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Whilst small the college library is the prime source for all academic and quieter activities. One can find either a book for a class or a light read for the winter months. Accompanied by two librarians they can help a person with whatever may be needed.

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Will wanders into the library not quite sure of his intentions at the moment, he didn't want to study, oh god no. The idea seemed preposterous to him but he had to; if only to please his step mom and father. Will slings the bag over his shoulder slightly annoyed with the fact that he was doing this. Sighing, he frowns slightly at the obvious capacity of the library and cocks his head to the side, people actually spend time here? He thinks, he didn't know why for there was either a perfectly good dorm or housing for them to stay at besides...well...this place. Will fingers the strap on his bag as he weaves throughout the small tables and chairs his eyes curious as they take in the sheer amount of books resting on the shelves. Some people look up and do a slight double take for they had seen him around campus but never in the library. He mutters something under his breathe before coming to one of the back tables where a girl was sitting by herself. Not seeing any other option he slows to stand in front of her. An easy and open confidence surrounds him if only because he had become comfortable in his surroundings. Being one of his talents, he was easy to both get along with and to adapt to different situations. He waited for the girl to notice him, not wanting to bother her if she was in the middle of something.

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wanderer (chloemai) As per usual, Rory was in the library. And, as per usual, she was studying. It was surprising, really, how much spare time she had on her hands. Shockingly enough, her parents hadn't had to pay for her to get into the college, she had gotten in by a scholarship. A scholarship of dancing of course. That was what she was best at after all. At this point, it seemed to be the only thing that made sense to her. She lean't her elbow on the table, resting her chin on the back of her hand as her eyes skimmed over the words on the page, letting a small sigh emit from her lips as she did so. 4 months. Tomorrow it would have been four months since he had been gone. At first it had been hard. Painful, an open wound. Now she had numbed to the pain, numbed to everything. nothing mattered to her anymore. The only thing she was living for was purely the purpose to dance. Nothing more. Rory chewed on her bottom lip, letting her mind wander briefly. She preferred the library. The house was empty now. Empty of love, and empty of people. Her parents were barely home, and the maid only arrived at the start of the day, whilst she was still asleep. It was just a reminder of the brother she had lost. She felt a presence now standing in front of her, waiting almost. And Rory could tell that person was waiting for her to acknowledge them, and being brought up with the manner she had, it was hard to say no. Slowly, she let her gaze rise to meet the eyes of a stranger. He was quite handsome, and she was sure she had seen him around before--or if not heard of him from the chatter and gossip of the other girls of the college. Although Rory didn't participate in this. She wasn't exactly a social butterfly. She could see he was waiting for her to let him sit in the spare seat opposite her, so simply nodded before returning to her studies, her eyes returning back to the page.

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Will watched her read for a moment, curious as to who she was. This girl, he had seen her around of course. Hell, he'd probably talked to almost all persons on campus, if not at least heard or seen them. Turning his attention back to her he caught sight her miniscule nod before pulling out the chair unsure what he was actually supposed to study. He knew what he wanted to study; however, that required he himself to be outside enjoying the day instead of here. With his textbooks. And a girl he had only glimpsed once or twice around campus. Whilst a highly academic college many would be lead to believe it was a quite large population of students, thus, making it a surprise once those accepted in found it to be an average sized place. Mostly because they were so limited in just who and what was let into the campus. Will scratches the back of his neck before pushing his hair out of his face, a constant annoyance. One that could be easily remedied if he didn't play baseball. As customary, he himself had a few superstitions his hair being one of them. Not that anyone seemed to mind so he left it long. Peeking at the girl out of the corner of his eye he tapped his finger against the table once or twice in thought before shrugging and bending down to get his books. Being the mostly likely ADHD person he was, Will started rhythmically bouncing the ball of his foot against the ground.

