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Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments -_- Bitch...
Anyway my character:
Name: Sebastian Michaelis
Age: 25
Class: Middle-lower
Job: Soldier, normal foot soldier.
Just him being his usual sexy self. ^/////^

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What is his class? There needs to be some class distinction. Spice it up even more.

Name: Jeremiah Scott
Age: 24
Appearance: Tall, pale, dark hair, dark, intelligent eyes, stunningly beautiful face.
Class: Upper class.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments How's that?

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I shall set the scene!

The sun was barely showing the first sliver of light orange light through the cold, winters night, unwilling to relinquish its hold on the small town of Markham. Snow piled up to three foot deep in areas surround perfectly care for paths and buildings. Markham, with only a population of more than a few thousand did not have the wealth it needed to become its own county, save for one family, who lived on a massive estate across the river and four and twenty miles north. The family's youngest was the only son to stay, on in the family, and thus was subsequently to be betrothed soon.

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Jeremiah was walking through the town, enjoying the crisp air, and seeing the masses wake and prepare for their next day. He was well liked within the town, and it had been seen by most that he made an honourable decision by staying.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments A loud yawn forces the silence of the morning to break as a young man steps from an entryway. His red coat showing his position, but his disheveled hair and all around rough appearance underlying that position of order.
Sebastian hadn't gotten any sleep that night, the hostel he was in had thin walls. And there were a lot of people. He was regretting turning down his Captain's offer to stay with him for the night. He would've usually. If the Captain didn't have the tendency to grope everyone he came near.
With a sigh he runs a hand through his hair and pushes off from the wall. Paying no attention to anything around him as he makes his bleary eyed way to the closest place he could buy a good coffee. The stuff at the hostel tasted like horse piss.

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((Do you realise they wouldn't have had coffee back then, right? They would've drunk tea. ))

Jeremiah greeted some of the fair ladies in town who he knew desired him, his somber attitude polite and friendly as it would allow. He made his way past one of the more run down areas of town, and it's plethora of hostels quartering the many soldiers in Markham.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments ((Whatever... Tea then.))
Sebastian gave up searching for somewhere and staggered, still half asleep, back towards the hostel. To be honest he looked drunk. But the soldier had never been a morning person. He barely even noticed the other man in front of him before he stumbled and bumped into his shoulder.

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Jeremiah spun, frowning. "Yes?" He looked up and down at the soldier. It was a shame Great Britain's forces have gone so backwards.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments Alarmed Sebastian jumped backwards. Eyes flashing up to the others, a bright blush appearing on his cheeks. Quickly he bows, straightening again to look at the other apologetically. "I'm so sorry Sir. I'm a bit out of sorts at the moment. My night was severely interrupted multiple times. Please accept my apology." He hurriedly says, blushing brighter with embarrassment. His friend's all said that his aversion to mornings would result in some harm coming to him.

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Jeremiah gave a stiff bow. "Yes, well. Have you nothing better to do than to stagger around the village, looking as a drunkard would?" Jeremiah was slightly unsettled by the man, however, he refused to let it show.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments A small frown appears on the male's face. Eyebrows drawing together in momentary consternation. "I beg your pardon... but I'm not drunk." He blinks multiple times, then a small smile appears on his face. "Though, that may not be the case for the entire day." Looking up at the obviously rich male, he realises he's in front of someone well above his position and blushes again. "Sorry."

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"Sorry indeed." Jeremiah said boredly. "I'm sure you'll find an assembly to soon indulge in your debaucherous ways." He was still not sure how to react to his feeling about this man. He was obviously a commoner, but something about him still attracted Jeramiah.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments Once again, the soldier forgets his manners and scoffs. "Debaucherous." Letting out a huff of laughter he reaches across and claps the other on the arm softly. "As if you've never been drinking before." He raises an eyebrow at the other, looking up at him curiously. Somewhat resembling a cat.

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Jeremiah looks at the place on his arm which the soldier has touched. He then looks back up at the soldier, before spinning on his heel and walking off with dignity. A wave of girls giggle as he walks past them, blushing as he greeted them.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments "Eh?" Sebastian stares after him for a moment, not quite realising what he did wrong. He takes a couple of steps after the male, then pauses, before rushing after him. "I apologise again!" He calls, almost reaching him. "Maybe I can send you a reconciliation gift later?" He asks, closing the distance further. Once again looking like a newly bought kitten, following it's new 'mother'. "Could I perhaps request a name so I can follow up on such an offer?"

