. But even Tin Machine in 89 had its moments.

message 5: by Charlie (last edited May 03, 2013 10:58AM) (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments Same! Labyrinth is my favourite movie and then there's Velvet Goldmine (the song and the film) which is completely based on the seventies glam rock scene. I'm a bigger fan of his 70s stuff but I adore the album Lets Dance though I don't have Tonight or Never Let Me Down.
I have convinced a couple of my friends to listen to a couple of his songs, and they liked them. If anyone sat and listened to him with an open mind they'd like him. It's just everyone's so narrow minded now. Most people like all that manufactured rubbish from boy bands. Eugh. They don't even like what all there music originated from! Shocking.

message 6: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I'll check out Almost Famous. I've not heard of it before.
I've recently become obsessed with Mick Ronson's album after the Spiders broke up. Slaughter On 10th Avenue. It's fantastic. And Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel (Tumbling Down and Sebastian). They're all glam rock and really good artists. Also Brian Eno's album Here Come The Warm Jets.

message 7: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I fell in love with Stairway To Heaven when Heart performed it for Obama a couple of years ago. Robert Plant was in tears. My dads a huge Slade fan so I love them too and Fleetwood Mac.

message 8: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I really got into Joan Jett for a while. I was a huge fan, still am. I listened to her Greatest Hits constantly.
I've got loads of vinyl but only a couple of Bowie and loads of Eric Clapton and the Doobie Brothers. I don't really listen to them but I like Clapton.

message 9: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments Agreed, the film wasn't as good as it could've been.
I've got Scary Monsters on vinyl, Hunky Dory, ChangesBowie and "Heroes". I've also got the Beach Boys, the Animals, Abbey Road (The Beatles), Tina Turner, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel and Roxy Music. I have Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkle which is one of my favourite albums. All my other albums I have on CD, but altogether I have about fourteen of Bowie's albums.
I watched Almost Famous and it was brilliant! I think they played Bowie's version of Waiting For The Man (originally by The Velvet Underground).

message 10: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I have a CD with some of Bowie's sessions at the BBC and on it he did a cover of 'Waiting For The Man' which is my favourite version. I love The Velvet Underground and Nico album but I'm still waiting to but it.
(Kim Foley by the way, he produced Slade at one point.)

message 11: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments But he got them where they wanted to be.
I would kill for Aladdin Sane on vinyl! I found Pin Ups and Space Oddity (the '72 version with the different cover) in a shop but I'm still saving up to buy it. I want Lodger which I've listened to countless times but still don't own.

message 12: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I might be going to see the Who or something in summer but I am going to the V&A exhibition later this month. I can't wait!!!!

message 13: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments Sure I'll tell you! I'm so sorry that you can't make it. What country are you in?

message 14: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments Oh, I'd love to live in Ireland! And Australia is a beautiful place!
Gary Moore is a fantastic artist, I love his album back On The Streets, especially 'All Messed Up'. Obviously the Undertones 'Teenage Kicks'. You're really lucky!

message 15: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments Going next month with my dad instead. The 7th. I'm so excited!

message 16: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments im so sorry, im not going at all now :( but i will be seeing David Bowie Is Happening Now at the local cinema. we've booked tickets and that was the problem with the V&A we couldnt book tickets and didn't want to run the risk of going and not getting in. But im glad ill be going to see the film they've made of it :D im sorry, but ill tell you about it!

message 17: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments :D thank you!

message 18: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I saw the movie the other day and it was WONDERFUL! they had Jarvis Cocker there and Kensai Yamamoto and they talked about all the different section of the exhibition. it was FANTASTIC!!! :D

message 19: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments I've seen all the documentaries I can find, which includes Cracked Actor and Ziggy Stardust, there's also Sound And Vision and a collection of his performances of songs called The Genius Of David Bowie (what a good title!) I know the exhibition is going all over the world now, so it'll probably come somewhere near you in the next few years. They're showing encores of the film because it was so popular! I'm so glad people still accept him after so long!
They only showed a few clips from Five Years documentary in the film (which is another fantastic but quite recent one) and they looked more at the clothes and pictures. It was a brilliant film, just as good as going to the V&A, I hope you can see it soon!

message 20: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments Just had my 13th birthday, got the David Bowie Is exhibition book! It is AMAZING! Everything I got was Bowie even got a cake with the 1 and 3 in red and blue!

message 21: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charliefuki24) | 26 comments It's alright. I got the Biography by Marc Spitz, ten plectrums with Bowie on them, the Glass Spider tour on DVD and Space Oddity on vinyl. It was the '72 release, though, with the different cover. It was great! Then we spent the day looking at caravans! XD

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