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((I apologize..he's slightly comical in all of his actions as his personality states but yea..xD))

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory brushed her hair from her eyes, pursing her lips into a line as she did so. She wondered if anybody felt as lonely as she did, feel as alone as she was. Sure, she could easliy change this, but at the same time, she didn't want to. Forming friends, making new relationships, it would feel as if she were leaving Markus behind, forgetting about him and moving on. And she didn't want him to think that, even if he wasn't alive she believed he was watching. And the guilt was eating her up inside, she could barely cope, blocking it all out was the only option, otherwise she would completely break. And who knows where she would end up then. She balled one of her hands into a fist, taking a calming breath as panic began to set him, but quickly receded. What she was panicking about she didn't know. But Rory suffered from regular panic attacks, it had become custom for her to have one at least one every two days since the accident. Sometimes she even went through flashes. Flashes of the incident. They were the worst. As if she were living the horror all over again. She felt the boy in front of her sit down, and when his fingers began tapping, but quickly stopped, she let out a sigh of relief. And then the foot tap started, and Rory was forced to grind her teeth together to prevent herself from saying anything. Instead she looked up from her book, fully this time, so her face was now directly facing him, hoping he would get the message from her from him to stop.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Haha, no worries! :D))

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Will started flipping through the pages in his textbook absent-mindedly, his reluctance to study was apparent but he didn't mind putting it off. At least later...stop being such a baby. It's just a little reading, he scolded himself before a light smirk was replaced by the frown across his lips. Will picked up a pen from his bag and took off the cap before also opening the large spiral notebook. He bit the cap turning the pen around the cap whilst the cap held still. Wills' small smirk grew as he found the page he was looking for before finally meeting the girls gaze. he had felt her watching him, but of course it was not in his nature to give way until he was done. Will always finished what he started first. "Hello, I'm Will," he says cheerily his foot stopping as he could easily feel the annoyance rolling off her. He cocks his head to the side slightly, he hair falling into her eyes again before he huffs turning annoyed himself. He blows up, giving himself the impression of a blow fish before continuing to scrutinize her with an open and friendly curiosity.

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((Sorry! Gah, my sister's friend came over. -.- my peace has been disturbed. To my room I go to fill the stereotype of non-social teen.))

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory inwardly agreed with herself that he was, in fact, very attractive. But she would never make a move. Hell, she probably wouldn't ever speak to him, and to add on to this, another depressing fact was that she had never been in a relationship. Never kissed anybody, and certainly hadn't gone further than that. Twenty and never been kissed. How sad. She thought to herself absentmindedly, before giving a shake of her head. Like it mattered, she was probably destined to end up alone anyway. Who would take notice of her? Nobody. She was the wallflower, the forgotten girl. And to an extent, she liked that. Although she had to admit, it was quite embarrassing to admit she had never had a boyfriend. But life was life, right? She heard him introduce herself, chewing on her bottom lip and hesitating for a moment. Nobody ever talked to her, so why was he? Should she reply? Or just brush it off. Eventually she came to the conclusion that she didn't want to be rude. "Aurora." She replied softly, unable to his the minuscule smirk that drifted across her lips at his 'blow fish' expression, shaking her head before returning to reading again.

((No problem! Woo! Go non-socialness. My mum complains about me not talking constantly.XD))

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((Hehe yea...I'm a loser xD oh well!))

Will watched her, indecision clearly written across her face. He tilts his head to the side his curiosity peaking as he watches her face go from indecision to downright reluctance. Something was holding her back, that much was obvious and him being well...him, he wanted to know more but didn't push it. True to his nature he leaned back slightly in his chair and smiles at her. Neither amusement or curiosity in the gesture, simply a smile of hello before suddenly letting the chair fall back onto all fours and leaning towards her. "Are you good at science?" He inquires completely moving on from a different subject. Will raises an eyebrow and his pen ends up scribbling across his notebook. Looking down, he shrugs slightly before turning his attention back up to her. "Cause you look smart, well actually you look really pretty but academically able as well."

