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Similar books?
Rebecca Rebecca Mar 20, 2013 08:06AM
I really, really love this book! What are some similar books? I really loved the humor and great, steamy romance in this book. Thanks so much! Any other discussions are also welcome, and you guys can ask me for recommendations as well! Happy Reading! :)

Beautiful Disaster Jamie Mcguire

I'm sorry if this comes out mean, but I found Crash to be one of the most horrible books I have ever read. I love Perfect Chemistry, love re-reading it, and everything. I got Crash because of the similaries I heard. I felt like it was written as a 12 year olds fan fiction. It had no tone, unbelievable plot lines, mary-sue characters, and never ending timelines. It was completely unrealistic and just, no. Just no.

Sam (last edited Jan 02, 2014 04:44PM ) Nov 05, 2013 04:38PM   0 votes
You could give Because of You a shot! I loved the couple in Perfect Chemistry (more than the sequel, certainly) and that's the only book I can think of that I've read lately that I would say could be similar. The lead female (Nikki) is not really like Britney, and I would say Because of You is more emotional than Perfect Chemistry (with I think two somewhat more explicit sex scenes) but if that doesn't bother you, it might be worth reading. :)

ETA: You might also like Crash into You (Pushing the Limits, #3) by Katie McGarry by Katie McGarry. It isn't as enjoyable as Perfect Chemistry, but there are similarities, and the "bad boy" main guys.

I love Perfect Chemistry. Moreover the character. Simone use two different point of view in Perfect Chemistry. Make me could feel the emotion. In Indonesia, Perfect Chemistry like Unbelieveable. Unbelieveable written by Winna Efendi. Simone Elkeles and Winna Efendi are two of my favourite authors. So if you are Simone Elkeles Readers, i suggest to read Unbelieveable. Hope you like it :) Unbelievable

Well if its the Latino and white girl bit ur looking for then I'd read Hector (5th Street, #3) by Elizabeth Reyes it's the 3rd book in the series but they don't follow on, all the books are about diffrent people so u don't need to read the first 2. But if its the taking someone els girlfriend just for the fun of it but then ending up falling in love that your after then I'd give Going Under (Going Under, #1) by Georgia Cates a try. I'm just about to start going under myself it sounds so much like perfect chemistry :)

Have you tried any of the books by Nyrae Dawn or Elizabeth Reyes? I've enjoyed all of them!

Well if you haven't read the other two books in the trilogy then i suggest you do. But similar books are, Leaving Paradise, Returning to Paradise, and Pushing the Limits is a great read. I hope that helped some :)

Rebecca Thanks! I have read the second book and am looking forward to reading the third!
Mar 24, 2013 10:25AM

Tanvira Pushing the limits has two more sequel and a novella and another sequel coming out next year but you can rad them in any order as they're all about di ...more
Sep 27, 2013 08:02AM

Crash series by Nicole WIlliams

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