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This Apartment is occupied by the two Head Chefs at the school.

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Caden sighed as she looked up at her new apartment. It was her fourth year living here and she still didn't know the damned town. She had moved out of the dorms and she now lived with a person named Siri. She had seen the ads in the paper and decided to take her up on it.

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Leena (leena23) Siri was awake and cooking herself, and her new roommate some breakfast. Just because she was head of Pastry didn't mean that couldn't cook, she was making savory crepes. She hummed along to Imagine Dragon's Fallen, she was wearing black slacks, and a white tshirt. She had her chef coat hanging nearby to throw on before she headed off for work.

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Caden smelled something sweet floating through the air in the apartment. She was currently in the bath rooom fixing her hair for the day, Siri must have been up. She had on a black tank top and black slacks. Caden put in her contacts and she turned off the light. Caden padded into the kitchen and she smiled at Siri. She was gorgeous. "Morning Siri," Caden said, stretching her arms up in the air.

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Leena (leena23) "Morning Caden, how did you sleep?" Siri replied as she flipped one of the last crepes, she had a neatly organized pile of them on a plate next to her. "I'm so glad we don't teach till the afternoons, we don't have to get up too early, or rush..." She smiled at Caden, and got a flash of skin when Caden stretched her arms up in the air, mmmmm.

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"I slept well, how did you sleep beautiful?" Caden asked, getting plates and silverware out of the cabinets . "I know. It is a lot easier to do things.By the way we still need to finish our competition," she said, pointing to the cupcakes on the stand.

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Leena (leena23) "Ah I forgot about that," Siri said about the cupcakes. "I slept well. I put on some music and fell asleep rather quickly. Okay breakfast is done," she took the plate to the table an started forking out the food onto the plates.

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"Well we don't have to submit them until tomorrow right? So we can work on them whenever you would like, because I like whenever you bake, you look so intense when you work," Caden said, taking a fork and taking a bite of her crepes. "Delicious...."

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Leena (leena23) "Thanks, I love baking. Well we could work on them tonight after we're done with teaching class," Siri suggested and then poured then each a glass of juice.

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"Thank you," Caden said, taking the glass of juice and then nodding," That sounds good. The theme was like nerdy stuff or something right? So what did you want to do? You are more creative than I am when it comes to pastries. But I do have an idea," Caden took another bite of her crepes. Damn these were so good.

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Leena (leena23) "What was your idea?" She asked and took another bite of her food, chewing slowly, savoring the food. "Mmm I was thinking that our classes could come together and do in house competitions every once in a while. What do you think?"

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"Okay so I was thinking that we could do like a Walking Dead kind of thing. We baked the cupcakes last night and we also baked a cake right? So I was thinking that we could do something like this," She unlocked her phone and pulled up a picture of what she was talking about. Caden put her phone on the table so that she could scroll through the pictures and get a better look at what she was saying. Caden then contemplated the idea and smiled," Only if we get to be Ravenclaw then I'm good. I think that would be fun!"



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Leena (leena23) Siri leaned over really close and looked at the pictures, "I really like the cake! Walking dead sounds like the perfect theme, they're doing a zombie walk next week so this will be perfect."

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Caden smiled. She liked the idea. That was great! "Alright then, I believe I have a brain mold around here and I know you have every color of Wilton's Candy Melts known to man so this is gonna be awesome!" Caden finished her crepes and took a drink of her juice.

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Leena (leena23) "You better believe it, and if I don't have the color you need I'll make it," Siri said with a cocky grin. "Oh I was wondering if I could catch a ride with you to work? I'll give you gas money of course." Siri gathered up the dishes and took them over to the sink.

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"Yeah of course. Hey now, no money involved. You're my roomie and I love you," Caden smiled and she grabbed her chef's coat and knife set. "I am ready whenever you are."

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Leena (leena23) "Alright let me grab my tool bag and jacket," Siri walked over to her where her jacket hung, grabbed it up, then grabbed her 'craft bag' turned 'pastry bag' and looked over at Caden with a grin, "Ready."

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"After you," Caden said as she opening the door to the apartment. She smiled at Siri.

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Leena (leena23) Siri nodded her head and walked out the door, then down the stairs. "So are you excited about teaching your first class?" Siri asked Caden as they made their way over to her car.

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"I am! I cant wait to start," Caden smiled widely. "Our first banquet is next week," she thought out loud, wondering what she was going to put on the menu.

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah I'm going to have my students bake some simple cookies, and maybe some cupcakes that I'll decorate, we'll see how far we've gotten with lessons by then..." Siri kind of worried about her students.

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"I don't know what I might have my students make, maybe some alfredo something simple," She said, getting in the car and starting it up.

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Leena (leena23) "I hope we get a creative bunch," Siri muttered as she rolled down her window and let the breeze off the ocean float into the car.

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Caden let the top down and she said," I hope so too. Last year's kids were kind of boring." Plus they were dangerous, they didnt know how to handle a knife... She shuddered a bit as she remembered and she kept her eyes on the road.

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Leena (leena23) "Did you have problems last year?" Siri asked with raised brows, she was a bit nervous about teaching her first class.

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"A little bit, better I not tell you...." Caden said, smelling the ocean and she them started pulling into the parking lot.

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Leena (leena23) "Oh okay... well at least I'll have you right there..." Siri said feeling a bit better about the whole thing. "Sorry if I'm annoying."

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"You're fine, ready to go teach your first class?" Caden said, shutting the car off and getting out.

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Leena (leena23) "Yep," Siri got out and put her bag over her shoulder and headed to the pastry/culinary area.

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Caden walked with Siri and she looked around campus. "Man I have missed this place."

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