(((view spoiler)))

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Same.XD))

Rory held his gaze for a moment, before looking back down at the page in front of her. She pursed her lips before leaning down, retrieving her brown leather satchel and bringing it up to the surface of the table. She rested it there momentarily, rumaging around in her bag before revealing her own notebook along with a pen, placing her bag back down beside her chair and flicking through the pages of used paper, coming to a halt at the first clear lined page and jotting a few notes down, glancing up again as he continued talking to her. It confused her, it really did. Why was she being noticed all of a sudden. It wasn't even as if she had dressed differently or anything. She looked exactly the same as she always did. She pondered over his question. Was she good a science? To an extent. She was about to reply when he continued on, and his statement caused her face to immediately begin to redden, as if he had clicked his fingers. With a heated face, she struggled for the right words. "Thank you." Rory's voice was quiet, almost inaudible. "I'm alright at science, yes." She added on with a nod.

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Will nods, "good good cause I unfortunately suck at science, thus, leaving me here stranded in this place until I study. Would you be up for helping?" He asks hopefully. "I really need to get my grade up for this coming spring for baseball and all and I can't do that with a...well with the grade I have." He says casually not appearing to be worried in the slightest. Will was never one for stressing out, he believed it cased problems later on in life and besides, what was the point in studying if you just moved on to something new afterwards? His mind rationalized studying into a needed when failing option and even then he wasn't happy about it. Will had always been a bright kid, once explained academics became as simple as a game for him but this year science was proving difficult. Mainly because he loathed his teacher. A short balding old man Will wanted nothing to do with him leaving him both slipping up in the class or skipping it all together. "I must admit that academics is easy once explained and explained in the right context; however, I will not be forced to learn by a man I do not respect nor empathize with," he explains, "thus leading to my quite dreadful situation." Towards the end he took on the mimicking slightly British voice of his professor and sat back and scowl on his lips.

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wanderer (chloemai) With her face now cooling off, Rory listened intently to what he was saying, her saphiire blue eyes watching him as he spoke, pursing her lips into a thin line as her feet tapped against the carpeted floor beneath her. She loved books. To her they gave a sense of security. Even if she was alone in this world, with a book she could escape into somebody else's life, and pretend she wasn't who she actually was for a short time. That's why she was so passionate about dance. She was able to simply forget about her current life, and focus everything into moving her limbs fluidly to the music. She thought for a moment after his first statement, contemplating briefly what he actually meant. "I don't know if you asking me to do your homework. Which I won't, but if your asking for a tutor..." She gave a small shrug of her slim shoulders, thinking it over. She sure could use something to take her mind off of what had happened in the past months. Maybe tutoring was the way to go. She managed a small smile at his words, rolling her eyes lightly. "You have Mr. Arnold as well?" She questioned, referring to her own science teacher of whom simply spoke too the class, without explaining anything through.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker, who had just finished softball practice, walked into the library. This place was pretty foreign to her. she spent most of her time on the field or at the gym. She was at Stanford on a Athletic Scholarship but she still needed to keep her grades up. If she didn't she would become ineligible and wouldn't be able to play...hint the reason she was at the library. Parker's sun kissed hair light brown hair was pulled into a messy bun and she still wore her practice jersey and pants. One of her legs was covered in dirt from sliding into home base during practice. She had traded her softball cleats for a pair of flip flops.
Parker sighed as she walked through an aisle of books, trying to fine one on WW1. She hated history, she found it pointless to learn about people who had died hundreds of years before she was even born. Parker made a wrong turn into a back aisle that had a girl and guy making out heatedly in it. Quickly turning away and biting her lip to keep from laughing she left the aisle.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((NEHEHHEH))

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((Evil children, Chloe Kay be coming to join us!

