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The Sea of Tranquility
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Brianna | 171 comments This part was the hardest for me to get into. I wasn't totally invested by the end of chapter ten. It took a litttle longer for me to really get interested in anyone, except Josh.

Ashley Claudy (ashleyclaudy) | 46 comments Yea, I agree this was drawn out. But maybe a slow start was what made the rest of the story better? I don't know if that's true.

At the time I was board with this story but in hindsight maybe the slow, quiet build of storyline helped to make such crazy characters seem realistic and relate able.

Brianna | 171 comments That could be. :)

Elise (redentrapy) It was slow. Hard to get through but I loved the characterization. Especially Josh. He is an enigma. I can't wait to read more. I can already see how Josh and Nastya would be perfect for each other. They would each help the other heal.

Elise (redentrapy) I'm only 12 chapters in. But from where I am I get the feeling that she has given up on getting better by herself and so she goes to school to see if she can find someone that can help heal her. It just so happens she finds that in Josh.

Ashley Claudy (ashleyclaudy) | 46 comments I think it was the cry for help that she didn't even consciously make. She thought of it as a step back into normal (I assume) but It wasn't really. She wanted to connect with people, but didn't realize it.

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