Maine Mothers Who Murdered, 1875-1925: Doing Time in State Prison Maine Mothers Who Murdered, 1875-1925 discussion

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women's history - New England

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Annette Dorey Just to let you know I have been enjoying your book very much. It is so well written and so well documented in your endnotes. Your friend is correct about a broader impact the book has beyond the crime stories. You put so much information in the book, so much more than the crimes themselves. The book is just fabulous. It is so well put together. –an avid reader

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Annette Dorey I must say that you did some incredible research. You write so beautifully and your research is so thorough! I almost fell over when I read the letter from the townspeople wanting to grant the married sister a pardon. I love the book, and as I said, the details, the research had to have been so difficult. –a California reader

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