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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
I really liked this when it came out. I saw it last night on tv...I had completely forgotten the details...what an interesting way to do a movie...I wonder what else Christopher Nolan has directed?

message 2: by Alexandra (last edited Jan 15, 2008 08:22PM) (new)

Alexandra I really liked it too. Rented it years ago when a friend recommended it, I had never heard of it. So different. I'd like to watch it again, I'm sure I've forgotten details as well.

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert | 51 comments Nolan's other films are
Falling (which I'm told uses the same backwards-narrative technique as "Memento"
Insomnia (a weak remake of a Norwegian film)
Batman Begins
The Prestige
and the forthcoming Batman film, "The Dark Knight".

message 4: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
I liked the as well and I will have to check out "following"--I think it's called

message 5: by Karen (last edited Jan 16, 2008 11:41AM) (new)

Karen I loved "Memento" and I think Guy Pearce was incredible. Every time I went to the theater it was fun to listen to the people in the lobby talking about it and trying to figure out what was happening. It was like that with "The Swimming Pool", I still don't know what all was going on in that one. Has anyone seen it? It's kind of old but one that I'd like to see again to try and figure out. Regarding "Insomnia", be sure to see the Norwegian version, it's much better.

message 6: by Arctic (new)

Arctic I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't love this film or find it exceedingly clever. I actually fell asleep the first time I watched it and was similarly bored on the second attempt. too slow paced, uninspiring, and predictable for me.

I've really enjoyed Nolan's most recent films (Batman, Prestige) though.

message 7: by Stacy (new)

Stacy (stacy_g_k) Memento is a great film and an interesting illustration of the possible effects of a traumatic brain injury. Otherwise, it's like that old Talking Heads song, "Same as it's every been, same as it's ever been . . .

message 8: by Shannon (new)

Shannon  (giraffe_days) I loved Memento. Is it based on a book? I don't remember.

message 9: by Arctic (new)

Arctic no, it's based on a short story Nolan's brother wrote.

message 10: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
Really a great article from salon on it.

message 11: by Alison (new)

Alison Karen: I loved "Swimming Pool" and have a friend who's quite obsessed with it (sending me long e-mails regarding the ending, and why he thinks it was this way, or that). And my husband loved it and references it all the time but I think that had more to do with the one girl who found no need for wearing a bathing suit while swimming.

I came across Charlotte Rampling (the woman from SP) in a much earlier film "The Verdict" with Paul Newman--but those are the only times I've seen her, though I'm sure she's had a long and successful career.

I loved Memento at the time...can't quite remember why now. I'm remembering a spoof...didn't someone accept an award for this movie, and they had things written on their body...something along those lines. MTV, maybe?

message 12: by Sara (new)

Sara Lou (SarahLou) I enjoyed Memento, very good movie, but you really need to concentrate and follow it to the end to really 'get' it. Very clever way to do a movie, I think a book of it would be great.

Guy Pearce is a very good actor and carries the movie off really well.

message 13: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (Melon) | 3 comments I loved Memento. I own the Special Edition DVD that has an easter egg that allows you to watch the movie from the end to the beginning. I also love Guy Pearce. I recently watched him play Andy Warhol in Factory Girl and fell even more in love.

message 14: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
That would be cool to be able to see it from the end to the beginning. I liked Swimming Pool.

message 15: by Karen (new)

Karen There is a book about "Memento", it's the screenplay. I haven't read it but know that there is one. Guy Pearce was really great in a fun movie, "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". Terence Stamp was also in it and was just as good. It's an Australian film from about 1994 with these guys in drag. I really recommend it. It's become a cult favorite.

Alison, I laughed out loud about why your husband liked Swimming Pool! Has your friend figured out anything about the ending?

message 16: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
The film makes a strong point about memory...all of our memories in some way distort what "really" happened.

message 17: by ScottK (new)

ScottK I really loved Momento and The Prestige as well and can not wait for The Dark Knight

message 18: by Alison (new)

Alison Karen: I'll have to ask him. At one point, I think he thought that one of the characters was a ghost? Haha. We'll have to revisit that. My husband always tells me he'll watch a foreign movie with me if it's anything like Swimming Pool. :)

message 19: by Chirayu (new)

Chirayu | 4 comments Memento is one of my favorite movies, though a bit depressing. I've watched it too many times. You may want to get the DVD as it may not be completely clear on the first viewing unless you're really paying attention.

message 20: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
There are some good articles on the web going through the timeline...worth seeing after you see the film.

message 21: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (dwell_ondreams) I think it's fascinating. It's very well done & well acted. And extraordinarily confusing. I had to watch it 3 times before I understood it & now I haven't watched it for so long, I can't remember it.

message 22: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 99 comments Highly recommendable movie. I love the ones that make you think.

message 23: by Cliff (new)

Cliff | 46 comments I too recommend this movie. It falls under the category of a moie that needs to be viewed twice or even a third time.

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