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Jeremiah spins, looking either annoyed or restrained. "You are much too swift of tongue. I do not require your gifts. My name is Jeremiah Scott, Duke of Markham. What is yours, officer?"

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments "Ah." He cries, stopping barely in time to not knock the other over. A little chuckle leaves him at his idiocy. "Umm... I'm Sebastian Michaelis. Just a normal foot soldier. 62nd Battalion." He adds as an after though. But his eyes flash wide at Jeremiah's position of power. Sebastian makes a sound of awe, and again lets his mouth run off on him. "I knew you were gonna be well to do and all. But that, if I had sisters I'd attempt to introduce them to you as soon as possible."
His face falls in shock at what he has continued to say. Face turning almost completely red, he looks at the ground and mutters another apology.

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Jeremiah gives the husk of a smile. "Like I said, too swift of tongue indeed. What are you doing today, Soldier?" Inside, Jeremiah was quite entertained by the whole experience of meeting such a mumbling, fumbling soldier.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments Eyes raising to look towards the upper right, Sebastian starts thinking again. Going through everything and assessing that there was not really anything he needed to attend. "Basic role call. A couple of exercises. But nothing I need to be at." He grins broadly, his hazel orbs twinkling happily. "Why? Want to go get a drink or something?"

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"It's not even mid-morning!" Jeremiah was slightly disgusted. 'We'll go have lunch. At my home." He said with a definite nod. "You like carriages?"

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments A cheeky grin lights up the soldier's face. "Almost as much as riding a horse." Sebastian smirks, "Nothing wrong with having a drink or two at this time. Wakes you up anyway." His happy attitude continues as he adds the fact that he was extremely looking forward to seeing the Duke of Markham's estate, never having been there before. And even better, eating the food.

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Jeremiah nods. "Yes, well, I'd expect you to have spoken to your Commanding Officer before you join me for lunch." He adds to that that he himself had a position amongst the military ranks, and he expects Sebastian to behave himself accordingly.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments ((I'm screwed... -_- ))
Sebastian smirks, waving his hand in a manner of non-nonchalance. "He'll be fine with it." The soldier shrugs, "You could say he's not the most strict officer ever. With his habit of groping and all." The brunette rolls his eyes, still grinning. "Unless of course you want a moment to fix your make-up sir?" He asks, eyes twinkling.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments ((Just posting this here so I can get it at school... Can't find my USB and don't trust the email system...Look how much I've done and then you'll see why I'm screwed... :( ))
French and Indian War- 1754-1763
- The Franco/Indian War included both French and British colonists with aid from the motherland’s armies and from the Native Indian tribes. It was part of a larger war that included just about every continent. It was basically the British and French fighting between themselves over who would take which colony. The colonists, because they originally came from Britain, and the government was not an absolute monarchy supported the Brits and fought with them. The French and Indian War ended with The Treaty of Paris.
Treaty of Versailles – February 1763
- The signed document that officially ended the Seven Years War. It was signed by Spain, Portugal, England and France. The war was counted as Britain’s victory. The French handed over most of their land to the British, including that which the Indian’s lived on and had, with the French, cohabitated peacefully.
Pontiac’s Rebellion- May 1763
- This was a war started by the Native Indians because they were not happy with British rule. The rebellion included the tribes of the Great Lakes, Ohio and Illinois Countries. General Amherst’s policies were the main cause and he himself was held responsible, being recalled back English soil and was replaced by Major General Thomas Gage. It continued into 1764, but was mainly ended thanks to British expeditions, only the Ohio country continued to fight. In the end Pontiac travelled to New York and made an agreement. No prisoners were returned and no land exchanged.
The Proclamation Act- October 1763
- The Proclamation Act was a decree, issued by King George that forbade colonists from settling any further than the Appalachian Mountains. This was done for perfectly good reasons such as to organise the Britain’s new, more northern acquisition from France; and, to repair relations with native Indians.
Sugar Act- April 1764
- Britain, who helped the colonists against the French, decided they wanted payment. So, to be able to collect the Molasses Tax they had imposed in 1733, they reduced it from 6 pence to 3 and made movements to create a higher possibility of collecting them including moving in more soldiers. Basically, the British tried to herd the settlers towards buying only the British West Indies trade, which is cheaper than what you can buy via America.
Stamp Act- March 1765
- An act that in which any official documentation must be payed tax on. This was for the payment of soldier’s food, lodgings and weapons during the Franco/Indian war.
The Quartering Act- May 1765
- This act was a move to force English Colonists to house red coats if they exceeded the number of housing provided by the British Government.
Patrick Henry’s Speech- March 1765
- At a Virginian Convention held in St John’s Church, Henry made his famous speech. He became known as one of the first radical patriots. His speech was one of the first to include what became important ideas for the rest of the revolution such as:
- No taxation without representation
- Unalienable Rights(Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness)
-Popular Monarchy
Revenue(Townshend) Act- June 1767
Samuel Adams “Circular Letter”- February 1768
Stamp Act Congress(Declaration of Right and Grievances)- October 1768
Boston Massacre- March 1770
The Gaspee Affair- June 1772
Tea Act- May 1773
Boston Tea Party- 1773
The Continental Congress- 1774-1789
Coercive Acts- 1774
Battle of Concord and Lexington- April 1775
The Battle of Bunker Hill- June 1775
Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”- January 1776
The Declaration of Independence- July 4th 1776))