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Sounds guurrrd.C:))

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Will shook his head, "no no I don't want you to do my homework." He makes a face wrinkling his nose in slight disgust, "No I hate people who do that." he muttered before brightening. "You'd help me?" He asked and then nodded, "Yea i could just use some extra help so I just..ya know...don't fail the class and have to take him again." He says his voice turning into one of horror. "Mr. Arnold? That's his name?" Will asks before grinning. "Makes sense, my first grade teacher was named that and he hated me." Of course, in first grade Will had been sent to detention more than in class seeing as how he was quite a hyper active child, thus, causing problems in the classroom. He shakes it off before turning and reaching into his bag. "Ok so I need to get some books so hold on just a sec," he mumbles before pushing back his chair and standing up. Will turns before heading down a random aisle frowning. He had no idea where he was going but shrugged it off. Taking it in stride he walked past a couple making out and bite his lip to hide his snicker. Distracted, he runs into a girl headed the other direction. "Oops sorry," he says stopping.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory nodded her head slightly in relief, glad that he wasn't asking her to do his homework, otherwise she would have gotten up and had have left right there and then. Many a time she had been asked to do peoples homework in exchange for sitting with others at lunch. She hated it. She didn't want people to see it as a favour for her to sit with them. She wanted them to want her to sit with them. If that made any sense whatsoever. It probably didn't. Not many things made sense anymore. "I guess so." she replied in her quiet voice. Even out of the library, it was rare to hear her raise her voice above a quiet whisper. It took somebody special to make her speak properly. To make her feel comfortable to do that. "That's his name." She confirmed with a nod, doodling in her notebook as she focused her gaze on the page, and then back up at him again. "Sounds good." She decided as he rose from his seat, vanishing to go collect books.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "Looks like I wasn't the only one distracted by the sucking-face party." Parker snickered after she caught her balance. The couple must of heard them laughing at them and moved on to another aisle. Parker tried to smother her grin with her hand, her bright blue/green eyes looked up at the guy who had run into her, "Guess they needed a little bit more privacy."

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Will looked down and a lopsided grin stretched over his face, "I don't know if I was distracted per say but it was certainly a surprise." He says smiling and then shrugs, after watching them walk away he turns back to the girl and smiles. "Your Parker right?" He asks and flicks his eyes around. Spotting the aisle he was looking for, he jerks his head to the side in a 'come on' gesture as he heads towards it. Will pulls the small piece of paper out of his locket and stops, turning to the bookshelf slightly he bends down checking the titles. Looking up at Parker he smiles slightly, "so what brings you to the library?" He asks mild curiosity laced through his voice.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker narrows her eyes slightly, how did he know her? She had never met him before so that confused her a bit. She followed him behind him, a couple of feet between them. "Yeah I'm Parker Cobalt." She introduced herself, but she got the feeling he already knew her.

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Will smiled slightly, "sorry if that sounds weird." He says casually, like it was no big deal. "I was talking to Jamie and she was talking about you." Will shrugged once before pulling out a book and then tucking it under his arm. "You're friends with Jamie...Anyways I'm Will. Will Conner," he slips the paper back into his pocket before taking the book out from under his arm and flipping through the pages, nods to her. "Want to come sit with us?" He asks cocking his head to the side slightly before slipping one hand into his jeans pocket.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "Yeah I know Jamie." Parker nodded, she wouldn't of considered them great friends, but they had hung out a couple of times. "Sure, since this is my first time in the library all semester I should probably get some studying done, right?"

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Will nods slightly before grinning, "hey it's my first time too." He says heading back towards the table. "Oh I'm sitting with Rory if you don't mind," he says glancing back behind his shoulder easily making his way through the crowds. He slows at a back table and looks at Rory, "do you care about a lost stray like me who hasn't ever been here coming to sit with us?" He asks making a puppy dog face.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) When Parker realized he was sitting with another girl she hesitated, "Oh I don't want to intrude on you and your girlfriend." Parker said making assumptions.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory's face, again, reddened at this remark as she stuttered over her words. "Oh, We're not...I m-mean, we aren't together." She managed in her soft voice, shaking her head. Hell, that would be setting the stakes a bit to high, right? How would she ever attract the attention of a guy like that, let alone any guy at all. Simple answer. She wouldn't. She had collected her own books and splayed them out across the table, each one open on a different page as she repeated her earlier action of shrugging her shoulders. "Sure, it doesn't bother me." Christ, this had to be the most socialisng she had done in her whole life. Never had she been in the company of two different people at once and talked to them.

