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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill There are a striking number of similarities between the Lanre of Skarpi's story, and Kvothe. I think this gives us a bit of foreshadowing for what's going to come in book 3.

1. The rumors. "Lanre had fled the empire. Lanre had gone mad. Some even said that Lanre had killed himself and gone searching for his wife in the land of the dead."

Rumors also swirl about Kvothe, and whether he's alive or dead.

2. "Selitos was wise. He understood how grief can twist a heart, how passion can drive good men towards folly."

Lanre's folly was in seeking the power to bring Lyra back.

Kvothe has a sword NAMED Folly. Abenthy specifically tells Kvothe to avoid folly. We've seen Kvothe act foolishly a number of times, though nothing major has happened yet.

The parallels are pretty clear. Lanre basically destroyed the world...I would argue that Kvothe probably was the one who unleashed the scrael and possibly the other demons from the Doors of Stone (which happened when he tries to bring Denna back?)

Next parallel,

3. Motivation.

"Lanre paused. My wife is dead. Deceit and treachery brought me to it, but her death is on my hands."

Well, I can't remember if this is speculation or not, but wasn't it said that Lanre visited the Ctheah at some point? If what we know of the Ctheah is true, anything he said to Lanre would have devastating consequences on the world. This would explain the deceit part. Treachery? He could be speaking of the same incident, or he could be referring to being betrayed by one of his friends. I don't know of a spot in the text where it's mentioned who betrayed him.

However, we know that Kvothe mentions in the beginning of NOTW that he trusted, and was betrayed. We also know he spoke to the Ctheah, so it's pretty safe to say he was deceived. The parallels to Lanre are pretty clear. The only thing that remains is for, in my opinion, Denna's death to be on Kvothe's hands.

All of which would explain the scrael, the demons, Kvothe's sadness, and possible why he's waiting to die.

(Final speculation: Is Lanre/Haliax just looking for a way to die (he was positively ecstatic at the idea Selitos might have had the power to kill him) OR...maybe his purpose is to destroy the Cthaeh?)

I find myself with more and more to discuss every time I read this.

message 2: by Chris, Master Artificer (new)

Chris (chris300) | 387 comments Mod
Points 1 and 2 seem very weak to me. And the third was heavily implied in the story.

message 3: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
Yes Lanre visited the Ctheah.

Lanre, Iax, Kvothe, and another boy who was involved in what began the Fastingway Wars, have all spoken with it and survived. (Well survived talking to it, I don't know about surviving the consequences of that action)

It's heavily implied that Cinder has also spoken to or somehow been involved with it.

1. Yes there are similarities, but the rumors arent entirely similar. (wait - does that even makes sense) The rumors about Kvothe are so vague you could probably find similarities almost too easily, but I wont deny that they do exist.

2. I see the connection here. I mean, it relies heavily on the assumption that Kvothe opens some door he probably shouldn't, but I think there is enough in the story to suggest we are heading there. Do I think it would fit in line with Kvothe's character to bring Denna back however? I'm not so sure about that. There relationship is important, but tentative at best, you can hardly call what they have love. I'd think he take such a risk to save Auri though. Or even, to bring back his own parents.

Can you remember if it ever says anything about Haliax having a sword? I've wondered that for a while now but been to lazy to look myself.

Not long ago I was discussing Folly (the sword) with my boyfriend and he has thought maybe the sword was cursed, or even, that maybe it holds souls or something within it. (Not entirely uncommon in roleplaying games) When Bast retrieves the sword to be put on the block of wood to hang in the Waystone, Kvothe tells him to be careful with it, theres a lady in there. Something along those lines.

So food for thought.

I've wondered if the sword could be Cinder's sword as well. Remember the depiction of Cinder from Nina? That was on the pottery at The Mauthen Farm? It shows Cinder with his sword and in the background is a lone tree. My opinion is that the tree represents The Cthaeh - anyway, let me get back on track.

3. I can agree that the Ctheah is a bit decietful. What it says is perfectly true, but it also relies on the persons whose speaking with it to make certain assumptions. So I think thats in line with what you are saying.

I'm fairly certain it does not say in the text who or what betrayed him. I don't know think its the Ctheah though because that wouldn't necessarily be betrayal. The Ctheah has no ties to Lanre and no obvious loyalties to him. It wouldn't be betrayal in that case, it'd just be deciet and treachery as you mentioned. To betray someone you have to have there trust and be a part of there organization or circle. I think its more than likely he will be betrayed by Denna than he will do all these things to save her.

If its not Denna, than my wild speculation would be Devi.

For final speculation: Lanre wished to die. He commited suicide, that is how he found out he could not be killed.
Now he wants to Salt the Earth because it's nothing but weeds anyway. Or something along those lines. I think he can only die if the world is ended. (thats speculation, but pretty supportable)

message 4: by Manda (new)

Manda | 115 comments I think it would be interesting if Kvothe was betrayed by one of the Masters.

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