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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate IS this book like the Uglies?

Kristen NO! It's MUCH better.
I hated Uglies. There were so many plot holes and the story really went nowhere. Every book was basically the same thing over and over.

It's the same genre though. And the same basic idea of society trying to control everyone by some type of brain surgery. It's just a much better story with much better writing.
But fair warning, the ending (of the series) is sort of open.

Inês don't know I'm plaining to read Uglies after reading The Fault in our stars.

But a friend of mine told me that uglies was AWESOME and it seems like The Declaration by Gema Malley..

i can't anwser you intirely now but once i finish Uglies i'll give you the anwser :)

Sidney Ive never read the Uglies. But Delirium is absolutely amassing. You have to read it. It starts out kinda slow but just keep going. Not reading it should be a sin :)

message 5: by Elayna (new)

Elayna Like the Uglies, Delirium talks about medical changes to the body. Unlike the Uglies, Delirium is more "realistic". Its dystopian, but you don't have to suspend your disbelief as much. I think it is better.

Diane It's similar in the sense both a dystopian. The storylines are very different, and the dynamic is very different.

Delirium tends to be a little more on the romantic side compared to Uglies. Uglies is a little more hard around the edges, the scenes had more tension while delirium's scenes had more drama.

Inês I'mreading Uglies right now


In Uglies they have this society closed in a redom (ITS HOW I FEAKING SEE THIS THING ) like in Delirium that redom is marked with sensors (but in delirium is electronic)

Tally knows since she was little how to get out of the bondaries of her places (also this so society is so artificial, as in delirium, but they do tha and describe each one in diferent ways: in here, delirium, is because you can't love and they transform in other kind of person and its fully controlled and etc.. in Uglies, the society is complitly PLASTIC its TOOOOOO PERFECT and i can't believe that BASTARD so called BEST FRIEND PERI IS teling to tally hey, just come back here when you are perfect, promise that to me .... WHATTTTTTT YOU AND SHE WERE FREINDS FOR EVER AND NOW YOU ARE SO AMIGO THE ONÇA, FAKER!! >.< and I can't believe that Tally betrays the only person that realy cares about her Shay...)


the both storys the characters Get out from that Redom and go to the wilds

and i'm just in that part that Tally is on her way to the smoke (is that how you call?, we call the place o Fumo in Portuguese)


But i think that besides some similarities usually in dystopians books, they have very diferent concept on them and the storyline is completly different

the both of them are great books :)

Erica i think that they are a little different.
but they are similar because both Tally and Lena wanted to escape.
and there is 2 boys that they like.
but they are also different once you read them.
but i enjoyed both books, although i love delirium better.

message 10: by Kate (new)

Kate I read it.

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