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Will blinks before shaking his head, "Oh no it's fine. I don't mind," he says and slides into his seat. Ignoring the girlfriend boyfriend comment- something he found didn't bother him which also slightly unnerved him- he pulls out the chair next to him and then turns to Rory, "Ok help. Please." He asks and opens the book. Flipping through the pages he stops at the spot where the homework required the book and scans it for a moment before frowning, "nope no sense. None what so ever." He says and looks away shrugging.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker shrugged and slid into the seat across from them. She opened up a random book from her bag and flipping to the homework that was assigned to her that day in honors English. she was actually really smart and could be really good at school if she tried harder. "What are you working on?" She asked Will.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Have you even tried instead of just scanning. I mean, lacking enthusiasm to do the work in the first place will make you think you don't understand it, when in actual fact its quite straightforward really." Rory leaned over, pulling the book closer to her to read the information. "Ok, well we did this last week in my class,so I understand it." She stated, chewing on her bottom lip as she did so, letting a sigh emit from her lips as she again, read over the page before nodding to herself. "You need to want to learn this stuff." She stated, before pushing the book back over to him, and beginning to explain the chunk of information in her own words, quietly of course.

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Will looked up and grinned slightly, "Mr. Arnolds' Science homework. Quite interesting should one need to learn about how to do this I shall never know, but alas I am required by the college board and my my teacher to 'try my best and I will succeed,'" Will answered taking on a British accent mimicking his teacher. Will then turns to Rory and gives her a look. "Well of course, my baseball is on the line meaning if I don't pass I get cut. I can't let that happen I didn't scan. I read it all," he says and straightens, "here look. 'The human genetics while complex can be blah blah blah..." He says perfectly reciting the begging of the book before shrugging. If I got it then I would want to learn it. Or if you could connect it to where it at least sounded important then I would pick it up in a matter of seconds."

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker's face scrunched in distaste, "I took that class last year." She had gone to a High school with all advanced classes so she was in higher classes now in college. "I hated that teacher."

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory sighed lightly, raking a hand through her hair. Fortunately, she didn't anger as easily at most, although be warned, when her rage was unleashed you'd better just sit tight. She had a feeling that this would be a lot more difficult than first planned, and couldn't help but think that maybe he had been lying about thinking academics were easy. Then again, even she could admit that Mr. Arnold wasn't the best of teachers, and so she decided that, like with everything else, she would just have to knuckle down. She tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention before placing a perfectly manicured nail and reading aloud the first paragraph, explaining it clearly as she went along.

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Will nodded at Parker grinning, "thank you! Someone gets it." He says happily, like someone had just given him a piece of candy before feeling himself be touched. Will jumped slightly, he turns his gaze over at Rory and cocks his head watching her. Will found himself realizing how pretty she was before jerking slightly, where did that come from? He thought before tuning back into what she was saying. Will nodded and dropped his chin into his hand listening to her explain before fidgeting slightly.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker purses her lips slightly before standing, feeling a bit awkward sitting here with them, they were obviously into each other. Clearing her throat, she stood from her seat. "Well, thanks for letting me sit with you." She put hebooks back in her bag.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory rolled her eyes slightly, before continuing to explain, although she had a niggling feeling that he was probably one of those people that learned better with bright colours, and actually doing stuff, rather than listening or reading. And kineistetic learner if you will. Although she had yet to devise a plan of which would manage to pass him the test. She finished off her explaination, chewing on her bottom lip and nodding before glancing up at Parker. "You don't have to go." She surprised herself in speaking, although gave a nod of her head to back this statement up.