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Laura wrote: "((I'm screwed... -_- ))
Sebastian smirks, waving his hand in a manner of non-nonchalance. "He'll be fine with it." The soldier shrugs, "You could say he's not the most strict officer ever. With his..."

Jeremiah pursed his lips before turning on his heel and walking away, the crisp air carrying scents from all around.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments ((... So much to work with... :P))
The soldier grimaces, hurrying to catch up. "So, how far is your place from town?" He asks when he draws up to the other's side. Then a nasty thought crosses his mind, what if this guy wasn't who he said he was? What if he was just some creep that wanted in his pants? Something along those lines had happened to him before, he'd barely escapedw ith his pride intact.

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Jeremiah turned to him, and smiled. Surely this man wasn't serious? His smile was detached, oozing the superiority Jeremiah either was unaware of, or knew how to use to his advantage. "You'll have no trouble finding my manor. It is simply the biggest one between here and London." Jeremiah was staring to get slightly annoyed that this man asked so many questions. "Now, would that be all or do you require my other resources?"

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments "How can you prove to me you're actually the Duke of Markham?" Sebastian raises an eyebrow almost comically, attempting to make it look like a bit of a joke just in case the other ended up insulted by the question.

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Jeremiah blinks once, spins on his heel and walks off. This man was surely not serious, however, his lack of manners and knowledge was not adequate.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments ((Hey, about the whole Franny thing yesterday, I was only telling her not to call you that, because she did. I warned her off, and she was making a joke, you know... like the ones you normally make. :\ So I'm sorry. And where were you at lunch? ))
Sebastian just stares open mouthed. With that attitude there wasn't much of a doubt. "I guess you're rescinding your offer?" He asks, a disappointed frown appearing on his increasingly puppy-like features.

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Jeremiah kept his head high, ignoring the peasant's final call. How dare he question the validity of being one of the richest men in England at £30,000 a year!


Melville Manor was a massive manor, completed only a few years ago, in very similar style to Downton Abbey.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments It was the next day that Sebastian visited. The heads of the regiment had been invited for a dinner. His perverted captain always invited some boytoy that he enjoyed playing with, unfortunately for Sebastian, he was the chosen one this time. Much to his personal embarrassment.
As they approach, his head tilts upwards, eyes widening. A breath is pushed out from him in his awe and he completely forgets about protecting himself from his Captain's hands. A rogue finger attempts to find its way inside his pants. Shocking the soldier enough that he throws his weight against the door. Shoving it open and falling out just as the coach began pulling up.

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Jeremiah sent his valet down to greet the guests, he closed his eyes for a few moments, drinking in the serenity that his manor usually exhibited. He knew there were going to to one too many drunken military men tonight. He has prepared his staff well. Luckily, he had made sure his valet were to lead the group through a tour of the manor before returning to banquet hall. Jeremiah had never liked forced social interaction, he could, however find solace in the social conventions which acted as a guide to his inconsistent manners.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments Sebastian blushes a bright red, running a hand through his hair as he gets to his feet and brushes himself off. Sending a carefully disguised glare back at the Captain. Looking at the valet he grins, "Pardon me."
The others quickly reach his side, and went through all of the proper procedures before being led through the house.
The foot soldier keeps his eye on both the Captain's hands, and to see whether he would spot the Duke of Markham or not.

