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From Oprah To Chopra

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message 1: by Craig (new)

Craig Dressler (craigdressler) | 11 comments Mod
A scholar much wiser than I wanted to name his new book From Oprah to Chopra, but his publisher wouldn't go for it. Generally, Oprah and Chopra's beliefs are a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism with a few side roads thrown in. That same scholar called their belief systems spirituality without God. Creating your own belief system that leaves out God doesn't deal with sin and its effects. Those same belief systems blindly ignore heaven and hell and God's righteous standards. Only faith in Jesus' death on the cross and the blood he shed can take away our sins and give us he hope of heaven. Oprah and Chopra have no answer for sin. Only Jesus has the answer.

message 2: by Curtis (new)

Curtis Chamberlain | 3 comments Well said, Craig! Well said! These substitute gospels don't do anyone any favors. Christ is the answer!

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