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Will nodded slightly, "ok cool." He says slowly obviously not really getting it. Leaning back he smirks slightly before turning to Parker, "You don't have to go. Sorry. I'm pretty much failing science and I don't want to loose my scholarship." He explains before leaning towards her, "you know like your probably couldn't live without it." He says thoughtfully. Will stops as his phone vibrates on the table top and grabs it. Looking down, he quickly types out a message before throwing it randomly into a pocket in his bag. Will then turned to Rory and Parker before grinning lopsidedly again.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "You know, I used to study while I passed a softball back and forth with my dad. He used to quiz me and I'd answer. That might work for you too." Parker said, trying to help.

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wanderer (chloemai) "That could work." Rory mused to herself, murmuring the words quietly. Of course, the problem was that she wasn't allowed to overdo it. She didn't want to pull a muscle in her arm, that's would be the last thing she needed, seeing as how she had a competition coming up, and she needed to be in her best shape if she wanted a chance of winning. She knew for a fact that Will hadn't understood a word she was saying, so instead went back to reading the book again, playing around with ideas that she could possibly do in her head. She chewed on her bottom lip, a habit of hers, directing her gave back to both of them after a few moments.

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Will nodded once before running his hand through his hair. After pushing it off his face he grinned, "that's a good idea. I would have to throw it to Rory and she could catch it. Or we could go to the batting cages," he mused. As another option at least, he thought before checking the time. "Shit, I have to go." He says standing abruptly before grabbing his books and sliding them into his bag. Will looks over at Parker and Rory and waves slightly, although it ended up looking like a salut before slinging the bag over his shoulder and heading towards the door. Stopping, Will turns and crosses back, "Can I have your number?" He asks Rory and flicks his gaze over at Parker, "Yours too? We should all hang out sometime."

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker rattles off her number as she slings her bag over her shoulder, "I have to go too, I have a pitching practice in fifteen minutes at the field." Parker half waves at them all before walking towards the exit.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Number?" Rory said it as if it were the most absurd thing she had heard in her life, a small frown creasing her face. Mobile number? Oh god she was such a sad excuse of a person, she didn't even have a cell phone, and the house phone barely got used as it was. She chewed on her bottom lip. House phone was better than no phone, right? She tore a piece of paper out of her notebook, scribbling the number down and handing it to him. "That's my home phone." She informed him with a nod. She would have to get to dance practice soon, so began collecting up her books and slipping them into her bag, also rising from her seat.

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Will stops after a moment and cocks his head, after adding Parkers' number he waits for Rory. Watching confusion flick over her face he blinks, his other task halted for a moment. Will nods again before watching her rip out a piece of paper and hand it to him. He looks down noticing how she said it was the house number before the edges of his lips tip up exposing a small dimple. Of course, it only showed when he wasn't fully smiling which was almost never but it was nice. Will took it before looking back up at her his eyes filled with curiosity. "Thanks I'll call you sometime to set up a regular meeting," he says winking at her before turning and hurrying out the door.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory nodded silently, packing away her own things into her bag before glancing at Parker. "I guess I'll see you around?" She said softly, making her way to the library exit. "It was nice meeting you." She added, never one tp forget her manners. She stepped out into the hall, making her way to the dance studio.
((Can I make the dance studio, or are one of you guys going to? C:))

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((You can make it))

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Thanks.:)))

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Skylar slowly walked into the library, her hair down for once. She saw other people there, so she bit her lip and went around them and up the stairs before setting down her bag as she looked at the books. Some of her favorites were classics, which was perhaps a good thing since they seemed to have a lot of those.

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This was new everything for Terrence. He entered the libary as this was something very weird for him. He just moved from Kansas to california. Right now, he didn't know what to do, he just moved here, he had no job, no money, no home to live in right now. Although he could see his sister once a while, it took at list 2 hours to see her. And since he didn't have any money to get a bus, he had to walk which took the entire day just to walk to see her. He decided to forget everything as he remember a book that his sister made him read.
Fifty Shades of grey.
He really taught it was a stupid book, as was he read it, he loved it.

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