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what the luv is??

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message 1: by Hafsah (new)

Hafsah (HafsahJahangirAwan) | 28 comments i guess its a waste ov time.. lolx

message 2: by Ana (new)

Ana hmm I might be with you in this one, love can be a waste of time, though it depends on the type, like friend love, or sister love, or like bfgf or gfgf or bfbf love?

message 3: by Hafsah (new)

Hafsah (HafsahJahangirAwan) | 28 comments i will never support the luv which is among gfbf...cuz there is always one end ov the story,that is break up...if we want to luv,we have to luv ourself,our family....
i always suggest u and every one that plx dnt fall in luv n all the fuckine kind ov stuff....sry to use bad word.

message 4: by Ana (last edited May 08, 2013 05:53AM) (new)

Ana do you really believe that? but some people fall in love and get together and they are in love until the day they die. Some people do make it, it doesnt always end up in break up. It can be real. And I wont let that change in my head, because love can happen. You are right in one thing, it dosnt always end up happy, there are break ups and pain. But love isnt perfect, in every relationship, in every love story there is pain and fights and someone will always get hurt, sometimes both, but if its real love if will fight through it till the end were happiness awaits.

message 5: by Hafsah (new)

Hafsah (HafsahJahangirAwan) | 28 comments hmm...but I m agaist ov luv..I dnt want it happen to me again.I hurt badly:)

message 6: by Ana (new)

Ana I am so sorry for that,but not all love has to hurt, sometimes you will go through a rough spot, but it always get better. Dont give up on it

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