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Brianna | 171 comments It took me a while to really get interested in her story. I know that's weird, because this book is mostly about her, but it did. She's such a complex character. I liked her obsession with names, I found it an interesting quirk. I did like her character overall.

Rocky (raquelvalldeperas) | 24 comments I think she's probably my favorite character out of all the books I've read...which is a lot. she was realistic in a way that had me yelling, yes! instead of screaming what I would rather have her do. I didn't understand what was going on with her at first, but even then I liked her and her thought process.

Ashley Claudy (ashleyclaudy) | 46 comments I liked her attitude and how she always thought about hitting people, but never really would... I thought it was funny and could relate!

I did not like how self involved she was, although I understood why.

I really really didn't like the select mutism. It would be one thing if she was just quiet and rarely talked or had nothing she wanted to say... but every time she wrote a note I wanted to tear it up and scream, use your voice!

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Delancey Agree - I liked seeing when and to whom she let her voice come out.

Jennifer Thomas | 29 comments I thought Sunshine's reason for the self-imposed mute-ism (is this a word?) was very valid. She didn't want to lie about remembering the attack and she just wasn't ready to discuss it. I loved when she explained to Josh she needed just one more day, then that turned into another, then a week, etc. I was so real to me, she just didn't decided not to talk one day, it just kinda happened organically. She didn't need to lie to Josh, he wasn't going to ask the hard questions, because he didn't want to answer anyone else's hard questions, so he was the perfect person for her to choose "to practice" on, as Josh puts it.

Aoife (aoiferosen) | 4 comments At the start of the book I was unsure about Nastya/Sunshine/Emilia but as the book wore on I found myself routing for her and trying to understand her. By the end I loved her. I think she was a character that was just trying to cope the best way that they could. This made her character real to me cause everyone searches for a way to get through the pain of life.

Jana I ended up really liking the character. It did take me awhile because I thought it was absurd for her to dress "slutty" to not get friends. I mean I got why she did it but there are other ways to make people not want to be around you.

Jennifer Thomas | 29 comments That is part of what makes this book so "discussable". What are all the reasons Emilia makes the change to Nastya and what was she hoping to get out of it? I love that by the end, we get most if not all of our answers. The simplest for why she dressed that way, is to keep people at bay. Of course it is much deeper than that.

Ashley Claudy (ashleyclaudy) | 46 comments yea its almost like she was tempting fate. She had been conservative and been attacked so she went to the opposite extreme in her appearence.

And even though her not talking but writing notes annoyed me, I still enjoyed the charecter. I like when charecters make me feel... even it its annoyance :)

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