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Bisexual women and lesbians in main stream fiction?
Hana Hana Mar 20, 2013 09:55AM
One of my favorite authors and series of all times is Suzanne Brockmann and her Troubleshooters series. Another would be JR Ward and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Quite possibly my favorite story arc of all time is Jules Cassidy and Robin Chadwick in Brockmann's series and I wholeheartedly believe that the HIGHLY anticipated book about Blay and Qhuinn will not disappoint. However, I've always wondered - Where are the positive lesbian/bisexual women and relationships in main stream romance? Other authors who have approached bisexual and gay men romance storylines are Lorelei James and Lauren Dane - Again, both authors and series that I just ADORE. But are there similar arcs for bisexual women and lesbians? Did I just miss them? Or is there just not a large enough market for something like that? Do people fear that they will offend or turn off their reader base? Am I way off base with this? Just curious if maybe I'm miss something or if I'm just out of left field with this. Thanks guys!Suzanne BrockmannLauren DaneLorelei JamesJ.R. Ward

In books? No, I haven't come across it. In TV and film, yes.

I wonder if it is because the authors believe they are writing for a straight audience, and so the themes are man-centric.

I think that lesbian, bisexual women are still mainly written by authors who write exclusively for that segment of women, and as such are not the mainstream.

I, personally, as a straight woman, would not be opposed to reading a book about a lesbian or bisexual female lead.

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