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Jeremiah who's recluse manner pulled him towards the library by now awaited the arrival of the guests. He sat down and finished his tea, thanking his servant kindly, as he always had. He had always payed them handsomely, in fact, he made sure that as soon as they hit 45 they could retire in comfort, being supplied a cottage on the property, if they chose to stay on, however, he even made sure to give their children a good education.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments It didn't take too long for the tour to be over, considering the size of the place. The servant then led them to where they were supposed to meet up with the Duke. Sebastian was almost jumping from foot to foot in both excitement and nervousness. The Duke's fast exit yesterday had him wondering if he was actually who he said, this would prove it. He had also been thinking about it for the majority of the night, thinking about him. It was strange really, something about the guy had really made an impact.

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Theodore, Jeremiah's valet opened the door to the library before stepping in. "Captain Ammett, Lieutenant Wilkins, Corporal Baggins and Sebastian Michelis, Sir."
As Theo left, Jeremiah stood up, standing tall as one should in one's own house. "Gentlemen" He greeted, waiting for everyone to file into the massive library.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments The foot soldier stares in shock. It was him. This guy, he probably insulted, is actually the Duke of Markham. Eyes tracing the other's every movement, he follows the others into the room. Making a small noise of appreciation as he takes in his beautiful surroundings. If there was somewhere he could fully take appreciation of it would be a Library. Although he wasn't the most knowledgeable male in existence, he did enjoy reading. And there was no place more evident than it was when he entered the room.

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Jeremiah bowed, frowning at the incomprehensible rudeness of the others. They are guests in his home, and yet they do not even greet him as such. Completely ignoring all social conventions too. After all, Jeremiah was royalty, even in a lower form.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments The others greet him suddenly, realising what happened. But, Sebastian's too busy studying the room to notice what the others are doing. Gazing at the sheer number of books in the room, he stands out obviously from the others. Then he grins, going to remark on it to the Captain to see him staring at Sebastian incredulously. A bright blush appears on his face again and he turns to greet Jeremiah.

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Jeremiah watches Sebastian with a blank expression. "Dinner." He suddenly declared, starting to lead the way towards the banquet hall.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments "Ah..." He says quietly, following the others, being sure to keep a few steps back from those groping hands. The dining room was just as beautiful as the library, but, something continued to draw him back to the room. It wasn't just the loose red string trailing back from his coat. One that he ripped off quickly, but in doing so, ripped more thread out. He gasps again, stumbling back as he tries to fix it, and almost knocking over several porcelain vases in the process.

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Jeremiah stands at the head of the table, waiting for the rest of the table to join him, contemplating whether inviting Sebastian along was the right choice. With a nod he allows the first meal to be brought in and presented. A massive dish of pork chops served on witlof with a red wine sauce was needed to start any good meal.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments Sebastian doesn't quite know what to do, watching the others and following their movements. Somehow, he ended up next to Ammett, blanching as he sat down. He could just imagine what he was about to be put through. He looked positively sick as he squeezed his eyes shut tightly, bracing himself against the hand already running up his thigh. Sending disgusted shudders throughout his body, barely holding back his temptation to slap away that oily touch, he mentally begged for this dinner to be over with as soon as possible.

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Jeremiah and the others sit down, chairs pushed in by the servants surrounding the table. Throughout the meal, Jeremiah is courteous, yet reserved. "So, Mr. Michealailis, where do you hail from?" He asks, cocking his head in a friendly manner.

Rickyl Is A Thing(Laura) (rickylisathing) | 480 comments Throat constricting in its attempt to contain the bile steadily rising, his voice is almost a squeak. "Kent." He smiles squeamishly, face turning almost translucent as that disgusting hand almost reaches his crotch. "I must apologise Sir. I seem to be feeling quite unwell." A visible shiver runs through him.

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Jeremiah nods. "Of course, you may use my infirmary, if need be? I'm sure your Commanding Officers will not have any obligations to force you to sit through the meal, or am I mistaken?" Jeremiah asks the Captain.

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